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SBI Card Statement

The SBI credit card statement is an important document that you receive at the end of a billing cycle. Via this document, the bank outlines details about transactions on your card for the billing cycle. 

Along with the transaction details, you will find other details such as previous month’s balance, due date, SBI credit card reward points and more. Checking your SBI credit card statement frequently helps you stay updated on your current dues and make timely payment.

While you may get the physical copy of the SBI card statement by the bank, there are other ways through which you can access this statement. To know how to do that and understand the benefits of reviewing your SBI credit card statement online or offline, read on. 

Benefits of SBI Credit Card Statement

Here’s a quick glimpse into how regularly reviewing the SBI credit card statement can help.

  • Get a comprehensive overview of your usage

  • Asses your transactions, debit and credit, and other charges efficiently

  • Spot errors or discrepancies quickly and take necessary measures to rectify it

  • Know your total outstanding dues, including previous months’ payments

  • Stay updated on the due date to make payments on time

  • Check credit card reward points to make the most of your card

  • Receive prompt information about new offers, products, and other news regarding your card

SBI Credit Card e-Statement

You can download the SBI credit card statement online and this is commonly known as an e-statement. Nonetheless, the content and importance of the statement stays the same. 

However, the SBI card statement that you download/receive via email is password protected, ensuring safety and security. Instead of getting the hard copy, the bank allows you to switch e-statement, wherein you will receive the statement via email every month. 

Switch to SBI Credit Card e-Statement

Switching to the electronic SBI credit card statement is easy and can be done in numerous ways. Try any of the methods given below to receive your monthly SBI credit card statement through email. 

  • Call the customer care

The SBI credit card customer care team is available at 1860 500 1290, 1860 180 1290, or <STD Code> 3902 0202. Upon being connected with a representative, you can place your request of switching to e-Statement. 

  • Send an Email/SMS

If you don’t want to contact customer care, you can send an email with your registered email ID. Visit and follow the steps to send an email. If your statement is not sent, check your spam folder before contacting the customer support team.

Alternatively, you can choose the SMS option and send an SMS with the mobile number registered with the bank. First, send <ESR> to 5676791 then send < ESTMT XXXX> to the same number. XXXX refers to the last 4 digits of your card number. 

  • Chat with ILA

Along with the above, you can register for the e-statement by using and chatting with ILA – chatbot by SBI. Simply login to your SBI card account and use this tool to register and get your SBI credit card statement on the registered email ID. 

How to Check SBI Credit Card Bill Statement

SBI offers both online and offline methods for you to access the credit card statement. Given below is a detailed step guide on accessing the SBI card statement through various ways under both online and offline modes.

Check SBI Credit Card Statement Online

1. Through the SBI Card App

  • Install the ‘SBI Card’ app via Play Store or App Store

  • Register with your card details

  • Login with your registered credentials

  • Click on ‘My Account’

  • Navigate to ‘Card Statement’ 🡪 ‘View Statement’

  • Enter the statement period you want 

  • Click ‘Download’ once your statement appears on the screen

2. Through Website

  • Visit the official SBI card website

  • Login to your account

  • Go to ‘My Account’ 🡪 ‘Card Statement’ 🡪 ‘View Statement’

  • Select the billing period of the statement

  • Click ‘Download’ once the SBI card statement is displayed 

3. Through chatbot ILA

  • Go to SBI Card website

  • Click on ‘Ask ILA’

  • Select ‘Statement’

  • Choose the first option ‘I want to view my statement summary’

  • Click on ‘Login Here’ to log in

  • Navigate to ‘View Statement’ under ‘Card Statement’ from ‘My Account’

4. Through Customer Care

  • Call 18605001290, 18601801290, or <STD Code> 3902 0202 

  • Verify your identity

  • Request SBI card statement for the period you want

  • Check email inbox for a copy of the statement

5. Through SMS

  • Send <DSTMT XXXX MM> to 5676791 (XXXX – last 4 digit of the card number, MM – the statement month you want)

  • Check email/message for a copy of the statement

Check SBI Credit Card Statement Offline

If you prefer to receive a physical copy of your SBI credit card statement, you can follow any of the following options to do so.  

1. Through SBI branch

  • Locate the SBI branch nearest to you

  • Request the representative for credit card statement

  • Complete verification to receive your statement

2. Through Post

Send a written request for a physical copy of the statement and it will be sent to your registered mailing address. The mailing address is available on the official website. 

