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Kotak Credit Card

**Disclaimer: Kotak Mahindra Bank is not a Bajaj Markets partner. Offers would be from partner Banks/NBFCs only.

The Kotak Mahindra Bank offers a range of credit cards that are carefully designed keeping in mind the different financial needs of the new-age customers. Be it dining, movies, shopping, or travel, you can expect to earn attractive rewards when you use the card to transact. However, the type of benefits will depend on the credit card you opt for. To understand this better, let us take a look at the best Kotak credit card options.

How to Apply for Kotak Credit Cards

Once you have decided on the best Kotak credit card, you can go ahead and apply for it. Please note that Kotak credit cards are not available on the Bajaj Markets website. However, if you wish to apply for a Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card online, you can visit the bank’s website & follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official Kotak Bank website

  • Go to the ‘credit card’ section

  • Choose a credit card that best suits your needs

  • Click on ‘Apply’

Alternatively, you can also visit the nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank branch and request a bank executive to help you with the credit card application process.

Top Kotak Bank Credit Cards

Kotak Mahindra Bank offers different credit card (CC) types to choose from. To understand the offerings better, we have listed the Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card details below. We have also mentioned the applicable fees and ideal spending category against each card so that it is easier for you to get the best, new Kotak credit card for yourself.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card 

Best Suited For


811 #DreamDifferent Credit Card

  • Annual Fee: Nil
  • Joining Fee: Nil

Low Fees

  • Earn 2 reward points per ₹100 spent online

  • Earn 1 reward point per ₹100 on other spends, apart from fuel, railway, and cash withdrawal

  • Earn 500 bonus reward points against card activation and spends worth ₹5,000 within 45 days of card issuance

Fortune Gold Credit Card

  • Annual Fee: Nil
  • Joining Fee: Nil

Low Fees

  • Get 4 PVR tickets against yearly milestone spends of ₹1,50,000

  • Enjoy fuel surcharge waiver against fuel transactions between ₹500 and ₹3,000

League Platinum Credit Card

  • Annual Fee: ₹499
  • Joining Fee: ₹500

Rewards, Shopping

  • Get 10,000 Reward Points or 4 PVR tickets against milestone spends of ₹1,25,000 every six months

  • On every ₹150 spent across all categories, earn up to 8X Reward Points

  • On retail spends of ₹50,000 in a year, the joining fee is waived off

Essentia Platinum Credit Card

  • Annual Fee: ₹749
  • Joining Fee: ₹1,499

Rewards, High Value, Shopping

  • Earn 10 Saving Points against every ₹100 spent at Departmental and Grocery Stores (1 Saving Point = ₹1)

  • Earn 1 Saving Point per ₹250 spent on other categories

  • Get 6 free PVR tickets or 1,200 Reward Points on spends worth ₹1,25,000 every 6 months

Delight Platinum Credit Card

  • Annual Fee: ₹299
  • Joining Fee: ₹1,999

Cashback, High Value

  • On spends worth ₹10,000 in a month, get 10% cashback on dining and movies

  • On spends worth ₹1,25,000 every 6 months, get 4 free PVR tickets or ₹750 as cashback


Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required for Kotak Credit Card

1. Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: If you are a primary credit cardholder, you must be between 21 years to 65 years. If you wish to apply for an  add-on credit card, you should be at least 18 years of age.

  • Residence: You should be an Indian resident based out of Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi (including Gurgaon and Noida), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.

  • Income:  You must match the income requirements of the specific card you are applying for (minimum ₹3 lakh annual).

2. Documents Required

  • Identity Proof: A copy of the PAN card along with the Aadhaar card, Voter’s ID, passport, driving licence, or any other government-approved photo ID card

  • Address Proof: A copy of either your Aadhaar card, passport, Voter’s ID, driving license, latest utility bills, rent agreement, municipal tax receipt, property tax receipt, or an official document issued by the state or central governments with the updated address.

  • Income Proof:

    1. For salaried individuals: Bank statements showing credit of salary for the last 3 months and salary slips for the last 3 months. 

    2. For self-employed individuals: The latest record of your income tax return.

Note: Eligibility criterion and documents may vary with the credit card type. Do check out the card-specific requirements before applying.

