Buying a Bike Online: Is it a Good Idea?

Posted in Bike Insurance Blogs By Chanel Rick-Jul 22,2022
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The two years of COVID-19 taught us numerous lessons, like the importance of hygiene in public spaces and our over-reliance on local transport services. Those without provisions for work-from-home (WFH) struggled to find ways to commute to their offices. The scarcity of transport facilities and hiked costs of rickshaws and cab companies was a sobering wake-up call for many. 

In the end, the reality of the matter surfaced – you need to own a vehicle! Today, most families own a four-wheeler or at least a sporty little scooter. It can make travelling short distances easier and bail you out of unpredictable situations like the shutdown of local services. 

Moreover, if investing in a car seems intimidating, you can opt for a budget-friendly two-wheeler. Since older buildings suffer from parking space issues, a bike can be a great alternative. However, that’s not all – check out the following reasons why bikes can prove to be very resourceful. 

●    Reliable: Easily ride to destinations near and far to conduct your routine as usual 

●    Safe: Avoid unhygienic public transport facilities that might expose you to COVID-19 complications 

●    Mileage: Unaffected by rising fuel costs travel up to 35-40 km on a litre of fuel (highways)

●    Flexible: Unlike cars, you can manoeuvre through thick traffic without getting stuck in it for hours 

●    Parking: Cut down the time put into hunting parking spots, instead snuggly settle your two-wheeler on a street-side parking spot

Another great thing about two-wheelers is that it’s easy to learn! Novice riders can manage to learn the ropes within a week of regular practice. With the fear of parallel parking mitigated, most youngsters prefer purchasing bikes over cars. 

Things to Know before Purchasing Two-Wheelers Online

Until a few years ago, people were trying to come to terms with purchasing phones and household items online. Today, you can have diamonds, gold or even vehicles delivered home! While most individuals are still sceptical about the authenticity and feasibility of purchasing two-wheelers online, it’s best to weigh it yourself. 

Use the following guidelines while shopping for your next two-wheeler online. 

●    Bike Inspection 

Since this is an online purchase, you might have to initially rely on the review of other customers, or the guarantees provided by the company. While third parties may give you the go-ahead, it’s better if you arrange for a professional mechanic to inspect the bike after purchase. Depending solely on the inspection conducted by the seller may result in a terrible decision. 

●    Seller Feedback 

Before settling for the first seemingly legitimate website, check out the reviews and feedback shared by customers. Search the seller’s name to find any news of recent scams, reviews about faulty products, poor customer service, etc. Additionally, you can try reaching out to family and friends for their personal experiences with the same seller. 

●    Description & Details 

Don’t blindly rely on the information on websites and crosscheck the details between other companies. Since this is an online purchase, thoroughly research its specifications before completing the purchase. Learn the rate of its mileage, general condition (especially if purchasing second-hand bikes) and whether it suits your geographic location.  

Furthermore, if you plan on taking the bike on road trips, ensure it can offer mileage that can endure such long travels. 

●    Double-Check Information

Letting your eagerness cloud any judgement about this purchase could be a costly mistake. Avoid settling for the first bike you find online; mull over the decision and conduct thorough research. Whether you took out a loan or saved money for years, don’t let your funds go to waste. 

●    Delivery Service 

Unless you live in remote areas, not all companies directly deliver the vehicle to your address. They might go through with the processing and purchase and request you to collect the bike from the nearest dealership. While not uncommon, it’s best to sort out these details before making any commitments. 

The Verdict? 

Armed with these guidelines, anyone can purchase two-wheelers online and score great discounts! While there’s always a nagging fear of scams and other traps, take as many precautions as possible. In most cases, you might find exciting deals on some coveted brand names. 

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