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Founded in November of 2016, ACKO General Insurance Limited offer their customers policies under the insurance categories of health, motor, travel, corporate, and electronics. They can provide you with two-wheeler insurance plans that start at a nominal price of ₹538*/year. 


You will find three distinct bike insurance types viz. third-party bike insurance, comprehensive bike insurance, and personal accident insurance. To enhance a comprehensive plan, you may choose from the 6 optional covers under ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance. You can purchase these plans on Bajaj Markets within minutes by completing a seamless 5-steps procedure. 

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Types of ACKO Bike Insurance

ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance offers you three types of insurance plans that can cater to your insurance needs in different ways. Those types are explained below. 

Plan Type




ACKO Third-party Liability Bike Insurance

  • Mandatory by law

  • Coverage against third-party property damage or loss

  • Damage or loss of third-party life covered



ACKO Comprehensive Bike Insurance

  • Third-party and personal damage coverage combined

  • Coverage against damages caused by man-made and natural disasters



ACKO Personal Accident Coverage

  • Mandatory by law

  • Protection against expenses of personal injuries

  • Compensation for accidental disability/demise

How to Buy ACKO Bike Insurance

Here’s how you can purchase your very own ACKO Bike Insurance plan on Bajaj Markets in just five simple steps.

  • Step 1: Visit the premium calculator page on this website.

  • Step 2: Enter details pertaining to your bike like its make, model, age, registration number, etc.

  • Step 3: Choose a plan that fits your bike insurance needs and your budget.

  • Step 4: Add optional covers to enhance your policy.

  • Step 5: Complete the final payment process.  


Your policy documents will be sent to you through your registered email address or mobile number shortly. Additionally, an ACKO Bike Insurance renewal can be carried out on their official website. 

Key Features of ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance Plans

Given below are the major key features of an ACKO Bike Insurance plan. 

  • Personal Accident Cover up to ₹15 Lakhs

  • Premium price starting at ₹538*/year only

  • 6 add-on covers

  • 24/7 customer services

Benefits of ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance

Here are the major perks of getting an ACKO Bike Insurance plan for your two-wheeler vehicle. 

1. Cashless Garages

Through your ACKO Bike Insurance you can tap into a vast ocean of network garages that are affiliated with the insurance company. Here, you can enjoy cashless claims and best-in-class repairs/replacements. 

2. Easy Renewals

You can carry out a seamless ACKO Bike Insurance renewal on their website. It requires minimal documents and can be done comfortably wherever you please. 

3. Low-cost Insurance Plans

ACKO Bike Insurance offers you extremely affordable bike insurance plans.The starting premium of a plan is just ₹538/year. 

4. Effortless Claims

Claims with this insurance company are hassle-free since it holds an end-to-end online procedure. Moreover, they can settle claims within a 2-hour period. 

5. 24/7 Customer Care

ACKO holds a customer care team that is accessible round-the-clock for you. You can reach out to them through their toll-free number or their official email address. 

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What’s Covered and Not Covered Under ACKO Bike Insurance

Given below are the inclusions and exclusions of an ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance plan. For a deeper understanding and a full list of everything that is covered and not covered under this policy, please read the policy brochure and/or policy documents carefully. 



Third-party liabilities and/or losses

Mechanical and electrical damages

Accidental damages to personal vehicle

Driving under the influence of intoxicants

Damages caused due to fires, explosions, lightning, etc.

Wear and tear expenses

Natural disaster damages

Driving without a valid driver’s licence

Man-made disaster damages

Damages caused due to war

Total loss and theft of personal vehicle

Damages due to adventure sports like racing

Factors That Influence the Premium of ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance

Here are the factors that can increase or decrease the premium price of your ACKO bike insurance plan. 


1. Market Price

The market value of your bike is directly proportional to your insurance premium price. This market value refers to the price at which your bike can be purchased on the current market. 

2. NCBs and Discounts

A no-claim bonus in bike insurance can bring you a discount of up to 50% for allowing your policy to survive five consecutive claim-free years. You can also earn additional discounts by joining automobile associations such as the Western India Automobile Association or the Automobile Association of India. Such discounts can affect your insurance premium significantly.

3. Bike’s Age

If your bike is brand new, you can expect to get a lower premium quote on your bike insurance. However, for an older bike, you can expect the premium to be slightly higher. Hence, the age of your bike can matter a lot when it comes to insurance premiums. 

