7 Easy Business Ideas You Can Start Amidst or Post Pandemic

Posted in Business Loan By Bajaj Markets - May 29,2020
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The spread of disease has created a great panic across the globe. With the rise in the number of positive cases of disease, people have confined themselves to their homes.  Almost every section of the society including businesses are enforced to look for an alternate option to run their day to day operations. Amid imposed lockdown periods, work from home and home-run businesses have rather grown rapidly. Home-based businesses tend to be the most convenient and manageable options at such times. So, let’s have a look at 7 easy business ideas that can help you find success post crisis.

1. Grocery Delivery

Grocery shops are witnessing a sudden rise in demand as people are not allowed to move out of their houses. The fear of getting exposed to the virus keeps people from going out. While the stock in their homes doesn’t seem to be lasting for longer now, they prefer to order groceries online. It is the major reason for the exponential rise in the demand of grocery delivery apps. Therefore, people have joined hands with online grocery stores to meet basic needs. Investing in such a venture is beneficial during the quarantine and afterwards, too.

2. Fitness & Wellness App

Gyms and fitness centres and related businesses have been severely impacted by the pandemic lockdown. On the contrary, digital platforms have turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the health and fitness industries. Many people are increasingly turning to digital workout programs to maintain their exercise routines from home. There are a lot of online fitness training apps to yoga and meditation apps in the market. The sector promises tremendous growth.

3. Food Delivery Apps

Due to the pandemic, many restaurants and public food joints are shut down. To get it going, you can venture into an online food ordering app. This is no new business, but it is undoubtedly doing great in these situations. A home delivery application for food makes it convenient for people to stay in their homes and get food at their doorstep. However, ensure a sanitized pattern as people are now more concerned about food hygiene. Giving them assurity of extra measures taken for sanitization will create a good reputation and push in more orders in the future.

4. Medicine Delivery

Especially during the outbreak, the pharmaceutical business has seen a significant hike in demand. Undoubtedly, the sole responsibility falls on the shoulders of the healthcare industry. People affected by any virus or having regular health issues are facing difficulty in going to the medical stores to purchase medicines. Online medicine ordering applications are in high demand as it is easier for people to place an order online and get the medicines they require.

5. Online Education App

The Education application is one of the most promising businesses to invest as it has no chance of fall-back. Since all educational institutions are shut down due to the pandemic, people are taking a keen interest in taking up online courses that are certified and add value to them. Parents are interested in taking up a course for their kids while adults are learning new skills online in their free time just by sitting at home.

6. Pick and Drop Delivery App

With all types of businesses finding ways to reach their customer’s doorstep, delivery solutions are becoming a life-saviour. As people are practising social distancing, the option of pick and drop delivery has become a true blessing. For example, if a person has a home based online business and needs to get their things delivered, the individual can schedule a pick up through the delivery app and get the item picked from the current location and dropped at the desired destination. This demand for the service has increased as it provides the comfort of having anything and everything delivered from one place to another from the comfort of your home.

7. E-commerce Marketplace

Due to the immense spread, it is now difficult for people to meet the bare needs of everyday life. To sustain a livelihood, a lot of them have reached out to e-commerce websites and their applications for making a purchase. Businesses have a golden opportunity to expand their customer reach by going online and boosting their sales. The number of online shoppers has increased by 8.8 per cent since the outbreak. By taking your e-commerce business online, you can enable contact less deliveries for your customers.

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The pandemic outbreak is an unprecedented phase for the entire world. While there is no solution as yet to fight the global pandemic, social distancing is the only curb. The concept of the online marketplace comes with a futuristic approach, so whether you have a business already or have plans to invest in the future. Most of the business suggested here is online, that means you have to up your game if you are a small business with some knowledge of GST Components.


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