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OPPO, registered as the Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd, began on its cellular journey with the Smile Phone in 2008. Today, the Dongguan, Guangdong, China-based consumer mobile communications company is known for its signature phones that are loaded with extraordinary camera quality and specifications. It brings aesthetic mobile technology to users through smart devices equipped with its home-built ColorOS, which the company claims brings the pixels on your smartphone to life.

OPPO is so well-known because it was the first mobile manufacturer to bring next-gen features to the table. Its Ulike 2, launched in 2012, was the first smartphone with a built-in selfie beautifying feature, which boosted its popularity. After this, OPPO went on to launch the N series, the first smartphone in the world with a motorized rotating camera. With a tie-up with Sony in 2016, the company co-designed the IMX398 sensor that greatly improved low-light shooting experiences. This feature was launched with its R9s and R9s Plus devices.

OPPO went on to claim more ‘first-of-its-kind’ accolades when it designed the world’s first panoramic designed phone in OPPO Find X. It is currently working with global mobile telephony network providers to further the commercial applications of 5G.

Moreover, its custom-built VOOC Flash Charging technology makes many OPPO fast charging phones the best in the market.

OPPO Super VOOC Flash Charge

VOOC (Voice Open Loop Multistep Constant-Current Charging) Flash Charging system boasts of a thermal management chip that regulates overheating in OPPO’s fast charging phones. It is known to charge phones up to 75% in 30 minutes and operates at 5V/4A. The OPPO F and R series support this technology at present. This technology ranks these OPPO’s fast charging phones among the best in the market.

Today, most OPPO mobiles with fast charging are enabled with the VOOC technology, which, in itself, is constantly seeing improvements. The technology was so successful that OPPO came out with multiple updates with the latest one being the Super VOOC Flash Charging.

Here is a list of all OPPO fast charging mobiles as per their benchmark performance and their respective technological editions.

1. Fast Charging/VOOC

A9/Reno Ace

2. VOOC 3.0

The OPPO Reno10x Zoom, the Reno, the Reno 2, the Reno 2Z, the A91, the A9X, the K3, the F11, and the F11 Pro are designed with VOOC 3.0 flash charging technology.

3. VOOC 4.0

The OPPO K5, the Reno 3, and the Reno 3 Pro are designed with VOOC 4.0 flash charging technology.

4. Super VOOC

The OPPO Find X, the R17 Pro, the R17, the R15 Pro, the F9 Pro, the F3 Plus, and the F1 Plus are made using the Super VOOC flash charging technology.

To ease your shopping experience further, here is a list of the latest OPPO phones with fast charging technology with their respective prices.

OPPO fast charging phones are as follows:

Model Variant Price
Find X Super VOOC Rs41,000+
R17 Pro Super VOOC Rs24,000+
R17 Super VOOC Rs17,000+
R15 Pro Super VOOC Rs18,000+
F9 Pro Super VOOC Rs17,000+
F3 Plus Super VOOC Rs14,000+
F1 Plus Super VOOC Rs21,000+
K5 VOOC 4.0 Rs18,000+
Reno 3 VOOC 4.0 Rs34,000+
Reno 3 Pro VOOC 4.0 Rs40,000+
Reno10x Zoom VOOC 3.0 Rs36,000+
Reno 2Z VOOC 3.0 Rs24,000+
Reno 2 VOOC 3.0 Rs36,000+
Reno VOOC 3.0 Rs32,000+
A91 VOOC 3.0 Rs20,000+
A9X VOOC 3.0 Rs20,000+
K3 VOOC 3.0 Rs15,000+
F11 VOOC 3.0 Rs13,000+
F11 Pro VOOC 3.0 Rs15,000+
Reno Ace VOOC Rs31,000+
A9 OPPO mobile fast charging tech Rs11,000+


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do OPPO mobiles support fast charging?

Since OPPO phones are from a relatively younger generation, most of them support the fast charging technology. You can verify the specifications at the time of purchase to find a device that suits your needs best.

  • Which is the best OPPO fast charging mobile?

As mentioned in the table above, OPPO fast charging phones equipped with the Super VOOC technology are among its fastest charging phones. Other OPPO fast charging mobiles are VOOC 4.0 and VOOC 3.0-enabled and so on.

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