Features and Benefits of Kotak Credit Cards

1. Reward Points

Reward points on milestone spends, retail expenses, online purchases, etc. You also get bonus reward points on some credit cards.

2. Credit Card Balance Transfer

You can transfer the outstanding balance on other cards to your Kotak credit card and enjoy the advantage of low interest rates and better debt management. You also get to enjoy a 90-day interest-free period when you avail credit card balance transfer.

3. Movie Tickets

On yearly milestone spends, you get free PVR movie tickets against certain credit cards.

4. Low/Nil Fees

Kotak Bank offers lifetime-free credit cards as well as cards that have very low joining and annual fees so that you don’t have to spend too much to enjoy the card’s unique benefits.

5. Surcharge Waivers

Several Kotak Bank credit cards offer fuel surcharge waivers as well as railway surcharge waivers so that you can save more when you use your card for fuel transactions and railway ticket bookings.

Fees and Charges on Kotak Credit Cards

The credit card fees and charges for Kotak Mahindra Bank are as follows:

  • Joining Fee/Annual Fee: Depends on the card type

  • Finance Charges: Usually 3.4% (annualised 40.8%; may vary based on the card type)

  • Late Payment Charges: ₹100 to ₹700 depending on the balance

  • Cash Withdrawal Charges (per ₹10,000): ₹300

  • Cash Payment Fee: ₹100

  • Replacement/ Reissue charge (per card): ₹100

  • Cheque Return Charges: ₹500

  • Foreign Currency Transaction Fee: 3.50%

Kotak Credit Card Rewards

Kotak Credit Cards rewards program ensures that you earn rewards and benefits against all your purchases. Be it shopping, dining, lifestyle, or travel, you are sure to maximise the value of your expenses. Once you have enough points accumulated, you can redeem them in the form of mobile recharge, discounts on shopping, e-vouchers, movie tickets, travel benefits, cashback, and more. However, the rewards tend to vary depending on the card you own. Do check out the charges associated with specific cards before applying.

How to Earn and Redeem Reward Points on Kotak Bank Credit Cards

Kotak Bank offers a variety of credit cards and each of it is tailored to meet the requirements of specific categories. You should be well informed when you choose a credit card and consider your requirements when you make the choice. Whether you are a frequent traveler or a frequent shopper, your requirements would be drastically different and so would be your choice of credit cards. By choosing the right Kotak Bank credit card for yourself, you can earn significant reward points. If you do not choose the right credit card, you may certainly miss out on reward points and other offers. 

While you should always judiciously use credit cards and not spend unnecessarily, you will be earning reward points almost everytime you make a purchase with your Kotak Bank credit card. Here are two types of reward points that you can earn:

  • Welcome Points: Most of the Kotak Bank credit card will offer you a welcome bonus at the time of your card is activated. The welcome bonus may not be instantly available to you and will be deposited after the first purchase is done or after a certain amount is spent on shopping within a set duration.

  • Daily Points: You will be offered reward points when you use your Kotak Bank credit card to make your daily purchases. You can earn extra reward points on specific purchases or bookings. To understand how you can earn more rewards points, you need to understand your card in a better way.

When you have earned enough reward points, you can redeem them. There are many things you can redeem your points for when you use your Kotak Bank credit card. Here are some popular reward redemption methods:

  • To Make Payments

When you make a purchase at a participating merchant outlet, you can use your Kotak Bank credit card points as a payment method instead of cash or a credit card.

  • To Buy Merchandise

There are a variety of rewards you can earn with your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card, including merchandise like movie tickets, cash, air miles, airline tickets, and mobile recharges.

  •  To Get Vouchers

Kotak Bank credit card holders also have the option to redeem their accumulated points to purchase air tickets. It is, however, advisable to be aware that the vouchers have a validity period of 180 days.

  • Cash Back

You can redeem your reward points by availing cash back option. In this way your reward points will be traded for cash and the amount will be deposited into your statement credit.

How to Track Kotak Card Application Status Online

Simply follow the below-mentioned steps to track the application for Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card online:

  • Step 1: Head to the official website of Kotak Mahindra Bank

  • Step 2: Once you reach the end of the page, click on the option ‘Track Application Status’.