4. Modifications

If you are a bike enthusiast and appreciate bike modifications, you should expect a higher premium quote on your insurance plan. This is majorly due to the fact that modifications can alter the structure and form of the bike greatly. This could make the vehicle unsafe for public roads. Moreover, many modifications are deemed illegal by law. Hence, bike modifications might not be the best idea from the perspective of bike insurance. 

5. Safety Features

As opposed to modifications, installing additional safety devices to your bike can decrease your premium quote. This is because installing such features can make your bike safer and more reliable on public roads. This can ensure minimum chances of an accident and minimum damage during a rare accident.

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How to Calculate the Premium of ACKO Bike Insurance

Calculating an approximate premium price for your bike insurance can be an easy task with the Bajaj Markets bike insurance premium calculator.  You are required to merely enter your bike’s details, choose your ideal coverage or policy type, and proceed. You will be given multiple bike insurance options which could fit your budget and bike insurance needs perfectly!

Add-on Covers Offered by ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance

Add-ons are optional covers that can significantly enhance your bike insurance plan and widen its coverage. ACKO Bike Insurance also offers such add-on covers, all of which are explained below. 

1. Key Protect Cover

The possibility of losing your bike keys always looms around the next corner. Hence, a cover that can help you during inconveniences like these can be very beneficial. This cover can offer financial support to have the lock and keys of your bike repaired or replaced. 

2. Outstation Emergency Cover

If you’re taking your bike for a long spin on a road trip, you need something that can provide you assistance and protection during a breakdown or accident. The protection of this cover can be unlocked once you’ve zoomed past 100 km from your residence. ACKO Bike Insurance will, hence, support you through mishaps away from your home turf. 

3. Consumables Cover

During the repairs and replacements of certain bike components, you will require certain consumables. These include nuts, bolts, coolants, engine oil, etc. While such expenses are not covered by a regular bike insurance plan, an add-on cover like this can protect you from the costs of consumables. 

4. Engine Protect Cover

Unfortunately, a comprehensive bike insurance policy does not cover any expenses related to your engine, unless it is due to an accident. This cover will, hence, protect your pockets from engine damages due to accidents and other inconveniences like hydrostatic locks and engine oil leaks. 

5. Zero Depreciation Cover

The value of your bike’s components can decrease over time. Hence, this decreased/depreciated value can be deducted from your claim amount. However, this cover protects your claim amount from such deductions since it doesn’t factor the depreciation value during claims. Hence, your coverage is fully protected. 

6. Roadside Assistance Cover

If you find yourself stranded on-the-road and can’t seem to find immediate help nearby, this cover can come to your rescue. Right from engine jumpstarting to fuel assistance, this add-on has got you covered. All you need to do is claim its coverage by calling 1800-266-2256 and help should reach you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions About ACKO Bike Insurance

How many types of bike insurance policies can I buy from Acko?

You can purchase three different types of policies from ACKO Bike Insurance. These include third-party liability insurance, comprehensive bike insurance, and personal accident cover. You can enhance your comprehensive bike insurance by further adding optional covers. 

Can I file a claim on my Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy online?

Yes, you can. The easiest way to do so is through their mobile app.

Is it possible to purchase ACKO Bike Insurance online for my new scooter through Bajaj Markets?

Yes, you can purchase an ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance plan from Bajaj Markets for your brand new vehicle. The purchasing process has only five steps to it and can be completed within minutes. 

Do the make, model, and variant of my bike impact the premium for ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance?

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of a two-wheeler is the maximum sum insured that an insurer can offer for your bike insurance policy. This value is the prevailing market value of your bike and is arrived at after accounting for the depreciation accumulated on the vehicle. In the case of a total loss event involving your bike, for instance, theft or irreparable damage, the insurer will provide you with the IDV of the bike as compensation.

What is the distinction between cashless and reimbursement claims in ACKO Bike Insurance?

Under cashless claims, the insurance company and the garage can internally settle the claim amount without you having to fundamentally pay anything. For reimbursement claims, the procedure starts with you covering the expenses before the insurance company reimburses the costs. Cashless claims can be fulfilled only at network garages while reimbursement claims allow you to get repairs done at a garage of your preference. 

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