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A credit score is a number that serves as proof of creditworthiness. The credit score ranges between 300-900. A high credit score refers to high creditworthiness and makes you a trustworthy borrower, and a low credit score stands for low creditworthiness and makes you look like an incapable borrower. The value of a credit score is affected by various factors like credit history, number of open accounts, current debt, repayment behavior, etc.

Credit score plays a crucial role in the approval of your loan as lenders consider it while reviewing your application. It helps them to analyze your repayment behavior in the future.

There are various online platforms available where one can check credit scores for free. It is very important to check your credit score and try to increase it in order to avoid any complications in loan approval.  Here are some of the fun and easy ways by which you can improve your credit score -

  • Be more Competitive - Contact your friends and start a competition to improve your credit score in the next 2-3 months. Whoever improves their credit score fastest wins. This would work for the benefit of all your friends. Not only would your credit score get better, but you might get a free dinner or whatever was at stake.

  • Set Targets - Start setting targets, say for eight months. Break down the improvement into monthly achievements and celebrate. Achieving targets will not only boost your confidence but will also make your journey fun. So as often as you check your credit score, you will have reasons to motivate yourself and celebrate your achievements.

  • Cheat Codes - Remember the term ‘cheat codes’ from video games.  The codes were used to unlock extra powers in the game. So consider your credit report as a collection of cheat codes that would help you increase your credit score. Your credit score report is the analysis of your account. Identify the issues and unlock a better credit score.

  • Rectify - Put yourself in the place of a hero, out on a mission to eliminate and rectify all the errors in the credit report. This would make you a pro in identifying and rectifying errors, therefore protecting your credit score. 

  • Credit Utilization Ratio - 30%. This should be your credit usage from the entire credit limit. This would help you get to the next level for sure.

  • Be Diverse - Try to mix up your credit report with various types of credit. 

  • Keep It Cool - The most important point is keeping your head cool all the time. For example, there can be times your credit score has errors, don’t worry. You can get them rectified easily if you spot them on time.

  • Multiple Inquiries - Multiple attempts for credit do not make a good impression which directly creates a negative impact leading to rejection of the application. It is so because the bank or the institution identifies multiple enquiries as a desperate move for getting funds which ultimately enhances the level of the risk level. Therefore, it is advisable to not make multiple inquiries for your credit score.


These little tricks and hacks will help you to improve your credit scores. Remember to check your credit score periodically. You can check credit scores for free at any point in time. Remember to keep it cool and work according to your targets.

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