Citi SMS Banking

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About Citi SMS Banking

With the introduction of SMS Banking, Citibank provides customers with an alternate way to banking. Using this service allows customers to perform any banking transactions 24x7 from any mobile device without the need to actually visit a branch. Through this service, customers can not only conduct various financial and banking transactions like cheque book requests through SMS, transfer funds via SMS but also check account balance or even find out any credit card-related information with just an SMS.

Reasons to Use Citi SMS Banking

The main objectives for using Citi SMS Banking are as follows:

  • You can request for any banking related information by just using your mobile phone

  • It is hassle free as there is no need to separately register or submit any documents for this service

  • ·All you need to have is an SMS facility on your mobile device

Steps to Register for Citibank SMS Banking

It is quite simple to register for Citibank SMS Banking, as no documents are required

  • Step 1: Firstly, login to your Citibank net banking or call CitiPhones to register your mobile number

  • Step 2: Next, send an SMS with the related keyword, a space and then the last four digits of your Debit or Credit Card number

Your number will now be registered for Citibank SMS Banking

Features of Citi SMS Banking

  • This service is available to all the Citibank customers who have registered for SMS banking

  • You can track your accounts 24x7 by just using your mobile device

  • With this service, you are in a position to detect any unauthorized transactions in your account

  • You can conduct multiple banking transactions like request for balance, nearest ATM, duplicate account statement, OTP(One Time Password), and a lot more

  • You can also get notified about any credit card information such as available limits, outstanding bills, latest statements etc.

Services Available with Citibank SMS Banking

A host of services can be availed by registering for Citibank SMS Banking. To avail of a particular service, the customer needs to type an SMS and send it to the Citibank SMS Banking number. Here are a few examples:


SMS format

Information available

Enquire about the account balance

BAL<space>Last 4 digits of your debit card number

This SMS helps you get the latest balance in your savings account

Nearest ATM


Helps you get information on the nearest Citibank ATM in your locality

Duplicate account Statement

DUPSTAT<space>Last 4 digits of your debit card number

Provides you with a duplicate monthly statement that will be delivered to your email or mailing address, as requested

Request for a new chequebook

CHQBOOK<space>Last 4 digits of your debit card number

Lets you order a new cheque book with 50 leaflets that will be sent to the registered mailing address

One time password (OTP)

OTP<space>Last 4 digits of your debit card number

Provides you with an OTP required for online transactions

Salary Credit

SAL<space>Last 4 digits of your debit card number

Helps you get information on the last salary credited to your Citibank account

Reward points from credit card

REWARDS<space>Last 4 digits of your credit card number

Lets you get the information on the latest credit card reward points available on your credit card

Outstanding balance and credit limit

CARDBAL<space>Last 4 digits of your credit card number

Helps you get information related to your credit card balance and the available cash and credit card limit for the customer

Statement + Amount due + Minimum due

STMT<space>Last 4 digits of your credit card number

Provides you with all the information on your credit card statement, the minimum amount due to be paid as well as the total amount

Citibank SMS Banking Charges

Citibank offers the SMS Banking service to all its customers for free. However, it is to be noted that any SMS sent to the numbers 52484 or +919880752484 may be charged by some mobile companies. Customers can check the details on the SMS charges with their respective operators.

FAQs about Citibank SMS Banking Charges

  • ✔️What do I need to access Citibank SMS Banking?

    To access your Citibank SMS banking service, all you need is a Citibank Debit or Credit card along with a mobile number that is registered with the bank

  • ✔️How do I access my account through Citi SMS Banking?

    To access your account information simply send an SMS with the corresponding keyword followed by a space and the last four digits of your Debit / Credit Card number.