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What is Credit Card Validity

Credit card companies provide a validity or expiry date to let the user know how long they can use the cards to make transactions. This is done to replace older cards that have endured wear and tear with regular use, to update card technology, as well as to avoid credit card frauds by providing an additional level of security.

How to Find Your Credit Card Expiration Date?

Your credit card validity period will be listed in the MM/YY format, and will often be next to the credit card’s activation date. It is listed either on the front or the back of your credit card. Additionally ,the credit card is active until the last day of the month mentioned on your card. 

For instance, if your credit card has 03/24 as its expiration period, it means that your credit card validity is until the end of March 2024. When you get a credit card, it is essential to note the credit card validity as this is the date after which your credit card will not be active. 

Simply put, post this date, your current credit card validity is over, and you must replace your existing card. Generally, issuers send a replacement card to your registered address before your current credit card validity ends. However, some require you to apply for renewal. In any case, it’s best to contact your bank and know the current policy.

What to do When Your Credit Card Expires

Your physical credit card is only valid till the expiration month mentioned on it. To ensure a smooth transition, most banks allow you to use the card until the end of the month. As banks regularly track credit card validity, they will automatically process your need for a new credit card approximately 30 to 60 days prior to your credit card expiry date, unless you close your account. You would also get the card couriered to your registered address before the current card is rendered invalid. The new card will have a different credit card expiry date and CVV number; in most cases, the credit card number may stay the same.


Do note that some banks may require you to apply for credit card renewal online or by visiting the branch. It is therefore wise to check with your bank about the card renewal policy.

Importance of Credit Card Expiry

1. Regular Card Use Leads to Wear and Tear

In the three to four years that your card is valid, it gets used several times. As a result, the plastic may undergo certain wear and tear. Any scratch or abrasion on the chip might lead to non-functioning of the card at PoS or ATMs after a certain point. Hence, it benefits to get a brand new valid CC after a certain period.

2. Security Against Fraud

Along with a valid credit card number and CVV, your credit card expiry date also needs to be provided while making online credit card transactions. Oftentimes, websites store this data in the system. If, by some misfortune, fraudsters get access to such sensitive information, it could lead to several credit card frauds on your account. However, when your card expires, banks provide you with a replacement card with a new CVV and expiry date, rendering the previous card data on your account invalid. This, in a way, helps avoid any potential credit card scams.

3. Newer, Advanced Features

A lot of banks constantly upgrade their products to provide maximum security. Thus, with a new valid CC, you can expect to get advanced security features such as smart chips or EMVs to protect your credit card information.

4. Works as a Marketing Strategy for Banks

For inactive users, the brand new credit card with an upgraded logo and attractive design acts as a reminder to use the card. Some banks also use the opportunity to market new deals, account upgrades, and other credit card benefits with a new card. This can lead to the customer signing up for an add on credit card or a completely new and upgraded credit card that falls in the elite or privilege category.

Things to Remember About Credit Card Validity

Here are a few things to remember when it comes to the validity of your credit card:

  • The credit card expiry date is only related to the physical card and not the credit card account.

  • The new valid CC that is delivered in place of your existing card will have the same credit card limit and outstanding balance.

  • Sometimes, banks update their terms and conditions upon renewing a credit card. Make sure you look out for any such updates.

  • You might need to generate a new credit card PIN to operate the card.

FAQs on Credit Card Validity

✔️How long is a credit card valid for?

Typically, a credit card is valid for three years. However, this may vary from bank to bank.

✔️How do you extend credit card validity?

The bank provides a valid credit card number, CVV, and expiry date when issuing the card. You cannot extend this validity on your own. You can only use the card till the end of the credit card expiry month. However, banks generally send a new card 30-60 days prior to your credit card expiry date for your convenience. 

✔️Does credit on a credit card expire?

No, when your credit card validity expires, only the physical card is rendered invalid, while your account remains active. You can access the same account with your new replacement credit card.

✔️Do credit cards expire every 3 years?

The credit card validity depends on the policies of the issuer and may last anywhere between 3-4 years.