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What Does IMPS Limit Mean?

Immediate Payment Service, or IMPS, refers to the fund transfer system that is operated and managed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It is available 24 hours, seven days a week, even on bank holidays. IMPS allows the immediate transfer of funds from one account to another electronically. It is safe and secure and can be initiated online. However, you must transfer funds within the set IMPS transfer limit. The IMPS limit depends on the respective bank’s policy and can range anywhere between ₹10,000 and ₹2 lakh.

What are the Types of IMPS Transfer Limit?

To understand how much money can be transferred through IMPS, you must be aware of the various types of limits applicable:

  • IMPS Minimum Limit: This refers to the minimum amount of money you must transfer using the IMPS fund transfer service. There is no set minimum IMPS amount limit. As a result, you can transfer as low as ₹1 using IMPS.

  • IMPS Maximum Limit: This refers to the maximum amount you can transfer through IMPS. Your transaction amount should be within the set limit for IMPS as decided by your bank.

  • IMPS Limit Per Day: This refers to the per day limit for IMPS transfers which is set by individual banks.

IMPS Transfer Limit of Top Banks

As per the set guidelines, there is no minimum limit on IMPS transfers. However, there is a maximum transfer limit via IMPS that varies from bank to bank.

1) HDFC Bank IMPS Fund Transfer Limit

IMPS Money Transfer Limit Using Account Number and IFSC Code:

IMPS upper limit (per transaction)

₹5 lakh

IMPS transfer limit (per day)

As per the set Third-Party Transfer (TPT) limits


IMPS Money Transfer Limit Using MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) Code

Maximum limit on IMPS transfer through netbanking

₹5,000 per day per Customer ID

IMPS amount transfer limit for mobile banking

₹5,000 per day per Customer ID


Limit of ₹5,000 applies on transactions from individual channels.

IMPS Payment Limit Using USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Code

Maximum limit for fund transfer using MMID


Maximum limit for fund transfer using Account number



2) Axis Bank IMPS Transaction Limit

IMPS maximum limit (per transaction)

₹2 lakh

IMPS limit (per day)

As per the set Third-Party Transfer (TPT) limit


3) Citibank IMPS Limit

IMPS maximum limit per day

₹5 lakh


4) ICICI Bank IMPS Limit

Minimum Limit (iMobile)

Account number + IFSC



Mobile number + MMID


Minimum Limit (Internet Banking)

Account number + IFSC



Mobile number + MMID


Maximum Limit (iMobile)

Account Number + IFSC

₹5 lakh


Mobile number + MMID


Maximum Limit (Internet Banking)

Account Number + IFSC

₹5 lakh


Mobile number + MMID



5) SBI Bank IMPS Limit

Maximum Limit

₹5 lakh


6) RBL Bank IMPS Limit

Maximum IMPS Limit

₹3 lakh

It is wise to check the limit set by your bank before opting for an IMPS fund transfer. Also, you should take a look at the steps you need to follow to ensure a successful money transfer through IMPS.

Apart from IMPS, you can also use NEFT or RTGS to transfer money from one account to another. The RTGS transfer limit and RTGS fees and charges will, however, be different from that of IMPS, and so will be the NEFT transfer limit and NEFT fees and charges. You can check out the difference between IMPS vs NEFT vs RTGS and select the mode that suits you best!

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FAQs on IMPS Limit

✔️Is there a limit on IMPS Transfers?

There is no IMPS minimum limit. However, there could be a maximum IMPS limit set by your bank. You can check the IMPS transfer limit of your bank before initiating a transaction. In most cases, the IMPS transfer limit varies between ₹10,000 and ₹5 lakh.

✔️How many IMPS Transactions can be done in a day?

You can do as many IMPS transactions as you like as long as you do not exceed your set Third-Party Transfer (TPT) limit.

✔️What is the maximum limit of IMPS Transfer?

The IMPS maximum limit varies from one bank to another. However, most banks have the IMPS limit capped at ₹5 lakh per day.