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What are the Different Types of Credit Cards

India has several different lenders who offer credit cards and different categories of credit cards offered. However, a few of the categories have emerged to be popular and common categories of credit cards. Read below to learn about the most common credit card types in India.

  • Fuel Credit Cards

  • Credit Cards for Women

  • Contactless Credit Cards

  • Travel Credit Cards

  • Co-branded Credit Cards

  • Cashback Credit Cards

  • Entertainment Credit Cards

  • Business Credit Cards

  • Lifestyle Credit Cards

  • Premium/Signature Credit Cards

1. Travel Credit Card

Earn redeemable reward points, complimentary access to VIP Airport Lounges,  and discounts on airline, bus, and rail tickets with a travel credit card.

2. Fuel Credit Card

You can reduce your total transportation costs by saving on your fuel expenses throughout the year with a fuel credit card and get fuel surcharge waivers.

  • HDFC Bharat Cashback Credit Card

3. Rewards Credit Card

Earn accelerated and redeemable reward points to enjoy discounts on specific transactions or purchases.

4. Shopping Credit Card

Get cashback and discount vouchers by shopping at our online and offline partner stores with shopping credit cards.

5. Business Credit Card

Business credit cards are helpful in meeting expenditure in order to expand or grow the business. Some of the best business credit cards in India include:

  • Axis Bank My Business Credit Card

6. Student Credit Card

Targetted at college students, student credit cards are an ideal tool for meeting college-related expenditures. Students above the age of 18 years can apply for these kinds of credit cards and enjoy features such as rewards, interest-free periods, and immense discounts. Some of the best student credit cards in India are:

7. Cashback Credit Card

Cashback credit cards offer cashback ranging from 5-20% on transactions made through the credit card. These cards usually offer fuel surcharge waivers, rewards, reversal of annual fees, etc. Some of the best cashback credit cards in India are:

8. Lifestyle Credit Card

The benefits of lifestyle credit cards are curated to ensure maximum savings while using these credit cards. These cards usually offer rewards, discounts, and other benefits on shopping, dining, and even travelling. Some of the best lifestyle credit cards in India are:

9. Entertainment Credit Card

Entertainment credit cards are best used for availing discounts, rewards, and other benefits on movies, dining, golf, or even travel. Some of the best entertainment credit cards in India are:


  • Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card

10. Shopping Credit Card 

Get cashback and discount vouchers by shopping at our online and offline partner stores with shopping credit cards.


Find the Best Credit Card For Yourself

To find the best card for yourself from among the various credit card types, it is important to assess your requirements and the best features offered by the different cards. You can then make a choice based on those considerations. You can head to Bajaj MARKETS, where you can compare different credit cards and avail the best benefits on whichever one you choose. 

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✔️What are the Eight Different Categories of Credit Cards?

 The eight different categories of credit cards include fuel credit cards, entertainment credit cards, lifestyle credit cards, business credit cards, contactless credit cards, credit cards for women, cashback credit cards, and co-branded credit cards.

✔️Which is the best credit card for fuel?

IndianOil CitiBank Platinum Credit Card and IndianOil CitiBank Titanium Credit Card are among the best credit cards for fuel.

✔️Which is the best credit card for online shopping?

 Lifestyle credit cards such as the Axis Bank Signature Credit Card are often considered the best credit cards for online shopping.