5 Things That Cost Nothing But Can Change Your Life

Posted in Insurance Blogs By Shivani Lohar-Jan 11,2023
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Gone are the days when people spent their days thriving in nature’s embrace, relaxed and carefree. Simple yet meaningful existences paved the way for these people to become centenarians, living their lives to thefullest. If you ask your centenarian great-grandma or grandpa for a rundown of how their days looked like when they were young, they will probably say something like this: getting up early in the morning, milking and feeding cattle or other livestock, having a wholesome and hearty breakfast, while laughing and discussing light matters with loved ones. Then they might have gone ahead with their day, completing simple tasks such as cooking, cleaning, farming, or shopping for groceries. Afterwards, they would eat lunch, sleep under a tree in the afternoon, have a healthy, home-cooked supper, only to finally take to bed.  

Back then, people’s entire existences were blissfully serene and mellow. Agreed, they didn’t have today’s technological advancements to make every single mundane task easier and had to do everything by hand. Yet, they were more at peace with themselves than today’s man ever will be. You can’t turn back time and escape the monotony of the 9-5 clockwork corporate life. However, what you can do is take care of yourself, so that your existence regains meaning, and your physical and mental health is strong enough to take the brunt when the times get tough. Keep reading this blog to know more about how you can rekindle the sparks of joy and make life seem beautiful again, without spending a penny! 

1. Go for walks regularly 

As our schedules get more hectic, a lot is going on in our minds as we try to jumble and manage too many things simultaneously. After some time, this mental clutter that we keep procrastinating to clear out is bound to get the best of us. One way to handle the situation effectively is to go for walks. The more frequent, the merrier. And while you’re at it, it’s best you visit a park or a thickly forested space to be right in the presence of Mother Nature. The cool breeze playing with your locks with the melodious waves reverberating all around you. What’s more, if you’re lucky, you might even run into a mischievous brook babbling somewhere close by!  

When you’re surrounded by such peace and calm, it is a lesser hassle to clear your head. Your worries may be gone with the wind, giving you the required mind space to rationally plot your gameplan for the coming day, week, or month.  

2. Play some music

The general tempo of your playlist is directly proportional to the emotions that will follow after listening to it. Simply put, when you listen to uplifting or lively songs, you are very likely to experience a surge of positive emotions. This is beautifully complemented by an outpouring of happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Thus, if a consistently happier mental state is what you pursue, listening to upbeat music might be a zero-cost method to better your life in both the short and long run. 

3. Move and meditate

When the going gets tough, it gets difficult to do even the simplest things, let alone be productive and submit time-bound deliverables at work. One way to attain inner peace is by forming some healthy habits, such as moving your body regularly and meditating. Believe us when we say this, you don’t have to take a leap off the deep end and start working out for at least an hour every day. The best way to start is by taking up a physical activity that you genuine enjoy, such as walking, biking, yoga, or something else. Just get moving. Start by taking as little as 20 minutes out of your day for this self-care activity, and then you can slowly amp it up. If you’ve had a bad day, meditating for even 10 minutes can help you ground yourself and achieve mental clarity. You don’t even have to stick to the traditional meditation techniques; you can just put on a track that calms you and close your eyes. You’ll feel much better after. 

4. Prioritise your sleep

A demanding schedule is no reason to slack off on getting enough sleep. On the contrary, being rest deprived is known to increase stress and anxiety. Sleep deprivation also contributes to other health problems, including obesity, a weaker immune system, along with increased risks of developing heart disease! Some more common consequences may include being more irritable, memory issues, and lower productivity levels. This is why you must prioritise getting at least 8-10 hours of sleep. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, you can play calming music, read a book, or take a long, hot water bath with scented candles. The sleep that follows is bound to be restful and invigorating, for sure!  

5. Start journaling

Yes, as cliché as it sounds, believe us, it works. Take the reins of your life back in your hands instead of losing them, and yourself, to the circumstances. One proven way to regain control is to start a journal. What kind? Whatever you prefer. It can be a wellness journal, a gratitude journal, a daily journal, a food and exercise journal, or an all-in-one diary! Make it a habit to jot down your thoughts when they scream too loudly in your head, or maybe start your day by writing down 5 things you’re grateful for. You can keep yourself accountable by tracking and writing about your performance at work and what you ate. You can also jot down details about whether you drank enough water or whether you stayed active throughout the day. Just putting these minute details on paper will act as a record of your personal growth. Revisiting these will help you get a sense of your accomplishment, no matter how small, and boost your sense of self-worth.  


While these activities are great zero-cost methods to ground yourself, getting professional help by visiting a licensed expert is always advisable. A clinical diagnosis will be beneficial in recognising the root of some problems. It will further give you a sense of direction on how to deal with such issues, and escape from their clutches for good.  

We do understand that such professional mental health services can get expensive, which is why we here at Bajaj Markets offer comprehensive and cost-effective mental health insurance covers. Be sure to check them out and pick one that suits your specific needs best!  

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