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Citi Credit Card

Citibank credit cards offer attractive discounts, cashback, air miles, and much more. Each of the shopping, lifestyle, travel and fuel credit cards offered by the bank is designed to make your experiences special and rewarding. To top it off, reward points accumulated on a Citibank credit card never expire. Also, the card can be used at both domestic and international locations. 

Top Citi Credit Cards

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Citibank Cash Back Credit Card

  • Benefits
    Citi Cash Back Credit Card rewards is the ideal credit card for users who are looking to save on every transaction. It returns a percentage of the transacted amount back on every purchase.
  • Joining Fees
    ₹1000 + GST
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Citibank Rewards Credit Card

  • Benefits
    Citibank Rewards Credit Card is one of the best Credit Cards that you can apply for. With this credit card in your pocket, the list of benefits just won’t seem to end! Get up to 2500 reward points upon joining and up to 10 Reward Points for every Rs.125 spent at apparel and department stores with your Citi Rewards Credit Card.
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CitiBank Premier Miles Credit Card

  • Benefits
    Citi Premier Miles Credit Card is specially created for frequent travelers. It provides access to both, domestic and international airport lounges along with exclusive deals on flight tickets, hotel bookings, and car hire, which makes it an ideal travel credit card. Cardholders can also accumulate air miles that can be redeemed to buy flight tickets.
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Citibank IndianOil Credit Card

  • Benefits
    The Citibank IndianOil Credit Card is a fuel credit card that enables you to save more on fuel at all IndianOil outlets across the country. You get 2.5% fuel surcharge across all IndianOil fuel stations. Want more? You even get dining and shopping privileges. Here are a few details about the popular Credit Card and its benefits.

How to Apply for Citi Credit Cards

You can apply online for Citibank Credit Cards by visiting the Bajaj MARKETS website and following the steps given below:

  • Step 1 : Visit Bajaj MARKETS to check the range of Citibank credit cards available.

  • Step 2 : Enter a few details to ascertain your eligibility.

  • Step 3: Check your offer and compare the multiple credit card options available.

  • Step 4 : Select the Citibank credit card that best matches your spending habits.

  • Step 5 : Submit your application and get approval.

Citibank Credit Card

Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required for Citi Credit Card

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: Between 23 and 60 years

  • Residence: A resident of India

  • Income: Monthly income of more than ₹25,000; however, the minimum income requirement may vary with the type of Citibank credit card selected

  • Credit Score: A good credit score, likely 750 and above

 Documents Required

  • Proof of Identity: Passport, driving license, PAN card, Aadhaar card, Voter's ID, job card issued by NREGA and duly signed by an officer of the state government.

  • Proof of Address: Passport, driving license, Aadhaar card, Voter's ID, job card issued by NREGA and duly signed by an officer of the state government.

  • Proof of Income: Recent salary slips, ITR with audited financials, and computation of income.

Do note that the documents required for a Citibank credit card will vary depending on whether you are a salaried or a self-employed individual.

 Citi Credit Card Rewards

The Citibank credit card rewards program is designed to help you earn reward points and air miles against your purchases. These include rewards against spending on apparel, departmental stores, flights, grocery, fuel and featured partner stores. Accumulated Citi credit card rewards and miles can be redeemed later for purchasing vouchers, availing discounts, etc.

Apart from rewards, you also get access to some of the latest Citibank credit card offers. These offers are available across a host of categories such as shopping, entertainment, electronics, home appliances, groceries, travel, food delivery, shopping, etc.

Features and Benefits for Citi Credit Cards

Cashback Benefits

Enjoy 5% cashback on movie tickets and utility bill payments through Citi Billpay with the Citi Cashback Card. Also, get up to 0.5% cashback on all other transactions.

Dining Benefits

Savour mouth-watering cuisines at discounted rates, in India and abroad, with the Citi Cashback credit card.

Air Mile Benefits

With the Citi Premier Miles credit card, you can get 10 air miles on every ₹100 spent on airline transactions made at PremierMiles official website and hotel bookings made with select partners. You can redeem air miles against flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, and taxi hire. Accumulated air miles never expire so they can be redeemed anytime in the future.

