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About Digital Gold

Digital Gold is virtual manner of investing in the yellow metal. Safer and cheaper than purchasing physical gold, Digital Gold offers easy liquidity and ensures your gold reserves can always be used to generate cash during financial emergencies. You can purchase Digital Gold in small sachets which cost much lesser than buying physical gold, which requires making hefty purchases at a jeweller’s. Trading in Digital Gold has made the process of buying and selling much more seamless as well as transparent, since you can stay updated on the prices of gold in real-time through your Finserv MARKETS account. Start buying Digital Gold for Rs. 100 today on Finserv MARKETS, and make the most out of your investment.

Benefits of Digital Gold

Digital Gold has revolutionised the way gold is purchased and sold across mediums today. Where previously buying gold was restricted to festivals and other occasions, today with Digital Gold; one can buy gold anytime and anywhere. Here are a few more benefits associated with buying Digital Gold.

  • Cheaper: While buying gold physically, the minimum cost will be at least equal to that for a 100gms; usually purchased as either a bar or a coin. However, with Digital Gold, you can buy sachets of gold at a very low cost. On Finserv MARKETS, gold can be purchased for as little as Rs. 100.

  • Easier Storage: Purchasing gold physically always brings up the question of storage. People usually rent up lockers to ensure storage of their investment in a secure location. However, by purchasing Digital Gold, you can eliminate this additional expense and instead allocate it towards purchasing more gold.

  • Security: Whether your physical gold has been stored away in a locker for safekeeping or whether it’s saved at home, worries about break-ins, robberies and thefts don’t really dissipate. When you buy Digital Gold on Finserv MARKETS, security of your investment is one more thing you don’t have to worry about since buying Digital Gold on the platform gives you access to a vault for a period of five years.

  • Liquidity: Gold has always been valued as an investment, because of the easy liquidity it offers which makes it the best bet in terms of hedging inflation. However, with Digital Gold, liquidity of gold is higher than ever before since it can be purchased and sold with the click of a few buttons.

When to Buy Digital Gold

In India and even globally, gold has always been the preferred investment of choice, especially by investors who are a little more conservative. Read on to learn about a few things to keep in mind, regarding ideal timing for purchase of Digital Gold.

  • Part purchase gold whenever you can: Many investors believe that a little bit of gold should be bought as frequently as possible. The price of gold is not dependent on market factors, but instead on the demand and supply for the precious metal. As a result, gold prices may dip and rise constantly, but you should attempt to buy small bits of gold whenever you have excess cash lying around. This is where Digital Gold also provides an edge over physical gold, since you can easily purchase Digital Gold for as little as Rs. 100 on Finserv MARKETS. Buying virtual gold would require a higher investment.

  • Keep an eye on gold prices: Gold prices tend to fluctuate, as mentioned earlier, on the basis of demand and supply in the market. If the market tendency is to sell more, then this can be a good time for you to buy gold since the prices of gold would be much lower. While the prices of gold may fluctuate, its value will never fully fall owing to the limited supply of the metal on Earth. As a result, you can purchase gold knowing that you will always have access to easy liquidity because of the purchase. By investing in Digital Gold on Finserv MARKETS, you can keep an eye out for market prices and stay vigilant at all times as to whether it is best to buy or sell gold at any point of time.

  • Focus on long-term trends: When buying gold, it is important to remember that investments in this instrument is meant to be for long-term goals, rather than for getting immediate returns. Even if the price of metal is fluctuating too much in recent months, it is important to not panic and sell all of the gold in your possession. You can even buy gold when the market is on a downturn, since it will allow you to invest at a lower rate and average out the prices.

Buying, Selling and Redeeming Digital Gold

Buying, selling and redeeming of Digital Gold can be processed very easily, on Finserv MARKETS. Here’s how you can do all of the above from the convenience of your computer.

Buying Digital Gold on Finserv MARKETS:

Step 1 - If you are not registered on Finserv MARKETS, you need to register yourself first. Once that is done, log onto the Customer Portal.

Step 2 - Proceed to purchase Digital Gold, either in grams or as INR. Once you have selected the amount, make the payment and watch the gold being credited to your account!

Selling Digital Gold on Finserv MARKETS:

Step 1 - Log into the Customer Portal. Enter the amount of gold you wish to sell, either in grams or INR.

Step 2 - Input details of your bank account where the sale amount will be credited. And that’s it!

Redeeming Digital Gold through Finserv MARKETS:

Step 1 - Log onto the Customer Portal of Finserv MARKETS. Select whether you wish to redeem the gold, as grams or as INR. Once selected, add them to the cart.

Step 2 - Review the charges being levied for minting of the gold.

Step 3 - Verify the address where you want the gold to be delivered.

Step 4 - Pay the coin minting and delivery charges. The amount of gold will be deducted from the Digital Gold held within your online vault.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a lock-in period on the price of gold, while I’m purchasing and selling Digital Gold?

A. While you are buying or selling gold, there is a price locking period of 5 minutes. Once this period has passed, the gold price is updated to reflect the real-time market value.

Q. Are the Digital Gold prices cheaper in certain cities of India?

A. Digital Gold prices are linked to live market prices globally, and thus, remain the same across all parts of the country.

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