RBL Bank SMS Banking

RBL Bank offers a convenient alternative to traditional banking methods in the form of RBL SMS banking. It allows you to initiate several banking-related services via SMS from your registered mobile number. Services such as RBL credit card balance check by SMS, RBL credit card limit check by SMS, and more.

The RBL SMS banking number is +91 92233 66333.

Read further to know more details about the RBL SMS banking facility and the important RBL SMS banking numbers.

Features and Benefits of RBL SMS Banking

The features and benefits of RBL SMS Banking are as follows:

  • RBL SMS banking allows you to access your account information instantly and eliminates the hassle of physically visiting the bank every time

  • Apart from placing enquiries and requests, you can also pay bills, make investments, or set up fixed deposits (FDs) using RBL SMS banking

  • Timely alerts and notifications can help you better track your RBL credit card and savings account activity

  • You can also set up timely alerts for EMI, insurance premiums, or bill payments via SMS banking as reminders so that you never miss on upcoming payments

Services Available with RBL SMS Banking

You can avail several banking services via RBL SMS Banking. All you have to do is enter the respective keyword for a particular request and send it to the RBL SMS banking number at +91 92233 66333. Listed below are some of the common banking requests and the respective keywords that you can send via SMS:

Service Request

Message Format

Register for SMS Banking Service

REG <Cust ID>

Deregister From SMS Banking Service


Check Balance of Primary Account

BAL <Cust ID>

Specified Account Balance Inquiry

BAL <Cust ID> < A/C No>

Fixed Deposits Details


Generate MPIN

UPIN <last_4_digit of A/C No>

Generate New ATM Card PIN

PIN <Card No> <Cust ID> <PIN>

Loan Balance Enquiry


Loan Account Details


Issued Cheque Status

CHQSTA <Cust ID> <Acc.no> <Cheque No>

Block Card Permanently by Customer ID

BLOCK <Card No> <Cust ID>

Last 5 transactions

TXN <Cust ID>

Cheque Issued Status

CHQSTA <Cust ID> <Acc.no> <Cheque No>

Temporary Card Block

TBLOCK <Card No>

Unblock Card Temporarily

UBLOCK <Card No>

Block Card Permanently

BLOCK <Card No>

Get Help for SMS Banking


Generate MMID

MMID NEW <last 4 digits of A/C No>

Reactivate MMID

MMID ACT <last 4 digits of A/C No>

Steps to Register for RBL SMS Banking

You can register for RBL SMS banking simply by sending a text to the bank via your registered number. Here are the steps you would need to follow:

  • Step 1: Register your mobile number with the bank.
  • Step 2: Type ‘REG <customer ID> in a text message.
  • Step 3: Send the text to RBL SMS banking number +91 92233 66333.

How to De-Register for RBL SMS Banking?

You can de-register from RBL SMS banking by sending a text via your registered number:

  • Step 1: Type ‘DEREG <customer ID>’.
  • Step 2: Send the text to RBL SMS banking number +91 92233 66333.

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FAQs on RBL SMS Banking

  • ✔️Will I be charged for RBL SMS banking service?

    A standard SMS fee will be levied for using the RBL Bank’s SMS banking service.

  • ✔️How can I check my RBL Bank account balance via SMS?

    For Primary Account Balance Enquiry by SMS type “BAL <Cust ID>” and for Specified Account Balance Enquiry by SMS, type “BAL <Cust ID> <Acc. no>” and send it to the RBL Bank balance enquiry number +91 92233 66333. Make sure you type the correct details before sending the SMS.

  • ✔️How do I activate RBL mobile banking?

    Once you register for SMS banking by sending a text message ‘REG <customer ID> and send it to +91 92233 66333 from your registered mobile number, the RBL SMS Banking service will be automatically activated.

  • ✔️How can I register for SMS Banking?

    To register for SMS banking, type ‘REG <insert customer ID> and send the text to +91 92233 66333 from your registered mobile number.

  • ✔️What is the RBL SMS banking number?

    The RBL SMS banking number is +91 92233 66333. You can simply send the code in the specified format to this number and get the answers to all your queries and enquiries.

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