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What is an Add-On Card

An add-on card means a supplementary credit card that is issued in addition to a primary credit card. You can obtain it for your family members, spouse, or children (must be above 18). Depending on your bank policy, you may get upto 5 additional cards. Your primary credit card will be linked with each add-on card.

While acquiring this card, you are not required to pay any joining fee. However, all add-on cards include an annual fee that varies across banking institutions.

How Do Add-On Credit Cards Work

An add-on credit card has three critical characteristics, which are listed below.

  • Credit Limit

Your primary card’s limit is dispersed among all add-on cards which means the credit limit of your additional card will be lower or equivalent to the primary card. Hence, each card will have a sublimit, which will be applied to ATM withdrawals as well.

  • Transaction History

At the end of the billing cycle, all transaction details of add-on cards will be reflected in the primary credit card statement. This will help you in tracking the expenditures of other cards.

  • Credit Score

Any misuse or missed payment of the add-on card might harm your credit score since add-on cards' bill payments and use patterns are connected to the principal account. Hence, add-on cards must be handled carefully.

Features and Benefits of Add-On Credit Cards

Here are the several features and benefits of an add-on credit card.

  • You can obtain upto 5 add-on cards depending upon your bank’s policy.

  • You will receive the same reward points and cashback as the primary cardholder on every transaction.

  • Some cards give access to the VIP airport lounge.

  • The credit limit will be equivalent to or lower than the primary credit card.

  • You can use it for ATM withdrawals.

  • You will receive vouchers, discounts, free gifts, and so on.

  • You are not required to pay any joining charges.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Add On Credit Cards

If you are an add-on card holder, below are a few points that you must remember.

  • The primary cardholder can track your transactions.

  • If you mishandle the card, it will negatively impact the credit score of the primary cardholder.

  • All expenditures will be invoiced to the major account, and the primary cardholder will be responsible for payment.

  • The original credit card holder will also be responsible for any interest or penalty costs owed for add-on credit cards.

How Many Add-On Credit Cards can be Availed on a Credit Card

Each bank offers a different number of supplementary cards which are listed below.


Number of Add-on Cards

State Bank of India

Upto 2


Upto 3

Axis Bank

Upto 4


Upto 3


Upto 5


How to Apply for Add-On Credit Cards

You can apply for it through an online and offline medium.

1. Online Mode

  • Step 1: Log in to your credit card net banking account.

  • Step 2: Go to ‘Credit Cards’ section and click on ‘Add-on Credit Card.’

  • Step 3: Fill in the form and submit it with supporting documents.

  • Step 4: Your card will be sent to your postal address within a few days.

2. Offline Mode

You can visit the nearest branch of your bank and apply for the same. Fill in the application form and submit it with proper documentation. You will receive your add-on card within a few days. 

Documents Required to Apply for Add-on Credit Cards

The list of documents that you’re required to submit to avail an add-on credit card may vary depending on the issuing bank. That said, here’s a quick look at a few of the documents that banks may ask you to submit. 


  • A filled and signed application form for add-on credit card 

  • PAN card of the applicant

  • Identity proof of the applicant - Aadhaar, driving licence, passport or student ID, among others 

  • Address proof of the applicant 

  • A passport size photograph of the applicant 

FAQs related to Add-On Credit Card

✔️How many add-on credit cards can be availed on a credit card?

You can get upto 5 add-on cards, depending upon your bank.

✔️Is there any separate PIN for add-on credit cards?

Yes, each card will have its own PIN.

✔️How to cancel add-on credit cards?

You are required to contact your bank officials and ask for assistance concerning the same.

✔️How long does it take to get an add-on credit card?

It may take upto 15 days. However, this may vary from bank to bank. 

✔️What is the benefit of add-on card?

Reward points, cashback, discounts, free gifts, no joining fee, etc are some of the add-on credit card benefits. 

✔️How do I get an add-on card?

You can apply for it through your net banking account or by visiting the bank. 

✔️How can I cancel/close an add-on credit card?

Closing or cancelling your add-on credit card is very easy. All that you need to do is contact the customer care cell of the card issuer and place a request for closure or cancellation. You may do this via email or by calling the customer care number. The process is very similar to what you would have to do for a primary credit card.

✔️Whose credit score will get impacted if add-on Credit Cards are misused?

Add-on credit cards are linked to the primary credit card. Also, all of the transactions that are made on add-on cards are billed to the primary cardholder. Therefore, if the card is misused in any way, the primary cardholder will be the one whose credit score would get negatively impacted.

✔️How many add-on Cards am I allowed to have?

The number of add-on cards that you can avail is dependent on the bank issuing the credit cards. If you’re deemed to be eligible for an add-on card, you can get anywhere from 2 to 5 add-on cards.