5 Insurance Policies Custom-Made for Women

Posted in Insurance Blogs By Chanel Rick-Jun 28,2022
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It can’t be denied – every person experiences life in a unique manner. However, some problems unite our separate encounters, especially in the gender context. They say men are from Mars and women are native to Venus, but that only seems to emphasise the difference between them. Though, those are some stark differences! 

The journey of becoming a mature woman from a young girl is full of adventures and obstacles. While women empowerment movements carry on unperturbed by hurdles, there are other matters that could derail our routines. With the pressing issues of the pay gap still around, women must preserve harder to attain financial freedom. 

Easier Living - Pocket-Friendly Insurance Plans

Speaking of finances, women have a different list of mandatory expenses permanently etched on their lists. Did you know? Until 21st July 2018, sanitary pad sales had a hefty GST rate of 12%! While the monetary relief is minimal, it made a difference to those with fewer means. That’s not all – in contrast to men, women have tendencies that suggest higher spending habits. Based on a survey in 2016, the study found the following figures on Indian women’s monthly/annual expenditures. 

● 21% spend over ₹3,000 p.a. on new footwear 

● 15% save up ₹60,000 p.a. for vacations

● 31% live from paycheck to paycheck 

● 10% admit to shelling out 30% of their income on credit card bills 

● 70% spend nearly ₹2,000 online every month 

Nevertheless, wouldn’t life be easier with some extra financial backing? Well, that’s exactly what pocket insurances are for! 

These bite-sized insurance plans cater to specific needs and offer many benefits. They tackle diverse concerns like lifestyle, health, travel and more! For a nominal premium, receive numerous benefits with a handsome sum insured (if applicable) and network discounts. 

5 Tailor-Made Pocket Insurance Plans for Women

While browsing through the massive collection of pocket insurances, you might notice something – there’s a policy for nearly every situation! Whether you plan on attending an event, indulging in fitness and sports, or your own wedding, easily ensure these occasions go stress-free for you. 

To make shopping easier, we have rounded up some of the best bite-sized policies that cater to needs specific to women. 

1.  Purse Care 

For those who travel or commute via public transport, the pickpocketing paranoia is endless! This small-ticket insurance can protect your valuables like debit/credit cards from damage, loss or fraud. Furthermore, it offers emergency travel assistance and a complimentary fraud protection service. All these benefits are for just ₹599 with high coverage worth ₹2 lakhs!

2.  Handbag Assure 

Unlike Purse Care, this policy insures your handbag and the possessions within! It includes your PAN card, debit/credit cards and other documents. With this plan, you can insure the handbag by paying ₹199 and receive coverage up to ₹40,000. Additionally, you receive a complimentary handbag protection cover of ₹15,000. 

3.  Wedding Dress Insurance 

That’s right – even your wedding dress is eligible for pocket insurance! And, why not? These outfits can be expensive and are often of high sentimental value to their wearers. By insuring it within 30 days of purchase, you could preserve its beauty for a lifetime. Just pay a premium of ₹349 to insure your wedding dress against damages caused by fires, animals, and man-made or natural disasters. 

4.  PCOD Care 

Studies suggest that one in five Indian women suffer from PCOD – that’s 20% of our population! Without adequate monitoring, this condition could have major health impacts. This policy covers the expenses for PCOD treatment, like physician fees, fitness programs, diagnosis tests, etc. 

5.  Menstrual Care 

Every month, women endure the pains and ordeal of menstruation. Unfortunately, your periods could potentially invite a host of illnesses and diseases. By purchasing this policy, you can avoid the financial impediments of medical bills for treatment. For a premium of ₹2,499 p.a., you receive comprehensive cover, medical benefits and network discounts! 

So, what are you waiting for? Consider the many benefits of pocket insurance and purchase those that suit you best. Remember, these precautionary measures will come in handy in the future! 

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