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SBI Credit Card Reward Program

SBI credit cards are known to offer the best reward points. As per your credit card, you get exciting rewards on all your purchases. To claim the benefits of the SBI credit card, choose a card that best matches your lifestyle and spending habits. There are SBI Card rewards for different types of purchases such as dining, shopping, travel, etc. There are special SBI card rewards on products such as electronics, lifestyle, home décor, vouchers, etc., as well which you can get according to your accumulated SBI Card reward points. Also, you can use the ‘SBI Credit Card reward points convert to cash facility’ which can be used to pay your bills.  

List of SBI Credit Cards with Reward Benefits

Here is the list of SBI Credit Card rewards points:

  • SBI PRIME Card: You will receive 20 reward points on a transaction of every ₹100 spent on utilities. 10 points on ₹100 spent on dining, department store, groceries, and film transactions. 2 reward points on ₹100 spent on retail, etc.

  • Apollo SBI Credit Card: You will get 500 points or ₹500 on joining, reward points 3x on ₹100 transactions on Apollo services, 1 point on wellness and beauty, 2 x points on ₹100 used on dining, entertainment, movies, etc.

  • SBI PRIME Advantage Credit Card: You can claim 20 points for ₹100 spent on utilities, 10 points for ₹100 utilised on groceries, restaurants, movies, etc.

  • TATA STAR Platinum Credit Card: You will earn 3 reward points on ₹100 spent at department stores, grocery, restaurants, and international transactions.

  • Tata Platinum Credit Card: You will receive 3 x points on grocery, restaurant, department store expenses, and international transactions.

  • TATA STAR Titanium Credit Card: You will get 3 points on ₹100 spent at restaurants, grocery, department stores, and international spending.

  • Air Mile Conversion: Use your SBI Bank Credit Card reward points for air mile conversion. You must have a minimum of 10,000 SBI Card reward points for the Air India SBI Signature Card and 5,000 points for the Air India SBI Platinum Card.

How to Earn SBI Credit Card Reward Points

Earning reward points depends on the type of SBI credit card you have. Here is what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Visit

  • Step 2: Choose your credit card.

  • Step 3: Open the  ‘Terms and Conditions’.

  • Step 4: Choose the ‘Shop-and-Smile’.

  • Step 5: Click on Points Earned/Redeemed/Accumulated.

  • Step 6: View reward points.

How to Redeem SBI Rewards

To redeem SBI credit card points:

  • Visit

  • Redeem SBI Card points online or through the App.

You can also call  the SBI credit card customer care at 18601801290 or 18001801290.

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FAQs on SBI Card Rewards

✔️What are the charges of redemption fee on the SBI Card?

A reward redemption fee of ₹99 plus taxes is charged for every redemption request on the SBI card.

✔️Can I consolidate reward points on multiple SBI Credit Cards?

No, you can redeem points only for that card on which the points were earned.

✔️How to convert SBI credit card points to cash?

To convert your accumulated SBI points to cash, you need to write to SBI or call them.

✔️Can I pay my SBI Credit Card outstanding using my reward points?

Yes, it is possible to pay your outstanding balance using your Reward Points.

✔️Can I know my SBI Credit Card reward points value in rupees?

To know your SBI Credit Card reward points value in rupees, call the SBI helpline at 18001801290

✔️How do I redeem my reward points?

To redeem your SBI credit card points, visit the website, use the app, or call the customer service.

✔️How can I use my reward points to redeem cash?

In order to redeem SBI Credit Card reward points value in cash,  call the SBI helpline at 18001801290.

✔️Do the reward points accrued on my SBI Card expire?

Yes, the reward points accrued will expire after 24 months from the date of accumulation.

✔️Within what time will I get the items redeemed against the SBI rewards points?

You can get the vouchers redeemed within five working days and products within 15 working days.