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Automated Clearing House

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is basically an electronic network that can process different types of transactions. Typically, domestic money transfers and low-value domestic payments between financial institutions are carried out via ACH. Both debit transfers and credit transfers are supported. ACH is designed in a particular way to process payments in batches. Several transactions can be processed with very low charges and fees. With an ACH credit transaction, the payer initiates the transaction. Some use cases of ACH credit transactions are retail payments, direct deposits, vendor payments, and payrolls.

An ACH debit transaction, on the other hand, is initiated by the receiver with pre-authorization from the payer. More often than not, the payee sets up an auto-debit scheme to enhance the convenience of payments. This feature is mostly used for subscriptions and more. Both ACH debit and ACH credit transactions are accumulated during the day and are processed at the end of the day.

What is an ACH Form?

To begin with convenient transactions through ACH, you will have to begin with an ACH mandate form. Many wonder about the ACH form meaning and often get confused with a bank account’s net banking form. However, that is not true. An ACH form has to be set up initially. This can be done by talking to your bank or your employer to procure the ACH form. An ACH form once filled up and submitted, can help you begin receiving your payment directly into your bank account. The form is important as it facilitates the easy transfer of funds directly into bank accounts. Let us have a look at how the ACH form can be procured and what information is necessary to fill the same.

How to Get an ACH Form?

An ACH form can be procured through several ways and duly filled and submitted to the bank. Before diving into the details, it is important to know that ACH authorization forms are essential to receive and send funds from one bank account to another. Typically, the following details are collected in an ACH authorization form, be it a credit authorization form or a debit authorization form.

  • Name of the Financial Institution

  • Address of the Financial Institution including its branch, city, state, and zip code

  • Signature

  • Date when the form is filled

  • Your full name

  • Your contact address

  • Maximum amount or set amount

  • Routing number of the financial institution

  • Your checking or savings account number

You can go about procuring the ACH form in 3 ways:

1. Online

You can get the ACH form online at the comfort of your home. The ACH form download does not have any particular format, however, it will require a certain set of information or several key elements as mentioned above. You can download the form in any format like the ACH form pdf or word. Once you fill in those details and submit your ACH form, you should follow up by sending a written notice of the authorization. If your business uses online authorization, you would have to undergo yearly audits to ensure security. These checks ensure to protect you against unauthorized access, theft, and tampering while ensuring secure capture, storage, and distribution.

2. Paper-based

You can avail of an ACH form by either downloading an ACH form online or by procuring one at the bank. Once you fill in the required information, submit a copy ACH payment form and retain the original form as proof of authorization. While filling out the ACH form on paper, ensure to avoid human errors.

3. Phone

You can go ahead with phone authorization if the customer initiated the call or if you have an existing relationship with the customer. You can use phone authorization for both one-time payments and recurring payments.

Process to Fill the ACH Form

The process of filling an ACH form is simple. According to the ACH authorization form template, there are 19 fields of information that have to be filled out by you, out of which 14 fields are mandatory. It is best to begin filling your ACH form by filling out the mandatory fields. Here is a list of the 14 mandatory fields of information.

  1. Date of submission of ACH mandate

  2. Bank account types (savings, current, etc.)

  3. Bank account number

  4. Name of the registered bank of the investor

  5. IFSC code

  6. MICR number

  7. Amount of rupees in words

  8. Rupees in figures

  9. IIN (customer ID)

  10. Phone number

  11. Email ID

  12. Period column start date of SIP

  13. Signature of the account holder

  14. Name of the account holder

Once you fill in these mandatory fields, move on to the remaining fields in order to complete the ACH form.

  1. Sponsor bank code

  2. Utility code

  3. Frequency of transaction

  4. Debit type

  5. End date of SIP

In addition to these fields on the ACH request form template, a few other fields are ticked by default. Meanwhile, ensure that the size of the ACH mandate form is as per NPCI format (8 inches horizontal height, 2&⅔ inches vertical height)

Banks that provide ACH services

Several banks such as Axis bank, Citi bank, RBL, HDFC, SBI, and others provide ACH services. For instance, HDFC offers the HDFC ACH mandate form pdf that can be downloaded easily. Once you fill in all the information on the HDFC ACH mandate form, ensure to verify the details you entered. Then, submit the accurately filled HDFC bank ACH mandate form to start receiving funds that are transferred through ACH directly to your bank account. The ACH mandate form HDFC bank helps begin this entire process. 

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✔️How do I get an ACH form?

You can get your hand on an ACH form in several ways. You can procure an ACH form either online or by visiting the bank or lending institution. You also have the phone call method to complete the ACH form process. 

✔️What is an ACH form?

An ACH form facilitates the easy transfer of funds directly into bank accounts. 

✔️What is an ACH form in banking?

An ACH form in banking is very helpful when it comes to credit or debit ACH. It allows the funds to directly get debited from your bank account or directly get credited into your bank account.

✔️How can I get my ACH mandate form?

Yes, you can get your ACH mandate form online, offline, or through phone.

✔️How many mandatory fields does the ACH mandate form have?

The ACH mandate form has 14 mandatory fields that you have to fill.