Get Rewards for Every Shopping

Earn 10X Reward Points on spending at apparel and departmental stores with the Citi Rewards Credit Card. Earn 1 Point for every ₹125 spent on all other purchases. With the Citibank Indian Oil credit card too, earn 2 Turbo Points for every ₹150 spent on groceries and at supermarkets, and 1 Turbo Point for every ₹100 spent on other categories

Earn Points that Never Expire

The points collected on Citi credit cards do not expire ever. So, you can keep collecting your reward points, worry-free, till you are ready to redeem them against special benefits.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Avail a 1% fuel surcharge waiver for fuel transactions carried out at authorised Indian Oil outlets with the Citi IndianOil Credit Card.

Fees and Charges of Citi Credit Card

The Citibank credit card charges are mentioned below:

  1. Joining/Annual fees: Varies from card to card

  2. Cash Advance Fee: 2.5% on the amount withdrawn, subject to a minimum of ₹500

  3. Late Payment Charges: Between Nil and ₹10,000 (depending on the statement balance)

  4. Overlimit Charge: 2.5% of the amount (excluding fees, charges, and taxes) over the credit limit, subject to a minimum of ₹500

  5. Foreign Currency Transactions: 3.50%

  6. Cash Deposit at Citi Branches: ₹250 per deposit

  7. Returned Payment Charge: ₹500 per returned payment

  8. Reissue of Lost/Stolen/Damaged Card: ₹100

Citi Credit Card Customer Care

In case you need any assistance with your card, you can call Citibank credit card customer care on 1860 210 2484 (local) or +91 22 4955 2484 (overseas). Citibank also has dedicated customer care numbers for international customers. SMS services are available on 52484 or +91 98807 52484, while the email facility is available at

Why Get a Citi Credit Card from Bajaj MARKETS

Rewards & Discounts

Get some of the best rewards on Citibank Credit Cards on Bajaj MARKETS. Apply for Credit Cards online at Bajaj MARKETS and get one packed with rewards and offers from your favourite brands.

One Platform, Many Cards

At Bajaj MARKETS, we have just the right variety of Credit Cards for you. Whether you want a Credit Card that gets you discounts on shopping or one that saves on your fuel costs, we have it all!

Stringent Security Measures

With cyber-crime a reality, your Credit Card comes with features that ensure safety against any kind of fraud. Apply online and avail the best credit card for you now!

Convert Purchases into EMIs

Purchases made through any of the Citibank Credit Cards available at Bajaj MARKETS can be converted into EMIs easily. Apply for a Citibank credit card online today.

Joining Benefits

Enjoy assured joining benefits on multiple Citibank credit cards available on Bajaj MARKETS. Get amazing discount vouchers from top e-commerce sites, fuel surcharge waivers, cashback and much more!

FAQs on Citi Credit Card

  • ✔️How do I know how many points are accumulated on my Citibank credit card?

    You can find the details of your accumulated Citi credit card reward points on your credit statement as well as in your netbanking account.

  • ✔️Which is the best credit card in Citi?

    Citibank offers a range of credit cards that are suitable for the different needs of customers. There are cards that are ideal for earning rewards (Citibank Rewards credit card), saving on travel expenses (Citi Premier Miles Card), earning cashback (Citibank Cashback credit card, avoiding surcharges on fuel costs (Citibank IndianOil Credit Card), etc. All you need to do is browse the list and select the ideal card for yourself.

  • ✔️How can I get a Citi Credit Card?

    You can apply for a Citibank credit card online by visiting the Bajaj MARKETS website, entering a few details to ascertain your eligibility and checking your offer. You can then select the Citibank credit card that best matches your spending habits and submit your application.

  • ✔️What is the minimum credit score for a Citi Credit Card?

    To be eligible for a Citibank Credit Card, you need to have and maintain a high credit score of 750 or above. Ensuring that your credit card payments are done on time, can help you obtain a good credit report.

  • ✔️Can I apply for a Citi Credit Card Online?

    Yes, you can apply for a Citibank credit card online visiting the Bajaj MARKETS website and following the steps given below:

    Step 1: On the website check the range of Citibank credit cards available.

    Step 2: Enter a few details to ascertain your eligibility.

    Step 3: Check your offer and compare the multiple credit card options available.

    Step 4: Select the Citibank credit card that best matches your spending habits.

    Step 5: Submit your application and get approved.

  • ✔️Can a Citi credit card be used within India and overseas?

