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Features and Benefits of Citi Credit Card

Among the range of financial and banking services offered by Citibank, the credit card is one of the most sought-after products. Designed to cater to various types of spends such as dining, fuel, entertainment, travel, shopping, and more, each Citibank credit card offers several benefits. Not only can you use the card to avail cashless payments, but you can also earn reward points, enjoy discounts as well as cashback.

Key Citibank Credit Card Benefits and Feature

The Citi card benefits and features that make them stand out are mentioned below-

  • Contactless payments - 

Citi credit cards feature the contactless benefit, which makes it effortless to pay for purchases at terminals. If your bill is below INR 2,000, you can simply tap your card to pay. It is a safe, secure, and fast means of making purchases offline.

  • Rewards -

The Citibank card benefits also include the opportunity to earn rewards against purchases. The bank’s rewards catalog covers diverse categories ranging from accessories, apparel, departmental stores, travel, health and beauty, hotels and dining, and so on.

  • Save on Fuel Bills -

There are dedicated Citibank credit cards, which offer the opportunity to earn turbo points against fuel purchases. You can avail fuel surcharge waiver too when you use a Citibank credit card at Indian Oil outlets across the country.

  • Universal Recognition -

One of the best Citibank credit card benefits is its universal acceptance. This makes cashless buying across the globe, efficient and effortless.

  • Instant Loan Benefits -

There are specific Citi credit cards too that offer the advantage of availing a loan, instantly, against your credit card.

Top Benefits of Citi Credit Cards

The Citi credit card features vary from one card to another. Each card is carefully designed to offer specific benefits to suit one’s needs. Here is a list of some of the top Citibank credit cards along with their perks.

  • Citibank Cash Back Credit Card

This Citi credit card benefits you by letting you save on all your purchases. Using this card, you can earn cashback on movie ticket purchases as well on utility bill payments and other expenses. You can also avail discounts globally on dining expenses. The card also lets you enjoy shopping discounts across the different partner stores.

  • Citibank Rewards Credit Card

The benefits of this Citi card include welcome rewards, bonus rewards on milestone spends as well as 10X rewards every time you shop at departmental and apparel stores. Even better, the points earned on the card never expire and you get to make the most of the bank’s flexible rewards program by redeeming points against cashback, discounts on merchandise, air miles, etc. The card also offers the contactless advantage which makes payments easy and fast.

  • Citi PremierMiles Credit Card

This card best matches the needs of frequent travelers. As a welcome gift, you get 10000 miles on the card, with additional miles on card renewal. On every online and offline purchase worth INR 100 you also get 4 miles. The miles on the card can be accumulated and redeemed later for flight bookings. The card also gives you access to domestic and international airport lounges along with deals and discounts locally as well as in 90 other countries. You can also enjoy exclusive deals on hotel stays, flight tickets, and car hires.

  • Citibank IndianOil Credit Card

This is a dedicated fuel credit card that is designed to help you save significantly on fuel purchases. Leveraging the partnership between Citibank and IndianOil, the card can be used to enjoy a 1% fuel surcharge waiver across all IndianOil outlets nationwide. For every INR 150 spent at authorized Indian Oil outlets and grocery stores you also earn turbo points. On achieving milestone spends on the card in the membership year, the annual fees on the card are waived off. You can also avail instant loans on the card as well as avail contactless benefit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️What are the features of Citi credit card?

    The Citi credit card features include contactless payment, universal acceptance, the opportunity to earn rewards and redeem them against a diverse rewards catalog, earn turbo points and enjoy surcharge waiver against fuel purchases, and avail instant loans.

  • ✔️How are Citibank credit cards beneficial for international transactions?

    One of the top benefits of Citi credit cards is their universal acceptance owing to the brand’s multinational presence. As a result, cashless payments at international merchant locations become effortless. Also, there are several deals and discounts that can be availed in over 90 countries using Citibank credit cards.