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What is a Loan on Credit Card

Loan on credit card is offered on specific credit cards and is linked to the card limit. There are certain terms and conditions for getting a credit card loan. Credit cards that come with a loan feature prove extremely convenient when you are in urgent need of funds.

How to Apply for a Loan Against Credit Card

You can apply online for a credit card loan only if your card is registered for net banking.
To register your card, log into net banking and follow the steps given below

  • Click on the cards tab

  • Select the ‘Transact’ menu on the left

  • Select ‘Register New Card’

  • Fill in the details and click ‘Submit’.

If you want to apply offline for a loan against a credit card, visit your nearest bank branch.

Features of a Credit Card Loan

  • Only basic documentation is required

  • Easy-to-fulfil eligibility criteria

  • Emergency access to cash

Eligibility Parameters for Getting a Credit Card Loan

A credit card loan is offered to select cardholders only. To be eligible for the credit card loan facility, you would need to have a stellar credit history, a good credit score, and a consistent, reliable spending and repayment pattern. If you are regular with your credit card bill payments and do not carry over any outstanding dues, the chances of you securing a loan against your credit card will be higher.

Documents Required for a Credit Card Loan

Identity Proof: (any one of the below)

  • Aadhaar Card

  • PAN Card

  • Driving Licence

  • Voter ID Card

  • Passport

Address Proof: (any one of the below)

  • Electricity bill

  • Ration card

  • Passport

  • Driving Licence

  • Telephone bill

  • Last two months’ bank statement

  • Voter ID

Income Proof: (any one of the below)

  • Latest payslip

  • Form 16

  • Income Tax Return statement

Age Proof: (any one of the below)

  • Tenth standard school certificate

  • Birth Certificate

  • Passport

  • Voter ID card

Other Documents

  • PAN card photocopy

  • Form 60 (in case you do not hold a PAN)

Personal Loan on Credit Card

If you want to get a personal loan on a credit card, then you should have a good payment history, transaction pattern and also, a good track record with respect to your credit card spending.

To Apply:

  • Log in to your internet banking account or mobile app and make your application in the credit card section.

  • Call customer care

The fund transfer to the customer's account usually takes place within 3-4 working days. In case a customer opts for a demand draft mode of transfer, the demand draft delivery can be expected within 7 working days.

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FAQs about Credit Card Loan

✔️Can I get an instant credit card loan?

Yes, many banks offer instant loans on credit cards and immediately transfer the funds to your bank account. 

✔️Will interest be charged on my credit card loan?

Yes, interest will be charged on a credit card loan.

✔️Is a loan on a credit card different from cash withdrawal using a credit card?

Yes, a CC loan is different from a credit card cash withdrawal. The cash withdrawal limit on credit cards is lower than the amount that can be borrowed as a loan. Also, the interest rate on CC loans is lower than the interest applicable in the case of a cash withdrawal using a credit card.

✔️How much loan can I get on a credit card?

Different banks have their own caps with regards to loans on credit cards. Some of these amounts are mentioned below:

  • HDFC Bank: Maximum loan amount of ₹5 Lakhs

  • IDBI Bank: Minimum loan amount of Rs. 50,000. Maximum loan amount of ₹5 Lakhs

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank: Maximum loan amount of ₹5 Lakhs

✔️Is it good to take a loan on a credit card?

Loan against credit card is an excellent option for those who need immediate cash to deal with an urgent and unpredictable personal situation.