5 Reasons to Do a Digital Detox

Posted in Insurance Blogs By Chanel Rick-May 5,2022
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Need food? Order online!

Need entertainment? Watch a movie! 

Need friends? Social media, it is! 

Need groceries? Reaching you in 10 mins! 

Need a detox? Yes, you do! 

In recent years, it has become quite evident that people prefer screen time over reality. Even before the metaverse came along, people have always been online. Surfing the internet, creating social media profiles, and interacting with people around the globe. Since the introduction of online networking, we have always had a virtual life. Without an avatar! 

However, this realisation is inadequate without taking the necessary steps to reduce our dependency on technology. It goes without saying that most modern life can’t function without the involvement of gadgets, but you could still use the occasional detox! 

Taking a Digital Detox: What is it? 

A digital detox gives your senses a period of respite from your devices, like smartphones, television, laptops, and social media altogether. It’s called a detox because it essentially cleanses your system, helping you focus on real social interactions. Digital detoxes allow you to reconnect with nature and engage with real encounters outside of virtual spaces. 

Have you been suffering from heavy stress lately? Consider a digital detox! By introducing it into your routine, you will be able to strike the perfect balance between virtual life and reality. 

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5 Reasons to Start Right Away! 

If you’re thinking about postponing your next (or first) digital detox, we have five reasons to change your mind! A digital detox is beneficial for your health, and it’s necessary for all age groups. 

1. Devices Disrupt Your Sleep 

Using digital devices before bedtime can reduce the quality and quantity of sleep you receive. As for children, researchers have found that they experience lethargy and have poor attention. Furthermore, using these devices in bed can affect your mood as well. 

Researchers have forewarned people about using tech devices before sleeping, as people may experience increased anxiety, insomnia, and poor sleep schedules. 

2. Affects Your Mental Health  

Studies suggest that children, especially adolescents, are more likely to be at risk for symptoms of ADHD, conduct disorder and worse self-regulation. It is all due to the heavy usage of digital gadgets, which increase their chances of having mental health issues. 

If you frequently use social media networking sites, you might have noticed a decrease in your well-being. Researchers have found that balancing your use of social media can reduce the impact of symptoms like depression. 

3. Gives You a Chance to Make Real Connections  

Limiting your usage of devices allows you to engage in making real and meaningful connections. If digital life has taken over most of your time, use the detox to reconnect with your relationships and mend those old bonds. Additionally, it will allow you to nurture your needs for deeper conversations with a sense of trust, vulnerability, and undivided attention. 

Disconnecting from social media helps you be more in tune with real-life social cues. It’s beneficial for everyone involved; it will nourish your existing relationships. 

4. Forces You to Make Comparisons  

After spending an exorbitant amount of time on social media, you might begin comparing your life with influencers or friends. People are easily fooled by the false persona and lifestyle posted on social media platforms. It leads to unhealthy comparisons, and you might stop appreciating the good things in your life. 

5. Allows You to Maintain a Work-Life Balance  

Whether you’re at home or work, it’s important to keep boundaries between these two spheres in your life. Overindulging in checking emails, responding to work texts, or checking out your social media accounts contribute to negative factors. It will affect your overall job satisfaction, increase stress, and overwhelm your senses. 

If you’re on vacation or at home, switch off your phones and devices. Replenish your energies before re-engaging your work and other responsibilities. Remember to charge your mental and emotional batteries! 

So, are you ready to disconnect from virtual life and switch over to the vibrance of reality? Detoxing from social media and digital devices allows you to shift your attention to what’s truly important – your life, and your mental and emotional health! 

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