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Unblock an SBI Credit Card

To safeguard customers from fraudulent transactions, SBI regularly introduces practical ways and measures. The easiest one is blocking your credit card, the moment it gets misplaced. However, once you find your credit card, you can start using it by unblocking it first.

To unblock your SBI credit card, you just need a few minutes. You need not even physically visit the SBI branch as other convenient options are available. Your SBI credit card unblocking or SBI card reactivation can be done through any one of these five easy options. You can choose the option that best suits your preference.

  1. Call SBI’s customer care
  2. Write to SBI to reactivate your card

  3. The SBI official website

  4. Submit a written application to the Manager of SBI

  5. Visit the nearest or home SBI branch

Read ahead to find out ways on how to unblock SBI credit cards.

Online Ways to Unblock an SBI Credit Card

1. How to Unblock SBI Credit Card Using SBI’s Online Portal

  • Step 1: Visit the SBI credit card page.
  • Step 2: Log into your account using your credentials. If you do not have an existing account, create one.

  • Step 3: After logging in, navigate to ‘requests’ and then to the ‘card activation’ area on the left side.

  • Step 4: From the list of blocked cards displayed on the screen, choose the card you wish to activate. This is the final step to unblocking your credit card.

2. How to Unblock SBI Credit Card Using the “Write to Us” Option

Use the ‘Write to us’ option on the SBI credit card page to unblock your SBI credit card. You can explain your query in detail and request the unblocking of your card.

Offline Ways To Unblock Your SBI Credit Card

1. How to Unblock SBI Credit Card Using Customer Care

This is one of the easiest methods to unblock your SBI credit card -

  • Contact SBI credit card customer care using any of the numbers given below:

  • (STD code) 39020202

  • 1860 180 1290

  • Always make the call from your registered mobile number.

  • This method will not be effective if your card has been permanently blocked.

2. How to Unblock SBI Credit Card by Sending a letter

You can write an application to unblock your SBI card to the manager of customer services at SBI at the following address:

Manager-Customer Services

SBI Cards & Payments Services Ltd,

DLF Infinity Towers, Tower C, 12th Floor,

Block 2, Building 3, DLF Cyber City,

Gurgaon - 122002, Haryana, India.

3. How to Unblock SBI Credit Card by Visiting the SBI branch

  • Visit your home branch or the nearest SBI branch for SBI credit card reactivation.

  • You may have to provide the reasons for blocking and why you would like to unblock your credit card.

Reasons For Blocking SBI Credit Card

Your SBI credit card could be blocked due to several reasons. You may have blocked it yourself or the card may have been blocked due to other reasons. Here are some most common reasons why your credit card may get blocked -

  • Loss or theft of credit card

In case your card is lost or stolen, it is highly recommended to block your credit card immediately.

  • Overutilization of your credit card

Your card may be blocked for further usage if you have exhausted your credit card limit.

  • Suspicious or fraudulent transaction

If the bank observes any suspicious activity on your card, they may proactively block your card to protect you from further misuse of your card.

  • Irregular bill payments

If you have missed the ‘minimum amount due’ payment as per your SBI credit card statement, your card may be blocked for further usage.

  • Non-receipt of KYC documents

‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) norms are mandatory for all credit card customers as per the Reserve Bank of India mandate. You have to provide requisite information and documentation periodically. In case you fail to do so, your card may be temporarily deactivated.

  • Permanent closure of account

The credit facility will be permanently withdrawn, and your credit card will be blocked for further usage if the bank receives a request to close your SBI credit card account.

FAQs on SBI Credit Card Unblocking Process

✔️How do I check if my SBI credit card is blocked?

In most cases, when you block your SBI credit card, you receive a notification about the same. If you haven't received any such information, you can call up the SBI customer care number to unblock your Credit Card or visit a nearby SBI branch. When you use a blocked card all your transactions will be declined. The card would also not be accepted at an ATM. 

✔️How can I activate my SBI credit card?

You can activate your SBI card in the following 3 ways: First, go to SBI’s card website, navigate to the credit card section and click on the credit card that you would like to activate. You could also email SBI at to activate your credit card. Additionally, you can also contact SBI’s customer care to activate your credit card.

✔️Can a blocked SBI credit card be unblocked?

You can unblock your SBI credit card in several ways. You can call SBI’s customer care support, write to the manager of the customer service in Gurgaon, unblock the credit card online or visit the nearest SBI branch.

✔️How can I unblock SBI Credit Cards online?

To unblock your credit card online, you have to visit the SBI credit card page. Then, log in using your credentials and navigate to ‘requests’ and then ‘card activation’ on the left side of the panel. Finally, click on the card you want to unblock.

✔️Is there a charge to block SBI Credit Cards?

No. There is no extra charge to block your SBI Credit Cards.