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What Is A Virtual Credit Card?

Virtual Credit Card or VCC, is a new-age credit card with no physical form. It is a one-time use credit card, used only for carrying out online transactions. Just like conventional credit cards, it too has a card number, CVV number, validity and expiry dates which are available online. 

How To Apply For A Virtual Credit Card?

To get a virtual credit card, follow the steps given below:

  1. You should first check if your credit card issuer provides VCC.

  2. If your card issuer provides one, then you have to submit your account and card details to them.

  3. After processing, your credit card issuer will generate one for you.

Why Apply For A Virtual Credit Card?

There are a few other reasons why you should get free virtual credit cards. They are:

  • First and foremost, they are absolutely free of cost. No additional charges are involved.

  • If the VCC expires, the remaining credit limit is transferred to the primary card.

  • Both national and international online transactions are possible with the VCCs.

Features And Benefits Of A Virtual Credit Card

Check out the below-mentioned features and benefits of a VCC.

  • Security

Virtual Credit Cards are instantly generated and can be used only once. The validity of the card ranges from 24 hours to 48 hours. Since it is available only online, there are minimal chances of theft or misuse.

  • Credit limit

Similar to physical credit cards, Virtual Credit Cards too have a credit card limit. It is similar to that of the physical card and you can make multiple online transactions within this limit.

  • Immediate access

Customers can get Virtual Credit Cards instantly. The Virtual Credit Card providers issue them online and you can access them immediately.

  • For primary customers

The issual of Virtual Credit Card is free for primary cardholders. You can apply for a Virtual Credit Card only if you are a primary customer.

  • Online application and blocking

You can apply for a Virtual Credit Card and block your card online very easily in case of suspected fraudulent activities.

  • Same CVV

The CVV of the Virtual Credit Card remains the same once it is issued. It changes only when you cancel it and issue a new one online.

How Does A Virtual Credit Card Work?

A Virtual Credit Card can be used only for online transactions and thus, cannot be swiped. Given below are the simple steps by which a VCC works.

  • Enter your VCC number

  • Type in the validity of the card

  • Verify the OTP sent to your registered mobile number

  • Complete your transaction

Virtual Credit Cards Offered by Different Banks

Here are the different online Virtual Credit Cards available free for a primary customer.

Offered by Banks

  1. HDFC NetSafe

  2. Federal Bank One Credit Card

  3. SIB OneCard Credit Card

  4. SBM OneCard Lite Credit Card

Offered by NBFCs

  1. FreeCharge Go MasterCard

  2. Oxigen Wallet Virtual Card

Difference between Credit Card, Virtual Credit Card and Debit Card

Check out the difference between VCC and other cards before creating a Virtual Credit Card online.


Credit Card

Debit Card

Virtual Credit Card






Extends credit

Not available

Extends credit


For both online and offline transactions

For both online and offline transactions

For only online transactions

Transaction amount

Debited from the credit limit on your credit card account

Debited from your current or savings bank account

Debited from the credit limit on your credit card account or your debit card balance


For a few years

For a few years

1-2 days

Fees and charges

Fees and charges involved

Fees and charges involved

No fee or charge

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FAQs about Virtual Credit Card

✔️Can I use my virtual credit card for offline transactions?

No, you cannot use them for offline or POS transactions since VCCs are not available in physical form.

✔️Can I use my virtual credit card for international transactions?

International transactions on all cards depend on the issuer of the card. So you have to contact the card issuer to know whether you are eligible to use virtual credit cards for international transactions.

✔️Is virtual credit card free?

Yes, most of the financial institutions offer VCCs for free.