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Citibank Credit Card Rejection

Citi credit card application rejected status implies that your application for a Citi credit card has not been approved. The reason for this would be your inability to meet the bank’s rigorous eligibility criteria for credit cards. While the bank may or may not provide the reason for Citi credit card rejection, you can reach out to Citi credit card customer care to retrieve more information regarding your application.

Reasons for Citi Credit Card Application Rejection

Citi credit card reject status can be displayed against your application for any one or more of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Low credit score

  • Lack of stable employment

  • Insufficient monthly income

  • Employment in a delisted private company

  • Not meeting the age limit criteria

  • Address of residence in the defaulter list

  • Possession of multiple credit cards already

  • Credit report issues

  • Frequent applications for new credit cards

Citi Credit Card Application Rejection Criteria

If your Citi credit card application is rejected, it could be because one or more of the below-mentioned criteria:

1) Low Credit Score

A good credit score is mandatory for owning a Citibank credit card. A score of 750 and above is considered excellent to apply for a credit card. Such a score is calculated based on your regularity in paying your credit card bills and loan EMIs. If the bank finds your credit score to be too low, it may lead to your Citi credit card application getting rejected.

2) Unstable Employment

If you have changed jobs too many times and within short periods of time, the bank may develop an impression that you are not dependable and can reject your application.

3) Insufficient Monthly Income

The minimum monthly income requirement for owning a Citi credit card varies from one credit card type to another. However, in case your salary is below ₹25,000, the bank may reject your credit card application due to insufficient income.

4) Employment in a Delisted Private Company

In case you are employed in a company that does not fall within the bank’s list of approved employers, the bank may perceive your job to be unsecured in nature and reject your Citi credit card application.

5) Age Not Within the Prescribed Limit

To apply for a Citibank credit card, one must be between 23 and 60 years of age. Failing to be within the age limit may lead to your credit card application being rejected. Check the Citi credit card eligibility criteria before applying.

6) Residential Address in the Defaulter List

Citi credit card rejection can also occur if your residential address mentioned in the application falls in the defaulter list.

7) Ownership of Multiple Credit Cards

The credit report throws light on the number of credit cards one owns. If the bank finds that you already own too many credit cards, it might reject your Citi credit card application.

8) Issues on Your Credit Report

If your credit history has issues such as late payments, discrepancies, defaults, etc., where the lender has settled your account on its own, Citibank may reject your application. In such cases, terms such as ‘Settled’ or ‘Written-off’ are used, which indicate that you were unable to repay your past debts.

9) Frequent Credit Card Applications

If you apply for a credit card multiple times over a relatively short period, your credit card application can be rejected. This is because an increased frequency of applications creates an impression with the bank that you are unable to handle your finances well and always require additional funds.

FAQs on Citi Credit Card Rejection

✔️Why was my Citibank card application declined?

Your Citibank credit card application can get rejected if you have a low credit score, do not have stable employment, do not earn enough, are employed in a delisted private company, reside in an address mentioned in the defaulter list, do not fall within the age limit, have a poor credit history (or errors in the credit report), own multiple cards already, or make frequent applications for new credit cards.

✔️Is it hard to get approved for a Citi card?

No, as long as you meet the card-specific eligibility criteria, the chances of you getting approved for a Citi credit card are very high. You can know more about Citi credit card eligibility on the Bajaj Markets website/app.

✔️Are there any Citibank ‘no-rejection’ credit cards?

No, Citibank has the exclusive rights to accept or reject your credit card application based on your credit profile and candidacy. You must meet the card-specific eligibility criteria to improve your chances of easily getting approved. You can know more about Citibank credit cards on Bajaj Markets.

✔️Does a Citi credit card application get rejected in spite of having a good credit score?

Apart from your credit score, several other factors determine whether your Citi credit card application will get rejected or approved. These include your employment status, income, nature of employment, and owned credit cards, among others.

✔️What does Citi credit card status ‘disapproved’ mean?

Citi credit card application rejected or disapproved status implies that your application for Citi credit card has not been approved. This occurs when your application is unable to meet the essential approval parameters as laid out by Citibank.