How to Understand your SBI Credit Card Monthly Statement

Whether you download the SBI credit card statement or have a hard copy, understanding the information present in it is crucial. For that, you need to know the common components of a statement which are listed below:

  • Billing Cycle: The period for which the statement is generated. Usually, the billing cycle for most credit cards is a month. All transactions made within one billing cycle have to be paid at the end of the cycle.
  • Transaction Summary: A summarised version of all the transactions on your credit card for the specific billing cycle. 
  • Payment Due Date: This is the date by which you have to clear the total dues or the minimum due on your card. Defaulting/ delaying this payment can attract penalties and interest charges, increasing the total due amount. 
  • Total Amount Due: Refers to the amount you have to pay before the due date. The total amount is derived by adding all the credit card expenses, deducting the income/reverse transactions, and adding any balance from the previous month or any other charges. 
  • Minimum Amount Due: Refers to the minimum amount you have to pay on or before the due date. It is usually up to 5% of your total due for that billing cycle. 
  • Interest-Free Period: It is the period of time from the transaction date to the payment due date. During this period, your purchases will not accrue any additional interest charges.
  • Credit Limit: It is the maximum amount of money up to which you can use your SBI credit card. Available credit limit refers to the available amount you can use (total due minus the total credit limit).

How to Download SBI Credit Card Statement Without Login

To check your SBI credit card statement without logging in, here’s what you would have to do.

  • Visit ‘SBI Card’ website.

  • Enter your card number and your date of birth

  • Enter the ‘CAPTCHA’ as displayed on the screen

  • Click on ‘Proceed’

  • Enter the OTP  sent on your registered number 

  • Click on ‘Continue’

You will be redirected to a page where you can view or download your SBI credit card statement for the past 24 months in the PDF file format.

What to do in case of Errors in SBI Credit Card Statement

An important aspect of regularly checking your SBI card statement is ensuring that the information is accurate and updated. This is because the credit card information/ transactions are a part of your credit profile and affect your credit score

As such, any errors in your statement can lead to problems for your credit profile. Here is what you can do if you spot any errors on your SBI credit card statement. 

  • Call the customer support team to inform the error and follow the instructions given by the representative

  • Visit the nearest SBI branch and a representative will guide on how to handle these errors

  • Write to the bank at the official registered mailing address

If you are unsatisfied with the resolution received, you can escalate your request. You can escalate your query by calling them at 1860-180-7777. If you are still unsatisfied, you write to the Nodal officer at the registered address available on the official website.

FAQs on SBI Credit Card Statement

✔️How do I check my SBI credit card statement online?

You can view your statement online via SBI credit card net banking, SBI credit card mobile app or through Chatbot ILA. You would need to log into your account for the same. Once logged in you would find the statement in the ‘Card Statement’ tab under ‘My Account’.

✔️How Can I Download My SBI Credit Card Statement?

You can instantly download the last 24 months’ statement in PDF format from the website - Simply login, go to the ‘View Statement’ tab, select the billing period, and download the statement. 

✔️How to Download the SBI credit card statement Without Login Details?

In case you have not registered for net banking, you can still view/download your SBI credit card statement without login by following these steps.

  • Visit the ‘SBI Card Online’ page 

  • Enter your 16-digit SBI credit card number, date of birth, and the ‘CAPTCHA’ as displayed on the screen and click on ‘Proceed.

  • Once your request is submitted, you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number.

  • Enter the OTP and click on ‘Continue’.

You will be redirected to a page where you can view/download your statement for the past 24 months in PDF.

✔️How many SBI Credit Card statements can I see after requesting e-statements?

You can see only one statement for a particular statement. To check for another billing period, you will have to select a new period and request again. You can check your SBI credit card statement for the past 24 months, i.e., 2 years. 

✔️How can I open my SBI credit card statement PDF?

To access your SBI card statement in PDF, you will have to enter the password as mentioned in the communication. Generally, the password is your date of birth in the ‘DDMMYYYY’ format. 

✔️Can I get my SBI credit card e-statement even if I don’t have an account with the bank?

Yes, you can get an SBI credit card e-statement even if you do not have an account with SBI. Simply send requests through any of the available methods.

✔️ Will SBI charge a fee on my SBI credit card e-statement?

No, you will not be charged a fee for electronic SBI credit card statements. For physical copies, however, the bank may levy a nominal charge.