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Modes of Contacting Credit Card Customer Care

Credit cards make transactions easy and rewarding. However, if your credit card is lost, if you need assistance understanding its features and benefits, want to rectify a purchase you did not make, or simply provide feedback, you can reach out to your bank’s credit card customer care. Some of the popular methods of contacting customer care are by phone, email, and social media. Read on to know more.

Credit Card Customer Care Numbers and Email IDs

The credit card customer care helpline numbers and email IDs of some of the best credit cards are as follows:

Credit Card

Credit Card Customer Care Number

Email ID

Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard

+91 22 7119 0900

RBL Bank Credit Card

+91 22 6232 7777

1 800 121 9050

Axis Bank Credit Card

1 860 419 5555

1 860 500 5555

+91 22 6798 7700

State Bank of India Credit Card

1 860 180 1290

1 860 500 1290

1 800 180 1290

Citibank Credit Card

1 860 210 2484 (local)

+91 22 4955 2484 (international)

HDFC Credit Card*

<Local STD Code>6160 6161

<Local STD Code>6160 616

YES Bank Credit Card*

1 800 103 1212 (local)

+91 22 4935 0000 (international)

ICICI Bank Credit Card

1 860 120 7777

<Local STD Code> 3366 7777

+91 40714 03333 (Domestic customers who are travelling overseas)

American Express Credit Card*

1 800 419 2122


Bank of Baroda Credit Card*

1 800 258 4455

1 800 102 4455

1 800 103 1002 (Eterna Credit Card)

1 800 22 5100 (CMA One credit card, ICAI EXCLUSIVE credit card, and ICSI Diamond credit card)

Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card*

1 860 266 2666

Disclaimer: *The bank is not a Bajaj MARKETS’ partner. Offers would be from partner banks/NBFCs only.

Credit Card Customer Care Social Media Handles

Another popular and easy way to contact your bank’s help centre is via their social media handles. The social media handles for some of the top banks are mentioned below:





RBL Bank

Axis Bank

State Bank of India



HDFC Bank*


Bank of Baroda*


Kotak Mahindra Bank*

Disclaimer: *The bank is not a Bajaj MARKETS’ partner. Offers would be from partner banks/NBFCs only.

Services Offered by Credit Card Customer Care

Customer service exists to help you with any queries about your credit card. The following grievances can be addressed by calling the credit card customer service number or reaching out to them via email:

  • A credit card helpline number or email can aid in an inquiry regarding your account’s balance and/or credit dues.

  • It can help in learning how much credit card limit or cash limit is available to you.

  • By calling the credit card toll-free number, you can get your e-statement for the current month as well as prior e-statement(s).

  • It can also be used to file credit card complaints in cases if your credit card is lost or to close a credit card.

  • A credit card toll-free number can also be called to know the status of your last credit payment or to check credit card balance or to enquire about credit card address change.

  • To request a duplicate credit card statement.

  • A credit card customer care toll-free number can help you learn about your credit card reward points too.

What do you Need to Contact Credit Card Customer Care

Customer service normally requires certain details about your card to help you. So, when you call your credit card’s customer service number, be prepared with these few items:

  • The last four digits of your credit card’s sixteen-digit card number

  • Your DOB in the DDMMYYYY format

  • Your credit card’s date of expiry

  • The mobile number registered with the bank on which the OTP will be sent to confirm your authenticity.

If your issue remains unanswered or unresolved, you can escalate the matter to the senior officers. As per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines of April 29, 2022, every bank in the country is required to have a grievance redressal mechanism in place. However, do note that you would need to follow the specific steps for grievance redressal offered by your bank to escalate and resolve the issue. In case your issue is not addressed satisfactorily, you can approach the Office of the Banking Ombudsman appointed by the RBI.

If you want to enjoy the many benefits a credit card offers, you should apply for a credit card today!

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FAQs on Credit Card Customer Care

✔️How do I contact customer service for a credit card?

In case you need any assistance with your credit card, here are the credit card customer care contact numbers for some of the top banks:

Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard: +91 22 7119 0900

RBL Credit Card: +91 22 6232 7777 or 1800 121 9050

Axis Bank Credit Card: 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 5555 or 022 6798 7700

SBI Credit Card: 1860 180 1290 or 1860 500 1290 or 1800 180 1290

Citibank Credit Card: 1860 210 2484 (local) or +91 22 4955 2484 (international)

HDFC Credit Card: 6160 6161 or 6160 616 (local STD code as prefix)

YES Bank Credit Card: 1800 103 1212 (local) or +91 22 4935 0000 (international)

ICICI Credit Card: 1860 120 7777 or 3366 7777 (local STD code as prefix)/ +91 40714 03333 (Domestic customers who are travelling overseas)

American Express Credit Card: 1800 419 2122

✔️How do I complain about a credit card?

To complain about your credit card, you can call your bank’s credit card customer care number, send an email, or reach out via social media. Some banks also offer the option of resolving common credit card queries via SMS or missed call service. In case you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you can escalate your complaint via the bank’s grievance redressal system.

✔️What issues can be resolved by contacting credit card customer care?

You can contact credit card customer care to report and block your credit card, know your total and available credit limit, seek information about credit card dues, request a duplicate credit card statement, lodge credit card complaints, and understand reward points and benefits among a host of other services.

✔️How to hotlist a credit card through customer care?

If your credit card is lost or stolen, you can contact the credit card customer care of the issuing bank and block your card. For example, if you want to hotlist your Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, you can call on +91 22 7119 0900 and block your card. In cases where a phone call is not possible, you can also hotlist your card via email. However, since actioning on emails can take time, it is recommended that you try and call first.