Best TV Series to Binge Before the Year Ends

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We’re nearing the end of the year and we can look at how 2019 was packed with some fantastic new TV shows. We also got jaw-breaking new seasons for fan-favourites Stranger Things, Sacred Games, Big Little Lies, and Game of Thrones. Before the year ends though, get yourself some popcorn and binge watch a few shows on this list because the world is expecting amazing seasons next year!

1. Little Things (2018 – Present)

The Netflix original mini-series looks into the lives of Dhruv and Kavya, who have been in a 5-year relationship. This series allows you to relate or just blissfully admire the endless sweet moments between the couple in their daily life. Apart from being incredibly heartwarming, the show makes some very clever and insightful remarks about modern Indian romance and gender politics.

2. Delhi Crime (2019 – Present)

This Netflix original series follows the investigation of the Nirbhaya rape case, by a unique group of officers. The global spotlight on the case is highlighted throughout the show as we see the immense pressure on the investigators to catch the culprits as soon as possible. You can binge-watch Delhi Crime on Netflix by getting a Netflix subscription of 3 months worth ₹1,497 along with purchase of the latest smartphones on the EMI Store of Bajaj Finserv.

3. Westworld (2016 – Present)

There are multiple tantalizing mysteries to uncover in every season of Westworld. With themes of pulpy fantasy and sci-fi, this HBO show is a story set in an Old West theme park where disposable robots are used for the indulgence of wealthy human customers. The show ruminates on what it means to be human and takes one on a journey of true introspection.

4. Ghoul (2018 – Present)

This Netflix original mini-series was a great effort to help the global media giant break into the Indian TV market. Set in a military interrogation centre, Ghoul intertwines Arabic folklore with a tense political climate. Apte plays a young interrogator, Nida Rahim, whose story we follow in a dystopian India under a strict authoritarian rule. When a new prisoner arrives, Rahim finds her interrogating prowess tested. Ghoul is a chilling tale that terrify you, and yet, leave you wanting more. You can supersize your viewing experience by getting a Netflix subscription of 3 months worth ₹1,497 on purchase of the newest smartphones on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

5. Leila (2019 – Present)

A TV remake of Prayaag Akbar’s critically acclaimed novel, this drama shows an India with a militarized Hindu state called Aryavarta reeling from a severe water crisis in 2047. It follows the story of Shalini, an upper-middle-class woman, whose life is brought upside down when a paramilitary group murders her husband in front of her while her daughter Leila watches from a corner. It traces her time spent in a purity camp for upper-caste Hindu women who married outside their caste and her gritty, relentless pursuit of her daughter.

6. Girls Hostel (2019 – Present)

As the stellar cast says, this show will show you what it’s like to spend a night with 4 college girls. Girls Hostel takes you on a journey filled with love, friendship, catfights, adventures and entertainment. Follow Richa, a first-year dental student, as she narrates her first experience of staying in an all-girls hostel and forms unbreakable bonds and makes unforgettable memories. Along the way, Richa encounters strong, empowered and brilliant women with very different outlooks on life and learns to accept their very own quirks and kinks. This show is a homage to girls in every corner of India and the camaraderie they share.

7. Mindhunter (2017 – Present)

This Netflix Original is a psychological thriller series focusing on the makings of serial killers. It follows the story of FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench interviewing serial killers to understand their psyches and catch future killers. They develop the modern profiling of serial killers in the process. Against the backdrop of the global #MeToo movement, it’s a jarring show that fits appropriately in a time of reckoning with the cultural conditions that foster female abuse.

8. Wild Wild Country (2019)

This is a Netflix docuseries about controversial Indian godman Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, otherwise called Osho. It traces the journey of Osho, his devout follower, Ma Anand Sheela, and their massive following in Wasco Country, Oregon. The show tells the story of the clashes between Osho’s followers and the locals, which resulted in the first bio-terror attack in the United States.

There you have it. An exhaustive list of all the must-watch series you must check out. You can get access to these binge-worthy shows by getting a Netflix subscription of 3 months worth ₹1,497 when buying the latest and trendiest smartphones on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Check out these amazing Netflix subscription offers on Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

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