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Citi Credit Card Interest Rates

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What is the Citi Credit Card Interest Rate?

The interest rate of the Citibank credit card is 3.75% p.m. or 45.00% p.a.


If you have a Citibank credit card, you are given an interest-free period on your transactions, which means you need to repay the outstanding amount before the due date. However, if you fail to pay or delay the payment of the total due amount on time, then you have to pay interest, also known as finance charges, on the due amount. 

What are the Interest Rates of Top Citi Credit Cards?

The Citi card interest rates for the top credit cards offered by the bank are mentioned below:-

Credit card Type

Citi Credit Card Interest Rate

Citi Cash Back Credit Card

3.75% per month (45.00% annually)

Citi Rewards Credit Card

3.75% per month (45.00% annually)

Citi PremierMiles Card

3.75% per month (45.00% annually)

IndianOil Citi Credit Card

3.75% per month (45.00% annually)

Citi Prestige Credit Card

3.75% per month (45.00% annually)

In case of failure in payment of the Minimum Amount Due (MAD) on the last credit card statement before the due date, the Citi credit card charges an interest rate of 3.75% per month (or 45.00% annually) and will apply till three months after the payment is made in full.

In case of availing revolving credit facility, the outstanding balance of the last statement will keep accruing interest till the date when it is paid in full, including any EMIs pending on the card.

When is the Citi Credit Card Interest Rate Charged?

Finance charges are levied on your Citibank credit card under the following circumstances-

  • You pay only the minimum amount due on your Citibank credit card.

  • The amount you pay is lower than the outstanding due on your card.

  • You do not make your Citibank credit card bill payment.

  • You withdraw cash from an ATM using your Citibank credit card.

  • You buy items on Citi credit card EMI.

How is Citi Credit Card Interest Rate Calculated?

The Citibank credit card interest is calculated using the below-mentioned formula-

(Total number of days between two payments x Amount due x Interest rate per annum) ÷ total number of days in a year

To understand this in a simpler way, let us take the help of an example.

Last statement generated on date


Total amount due after the minimum amount due is cleared


Next payment made on the date


Days passed


Amount paid in the next installment


Total amount payable-

₹3000 (₹6000 – ₹3000)

Next purchase date


Days passed


Amount spent on the purchase


Total amount pending on the card

₹5000 (₹3000 – ₹2000)

Next statement generation date


Interest rate- 42.00 per cent annually

i) Interest charged for the period between 17.10.2020 and 25.10.2020

(7 x 6000 x 42.00%) ÷ 365= ₹48.33

ii) Interest charged for the period between 25.10.2020 and 29.10.2020

(5 x 3000 x 42.00%) ÷ 365= ₹17.26

iii) Interest charged for the period between 30.10.2020 and 17.11.2020

(19 x 5000 x 42.00%) ÷ 365= ₹109.32

Total interest charged in the next statement is ₹174.91 (₹48.33 + ₹17.26 + ₹109.32)

What is the Citi Credit Card Interest-Free Period?

The interest-free period provided by Citibank ranges between 17 to 47 days. Moreover, they also provide a grace period of up to 3 days after the due date. During this grace period, the customers are not required to pay any interest charges on their expenditures. The interest-free period available on the credit card to help people in their purchase depends on the date of statement generation and the due payment date.

The following example will help you get a clear understanding of the Citi credit card no interest period:

Take, for example, the date of statement generation is 15th September, and the due date is 2nd October. Now, if you use your credit card to make any purchase on 16th August, you will get an interest-free period of 47 days. (i.e., from 16th August to 2nd October, which comes to 47 days.)

Whereas, if you use your card to shop on 15th September, then you will have an interest-free period of just 17 days. (i.e., from 15th September to 2nd October, which comes to 17 days)

How to Avoid Citibank Credit Card Interest Rate?

You can follow the given tips to avoid paying the Citibank credit card interest rate:-

  • Pay off your total due balance every month

The simplest way to evade the Citi credit card interest rate is by paying your due amount by the end of each billing cycle, i.e., on or before the statement's due date. You can also set up calendar reminders or schedule an auto-repayment to reduce the chances of delay.

  • Take advantage of the interest-free period:-

During the Citi credit card no interest period, you need not pay interest charges on your transactions. It's noteworthy that the interest-free period is not applicable if you fail to repay the total due amount by the end of the due date

  • Avoid cash advances

As the cash advance does not come under a purchase that's why the interest-free period does not apply in such a case. You should consider withdrawing cash only in a very urgent situation. Cash withdrawal is not at all recommended as it is bound to be charged with interest.


The different payment methods which can be used to clear the due payments so that we are able to avoid the Citi card interest rate are as follows:-

  • Online payment: You can log in to Citibank's official website, Net Banking, or the mobile app and carry out your credit card due amount payment. You can also pay through a bank account of other banks; you just need to choose the EPAY facility on the website and complete the payment using other banks' credit/debit cards.

  • Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) / National Automated Clearing House (NACH): This payment method can be used to schedule a standing instruction for MAD or TA from any other bank account.

  • Standing instructions: You can use the options available in your Citibank net banking portal to schedule a standing instruction to clear your credit card bill payment on a specific date on a monthly basis. In this option, the maximum payable amount can be modified so that only an amount up to that value is paid.

  • NEFT: You can pay your due amount using any non-Citibank account by using the NEFT facility to transfer the money.

  • Cheque or Demand Draft: You submit a cheque against your credit card number and submit it in the cheque box of your nearest Citibank.

Which Transactions of Citibank Credit Card are levied with Interest Charges?

The following Citibank credit card Transactions are charged with interest rates:-

  • When the minimum due amount is not cleared by the due date, charges like late fees and other dues are levied.

  • When the credit card is used to avail cash advances, these transactions attract a higher interest rate.

  • When your credit card is used for payment in an international location, then additional finance charges need to be paid.

FAQs about Citibank Credit Card Interest Rates

  • ✔️What happens if I can't pay my Citibank credit card bill?

    In case of non-payment of Citibank credit card by the due date, you need to pay a late fee. The bank charges this late fee in your next credit card bill.

  • ✔️What is the Citi credit card interest rate on cash advances?

    For cash advances, you need to charge 2.5% on the amount withdrawn; this is subject to a minimum of Rs. 500.

  • ✔️Will I be charged a late fee if I pay the minimum amount due?

    No, if you pay the minimum due amount within three days after the due date, late fees will not be charged. Post this period late fee is charged.