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Citi Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

You may want to enjoy the fantastic perks that a Citibank credit card offers you, but without meeting specific eligibility criteria, you cannot get a Citibank card, and here is a table that tells you what eligibility criteria you should fulfil to get Citibank Credit Card Eligibility:


Requirements for Citibank Credit Card Application


Minimum of 23 years and a maximum of 60 years


Rs. 25,000 or more


Resident of India

Credit Score

Preferably 750 and above

What Documents are Required for Citi Credit Card Application?

Citibank credit card requirements where documentation is concerned are must-haves in order to get you a Citibank credit card quickly. These include your identity proof, address proof and income proof. The documents you should furnish are listed below:

Identity Proof (any one)

Aadhaar Card, PAN card, Passport, Voter ID, Driving Licence, or any other photo ID card approved by the Government of India.

Address Proof (any one)

Passport, Aadhaar Card, Utility Bills, or any other ID card approved by the Government of India.

Income Proof (any one)

Salary slips for the last 3 months, Bank account statements for the last 3 months, Form 16 (salaried employee), or audited financials of the last 2 years (for self-employed).


What are the Factors Affecting Citi Credit Card Eligibility Criteria?

You should note that if eligibility criteria is not met, or not totally met, your credit card application will be rejected. Hence, here are the factors that play a key role while determining your eligibility:

  • Income - This is a pivotal factor in deciding whether you are eligible to get approval for a Citi credit card. Card issuers wish to be convinced about your ability to be financially sound and have appropriate purchasing power. Banks and NBFCs that grant credit cards have to be assured of your source of income, which should be regular. Consequently, you must be a salaried employee of a reputed firm, or be successfully self-employed.

  • Age - You must fall within the age range of 23 - 60 years if you wish to be granted a Citibank credit card.

  • Nationality - Credit cards from Citibank are offered to Indian citizens in India. Therefore, you must show that you are a citizen of India.

  • Credit Score - Citi card eligibility depends heavily on whether you have a good credit score, as this represents your creditworthiness. Credit scores inform banks and other card issuers of your credit history which is important when you hold a credit card.

How to Improve Your Citi Credit Card Eligibility?

Credit card eligibility can be improved by using specific methods to do so. This is a list of steps to consider in order to improve your chances of getting a Citibank credit card:

  1. A good credit score goes a long way in improving your eligibility to get a Citibank credit card. You can choose to make your credit score better by reducing your debt-to-income ratio, shutting down existing loans, increasing your monthly income, etc.

  2. You can clear bills in full and on time.

  3. In case you have outstanding balances on other credit cards, your credit utilisation ratio is adversely affected. The chances of fulfilling Citi card requirements of eligibility become slim in such circumstances. You must settle your pending bills before applying for a new card.

  4. If you make multiple requests for credit cards, this reflects badly on your credit score, indirectly indicating that you are hungry for credit. You should refrain from this and stick with one or two enquiries at most.

  5. As far as your financial history goes, you must avoid any instances of late free payment, cheque bounces, charges and penalties, etc, or any other credit-source negative situations. 

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FAQs about Citi Bank Credit Card Eligibility

✔️Is it easy to get a Citibank credit card?

It is easy to get a Citibank credit card provided you fulfil eligibility requirements such as those related to your age, income, identity and residence.

✔️Am I eligible for a Citibank credit card?

You or anyone else is eligible for a Citibank credit card if you meet eligibility criteria of age (23-60 years), have a regular income source, are an Indian national and have a good credit score (750 and above).

✔️How long does it take to get approval for a Citibank Credit Card?

If you have met all your eligibility requirements for a Citi credit card, after you apply, you should get approval for your card and your card delivered to you within two weeks.

✔️What are the minimum salary requirements for a Citi credit card?

You should have a regular source of income and your salary should be Rs. 20,000 a month at the minimum.

✔️Can a student apply for a Citi credit card?

You can apply for a Citibank credit card if you have a regular source of income and are a student simultaneously.