  • Step 3: Next, click on the ‘Select Product’ option and choose ‘Credit Card’ from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 4: Here you have to punch in your mobile number or application form number and date of  birth and hit ‘Submit’ in order to track the application status of the Kotak Bank credit card.

  • Step 5: Finally, the application status will appear on the next page. 

You can also track the Kotak Bank credit card application by following these steps:


  • Step 1: Visit this URL:   

  • Step 2: Select product “Credit Card’

  • Step 3: Now you will have to select the identifier: Mobile number and Date of Birth (DOB) or Form Number or Application Reference Number

  • Step 4: If you have misplaced or forgotten any of these details, you can call Kotak Bank helpline at 18602662666 

  • Step 5: Helpline assistant will you assist you further and inform you about your Kotak Bank credit card application status 

Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card Customer Care

If you have any queries or unresolved grievances concerning your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card, you can contact Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card customer care on 1860 266 2666. The number is active all days of the week and can be accessed by people living in India. For international customers, the Kotak credit card customer care number is +91 22 6204 2001 (available 24x7). You can also send an email via the credit card help centre available on the Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card netbanking.

FAQs on Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card

✔️How can I get a credit card from Kotak Mahindra Bank?

Kotak Mahindra Bank credit cards are not available on the Bajaj MARKETS website currently. However, if you wish to get a Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card, you can apply for one online by visiting the bank’s website and filling in the application form. To apply for a credit card offline, you can fill up and submit the Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card application at the nearest bank branch.

✔️Which Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card is best?

Some of the best credit cards by Kotak Mahindra Bank are Zen Signature Credit Card, Mojo Platinum Credit Card, White Credit Card, Essentia Platinum Credit Card, Delight Platinum Credit Card, Urbane Gold Credit Card, Privy League Signature Credit Card, and NRI Royale Signature Credit Card.

✔️What is the minimum credit score required to apply for a Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card?

A high credit score of 750 or above is good enough to get approved for a Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card (CC). However, as the requirements vary depending on the credit card type, you may be able to secure a Kotak Bank CC at a lower credit score too. You can contact the bank’s customer care number for more details in this regard.

✔️Is the Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card good?

Yes. Kotak Mahindra Bank credit cards are good and offer a range of benefits to match customers’ specific requirements. You can browse the different types of Kotak credit card options, understand the features, and select the one you like best.

✔️Can I change my Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card type?

Yes. If you have a Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card and wish to upgrade it, you can do so if you match the eligibility criteria for the new card.

✔️What is the minimum limit of a Kotak credit card?

The minimum credit limit on your Kotak credit card is decided by the bank based on your credit profile and communicated to you during the time of your credit card approval.

✔️ What is the grace period for a Kotak credit card?

The Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card has a standard grace period of three-days for clearing dues. After that, you must bear the penalty that will be added to the following month's bill. Besides the penalty for the late payment of your credit card bill, you might also need to pay a penalty in the form of interest.

✔️How to increase the Kotak credit card limit?

On reviewing the spending habits of the Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card holders along with checking for any unpaid balances, and credit utilization ratio, the bank decides whether to offer an increase on the credit card limit or not. You may also request an increase from your end by calling up the customer care center to make a request to enhance the credit limit.

✔️How do I convert Kotak credit card reward points to cash?

The points earned through your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card can be converted to cash through net banking, and subsequently selecting credit card, and then choosing the redemption in cash option.

✔️What are the charges for a Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card?

All Kotak Mahindra Bank credit cards come with their own charges and fees which vary from card to card.

✔️How do I close a Kotak Bank credit card?

You can close your credit card by writing an application and submitting it at the nearest branch, or emailing, or contacting customer care helpline service. It is advisable to clear all your outstanding dues, claim all the balance reward points and cancel the auto payment facility before closure.

Once you have cleared your dues, and your card is cancelled, you should request the bank to provide a written acknowledgment. Upon receipt of this, you can dispose of your card by cutting it.

✔️Can I increase the limit of my Kotak credit card?

Generally, the increase in the Kotak credit card limit happens automatically. But you can place a request by calling the bank.