The Best Credit Cards for Movie Buffs in 2022

Posted in Credit Card Blogs By Prabhat Singh - Apr 29,2022
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Movies are a sheer source of entertainment and joy. With larger-than-life characters, dreamy sequences, and superhit songs, a movie is a relaxing experience for most. However, what if you can get tickets for free? Or what if you can get discounts and reward points every time you book tickets? Sounds like good savings, right? 

Customers use credit cards for easy payments, leisure, earning rewards, and great discounts. Therefore, it becomes crucial for the service providers to provide as many benefits as they can to retain them, and free or discounted movie tickets will aid their motive. 

So, if you are a movie buff and are excited about the upcoming blockbusters, here are some of the best credit cards to make your cinema experience enjoyable (preferably not in the same order) 

1. Kotak PVR Card

Kotak Bank has been one of the older allies of PVR. Therefore, when it comes to providing their customers with an amazing experience of movie theatres, the Kotak PVR Credit Card is one of the most sought-after cards. 

Here are some of the benefits of the Kotak PVR Credit Card: 

    1. If you spend a total of ₹ 7500 in any billing cycle, you will get a free movie ticket 
    2. Make it two free movie tickets, if you spend more than ₹ 15000 in a billing cycle 
    3. The card comes with PVR Protect and will always help you in case you lose your credit card somewhere 

2. HDFC Titanium Times Credit Card

With as high as a 25% discount on every movie ticket booking, HDFC Titanium Times Credit Card is surely one of the premium cards at an ordinary cost. 

Here are some of the benefits of HDFC Titanium Times Credit Card: 

    1. It allows a user to avail of up to ₹ 1800 on movie tickets annually 
    2. Annual fee waiver if you spend equal or more than ₹ 1.5 lakhs annually 
    3. For every ₹ 150 spent, it provides two reward points 

3. RBL Platinum Maxima Card

Every time you buy two or more tickets, you get one ticket for free. Yes, with the RBL Platinum Maxima card every time you buy two or more movie tickets, you will get one free movie ticket up to ₹ 200 once every month. 

Here are some of the benefits of the RBL Platinum Maxima Card 

    1. Get a “Buy 1 get 1” offer on BookMyShow App with this card 
    2. Welcome benefits of 8000 reward points 
    3. Complimentary domestic airport lounge access 

4. HSBC Premier Master Card

Exclusively designed for premier HSBC customers, this card gives many privileges. From discounts on shopping to free movie tickets. It is another one of the favourite cards of movie buffs. 

Here are some of the benefits of the HSBC Premier Master Card 

    1. On booking movie tickets through BookMyShow mobile app, the HSBC card provides you with two movie tickets for the price of one
    2. You can visit premier airport lounges twice a year
    3. It provides a 1.5% discount on all foreign spending 

5. Axis My Zone Credit Card

It is one of the most rewarding cards when it comes to movie experiences. It allows you a 25% cashback up to ₹ 100 every month on the Paytm app. 

Here are some of the benefits of Axis My Zone Credit Card 

    1. Complimentary airport lounge access once every quarter 
    2. For every ₹ 200 spent, it offers four reward points 
    3. Up to ₹ 1000 on Myntra as a welcome benefit 

There are many distinct types of entertainment. For some, it means watching movies in theatres with their family, while for others, it entails a day of recreational pleasure such as bowling or pool. Whatever your go-to entertainment activity is, credit cards are an impeccable way of bearing the expense and paying later, making your entertainment time even more entertaining.

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