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Acko Bike Insurance Claim Settlement Process Online

The Acko bike insurance claim settlement process is quite simple and hassle-free. You can also make the Acko bike insurance claim online with zero paperwork. All you have to do is raise and register a claim for the damages to your two wheeler once you have notified the insurance company about the incident. Any damages arising out of an accident can be covered, and financial losses can be managed with suitable two-wheeler insurance in place. While processing your claims can be quite tedious, and any wrong step can make the claim void, the ACKO bike insurance claim settlement procedure is a seamless process and can be done with ease. Learn more about how to make an Acko two wheeler insurance claim below.

Procedure For Making an ACKO Bike Insurance Claim After an Accident

A cashless claim is when you get your bike repaired at an ACKO-approved garage and have the bills settled by ACKO on your behalf. With a cashless claim, you will not be required to pay any cash except for your compulsory and/or voluntary deductible (if any).


On the other hand, a reimbursement claim is when you get your vehicle repaired at a garage of your choice, settle the bill amount and then receive a compensation for the same from your insurer. 

Here’s how you can get started with an ACKO Bike Insurance cashless or reimbursement claim: 

  • Step 1: Start by visiting the ACKO website or mobile application 

  • Step 2: Choose the policy card against your two-wheeler and click on ‘Claim Now’ 

  • Step 3: Answer a few important questions regarding the damage or loss and upload any required documents. 


Alternatively, you may also call ACKO’s customer service team to file a claim. 


Once you’ve registered your claim, ACKO’s claim settlement team will assess your claim and then get in touch with you to help you through the entire claim process. 

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Documents Required At ACKO for Claim Settlement

Here are some documents you’ll need to file an ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance claim:

  • FIR or police report in case of an accident or theft. 

  • Original payment repair bills, receipts, etc.

  • Bike’s registration certificate

  • Valid driving licence 

Reasons for ACKO Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Rejection

Here are some reasons as to why your ACKO two-wheeler insurance claim may get rejected: 

  • Policy Lapse

Claims against lapsed insurance plans will not be entertained by ACKO under any circumstance. This is why it’s important that you renew your insurance plan on time to enjoy continuous ACKO Bike Insurance coverage.

  • Driving Without a Valid Driving Licence 

Driving without a valid driving licence is not only a punishable offence but could also lead to a claim rejection. So, make sure to always drive with a valid driving licence. 

  • Not Obeying Traffic Laws 

Rash driving or driving while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances often lead to claim rejections. Not obeying traffic rules can also endanger yourself and those around you. So, make sure to always drive safely and obey all traffic rules. 

  • Raising Fraudulent Claims

Raising claims is not a money-making venture for policyholders and should not be treated as such. Leaving out crucial information, falsifying information or raising a fraudulent claim can all lead to claim rejections and may also result in legal proceedings. 

  • Delay in Raising Claim Request

Be sure to inform your insurer regarding the damages caused to your vehicle or third-parties as soon as possible. Undue delays in raising claims can lead to claim rejections. 

  • Non-transfer of Ownership 

If you’ve purchased a second-hand vehicle, be sure to transfer the insurance policy. Not doing so could lead to claim rejections. When you fail to transfer the bike’s insurance plan, the policy plan will continue to be under the seller’s name. This means that the policy is not under the driver-owner’s name and there is no scope to raise a claim. 

  • Modifications 

If you’ve made any modifications to your vehicles, be sure to keep your insurer informed of the same. Oftentimes, modifications on vehicles mean that you’d have to pay a higher premium. If you have not intimated your insurer about the modifications on your vehicle, your claims will likely get rejected. 

  • Commercial Usage

If you are found to be using your personal vehicle as a commercial vehicle at the time of damage or loss, your claims may be rejected. 

  • Illegal Usage 

If your vehicle is damaged, stolen or lost while taking part in any illegal activities, then the insurer is not liable to offer coverage. 

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How to Avoid a Rejection of Your ACKO Bike Insurance Claim

Getting your insurance claim rejected can be an expensive and cumbersome ordeal. Follow these simple yet effective steps to avoid ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance claim rejections: 

  • Don’t Leave the Accident Spot 

In case of an accident, do not leave the accident spot unless you’re asked to by relevant authorities. You may also choose to leave if you have received a clear green signal from them to do so. Leaving the accident spot without informing the relevant authorities could lead to penalties or even legal action. 

  • Lodge an FIR if Required

If a third-party is involved in the accident or mishap, make sure to lodge an FIR as soon as possible. An FIR is a crucial document that will be required when you raise a claim. 

  • Inform the Insurer as Soon as Possible 

Inform ACKO regarding the accident and the extent of the damages or loss as early as you can to avoid claim rejections. 

  • Never Get into a Settlement with the Third-party 

In case your vehicle is damaged by a third-party, avoid settling the repair costs with them. Doing so will disqualify you from filing a claim with ACKO. 

  • Make Sure to Document the Accident 

Evidence is crucial to any claim settlement. So, make sure to collect as much information as you can about the accident. This can include pictures, videos, registration number of the third-party (if applicable), contact information of all parties involved, etc. 

FAQs On ACKO Bike Insurance Claim

Does ACKO provide a No Claim Bonus on bike insurance?

Yes, if you have purchased ACKO bike insurance, you are eligible to get a No Claim Bonus for every claim-free year.

What is the ACKO bike insurance claim settlement ratio?

ACKO motor insurance has a high claim settlement ratio of 95%.

What is the procedure for filing a bike insurance claim with ACKO insurance?

You can follow this 3-step process to file an ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance claim: 

Step 1: Start by going on the ACKO website or mobile application 

Step 2: Select the policy card against your two-wheeler and click on ‘Claim Now’ 

Step 3: Answer a few important questions regarding the damage or loss and upload any required documents.

How many times in a year can I raise an ACKO Bike Insurance Claim?

While there is no limit on how many claims you can raise in a year, it’s advisable to avoid raising small claims to enjoy the No Claim Bonus. 

What happens if my bike gets stolen and is declared non-traceable by the police?

In case your bike is stolen, it’s imperative that you procure the Non-traceable Report from the police station where you filed the FIR. Once you’ve received this report, submit it to ACKO to process your claim. After assessing the report, ACKO will settle your claim by paying the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the bike after deducting any deductibles.

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