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Pay Credit Card Bill Through Paytm

As credit cards become one of the commonest as well as easiest payment tools across India, the modes of paying their bills have evolved as well. Today, you can pay your credit card bills through netbanking, mobile banking, and even certain third-party apps. For instance, if you have ever wondered, “How to pay credit card bills through Paytm?,” you will be glad to know that it is an extremely simple process. 

The ability to make credit card payments through Paytm has definitely made things a lot simpler. For instance, the bills of credit cards availed through Bajaj MARKETS can be paid off through Paytm, which means all your processes can be completed online without you ever having to visit a branch. 

Paytm Options for Paying Credit Card Bills

Using Paytm for making credit card bill payments has never been easier. There are several ways you can pay bills through Paytm. Read on to learn more. 

1. Netbanking:

You can use netbanking to make bill payments for your credit card through Paytm.


You can enter your UPI details into Paytm to make your credit card bill payments.

3. Paytm Payments Bank:

By opting for Paytm Payments Bank, you can avail debit card-enabled current and savings accounts to make credit card bill payments

How to Make Credit Card Payments through Paytm

Knowing how to pay credit card bills from Paytm wallet will make paying your credit card bills in the future extremely simple. You can save a lot of time and energy by making the payment in between your regular tasks and even while you are traveling. 

Read on below to learn how to pay credit card bills through Paytm wallet balance. 

  • Step 1: Head to the Paytm mobile app and click on ‘credit card’ on the home page.

  • Step 2: Enter the details of your credit card number and select the issuer of the card.

  • Step 3: Enter the bill amount and click on ‘Proceed.’

  • Step 4: Select your bank through which you wish to make the credit card payment and click on ‘Pay Now.’

  • Step 5: You will be required to enter your UPI pin, post which the payment will be completed.

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FAQs about Paytm Credit Card Bill Payment

✔️Can we pay our credit card bill through Paytm postpaid?

You can use Paytm Postpaid to pay your credit card bills, but only if the amount is below ₹ 60,000.

✔️Does Paytm Postpaid increase CIBIL score?

If you default on your Paytm Postpaid repayment, it will be considered a default and will impact your CIBIL score.

✔️Which credit cards can be used to make payments on Paytm?

Paytm accepts a wide range of credit as well as debit cards on its platform. You can use pretty much any card to make payments on the platform, including Diners, Visa, Amex, Rupay, and Master.

✔️Why should I pay my credit card bills with Paytm?

There are several benefits to paying your credit card bills via Paytm, some of which have been listed below.

  1. Your payments can be made quickly and securely..

  2. You receive special vouchers and loyalty cashback offers for making payments via the Paytm app.

  3. Your card or netbanking account details used for making payments through Paytm are stored on the application, which means that the repayment process will be significantly faster the next time you wish to make a payment. 

  4. By using Paytm, you can opt for alerts for the next time the due date of your credit card repayment is approaching

✔️How can I check my credit score using Paytm?

Like all other tools that Paytm offers, checking the credit score on the app is also extremely simple and quick. Read on below to learn how you can check your credit score using Paytm. 

  1. Log into the Paytm mobile application and head to “Loans and Credit Cards.”

  2. Click on “Free Credit Score.”

  3. You will receive your credit score for free through the application and you can now easily check on whether it needs to be improved or you can rest assured that your score is good enough for you to avail a loan or credit card easily.