    Yes. However, do note that customers will have to enable/disable their card for International and online transactions on Citibank online or on the Citi Mobile app. They can also set the domestic daily limit for ATM, POS and Online transactions.

Citi Bank Credit Card Reviews

Citi Bank Credit Card Reviews

4out of 5

15 reviews


CITI has provided excellent discounts and advantages for the past two months. As a result, I chose this card and applied online. It is a 500 rupee annual fee, but there is a waiver option if I spend 30K within a year. The credit limit is set at Rs. 65,000. This card is eligible for EMI conversion.

Best card!

CITI Bank provides excellent customer service and consistently ranks first in response times. They gave me a Rs. 1 lakh credit card, which I have used extensively for shopping, dining, EB bill payment, rent payment, and the Amazon vouchers I receive on a monthly basis.

Worth it!

I applied for a CITI card online and submitted all of my documentation online, as well as having a bank agent come and collect the hard copy of my documents. I received the card in a timely manner. The processing fee and other charges were reasonable. The card's only value is that I can use it to get a discount at a gas station.


The CITI has suggested a cost of 1000 rupees each year, but I can get it waived if I spend Rs. 30,000 in a year. I received a call on schedule, the process went smoothly, and I had the card and package within 6 working days. The credit limit is adequate, and I earn reward points dependent on how much I use it. I get reward points and cash back, which is great. Conversion to EMI is possible.


I've been using the CITI card for the past two months with a credit limit of 56,000 and no problems. Because it was an Indian oil card, it was a free card with gasoline perks. I used an agent to submit the appropriate documentation. I chose this card since the bank's service was excellent.


This is a reward credit card that I've had with CITI Bank since 2007, and it comes with a slew of perks, including reward points, discounts, and more. I may use my points to buy gas from Indian Oil, and this is a free card with a substantial credit limit of Rs. 3L. EMI choices are available, and they are commonly used for shopping and fuel. I get access to two domestic and one foreign airport lounges per quarter.


The procedure went smoothly. The card arrived in 20 days. The credit limit is quite low; a credit limit of roughly 1L was predicted, but only 60K was received. I completed the first payment without difficulty. I use this card on a daily basis and have accumulated a lot of reward points. I've just done a few little transactions up to Rs. 10,000, so I haven't converted to EMI yet.

Good enough!

I received a 1000 rupee annual fee chargeable card from CITI, however the price will be waived if I spend Rs. 30,000 in a year. The credit limit is adequate and good. I received the call on schedule and the card two weeks later. Because I already have another bank card, I chose this one. Swiggy and shopping are two things I use it for.

Great service!

Customer service at CITI was excellent. An executive personally collected the documentation. I received the card within a week. They offered two options: a free card or a cost card. With the fee card, I received more features and perks. As a result, I preferred that. Because my credit limit is insufficient, I am receiving two complimentary movie tickets every month from Paytm.

No issues!

In CITIBank, the interest rate was extremely high; the interest rate needed to be reduced. They provided a sufficient credit limit, there are some annual fees, and I believe there is a Rs. 500 waiver. I'm getting money back on all of my purchases, and the process was incredibly simple.

Big Savings on Fuel

With sky-rocketing fuel prices, I needed a Credit Card that could help me save on this ever increasing expense of mine. The INDIANOIL AXIS BANK Credit Card was just what I needed. Helped me save big-time.

All-rounder Card

Choosing the MY ZONE Card was a very good decision as I got many vouchers with it! Plus the online process of applying for this Credit Card on Finserv MARKETS was very smooth. Highly recommended if you are looking for an all-in-one card.

Best Card for Savings on Fuel

I have been using the INDIANOIL AXIS BANK Credit Card for quite some time now and I must say this is your go-to card if you are looking to save on your fuel expenses. I was also extremely satisfied with Finserv MARKETS portal as my application got approved in just a few clicks.

Great Offers!

I have the NEO Credit Card and it has proved to be a complete all-rounder for me! I got discounts on shopping, movie tickets, and it was extremely easy to convert my spends into smaller EMIs. Applying on Finserv MARKETS was very simple. I am totally satisfied with this card.

Quick & Easy Process

I have taken MY ZONE Credit Card from Finserv MARKETS. I have just started using it and the best part is that I got an approval real quick and the application was very easy to fill.