Health Insurance for A Full-Time Traveller

Posted in Health Insurance Blogs By Chanel Rick-May 12,2022
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Meet Mr. Karan Shah, a salaried individual who recently purchased tickets to visit Udaipur, Rajasthan. His itinerary included adventurous activities with many sightseeing day trips to the Taj Lake Palace, Chittorgarh Fort, and other cultural tours! 

Despite meticulously planning out his stay at Udaipur, he incurred some unforeseeable troubles. He suffered from an accident, which required daycare treatments and his flight back home was postponed to a later date. 

So, while he enjoyed many memorable moments on his vacation, Mr. Shah’s trip budget went overboard because of the medical expenses. However, incidents like delayed flights, loss of baggage, accidents or sudden sickness are unforeseeable events. Fortunately, financial institutes and banks have come up with Travel Health Insurance to aid full-time travellers and casual vacationers. 

Learning about Health Insurance for Travellers 

Travel health insurance provides travellers with financial support while on trips within India or abroad. These policies prevent you from incurring additional expenses while travelling; this is especially beneficial for frequent travellers. Those on foreign tours can avoid overspending on healthcare since these locations usually charge tourists exorbitantly high medical bills. 

Aside from being ideal for international travellers, there are other benefits you could obtain from this insurance. 

● Avail cashless hospitalisation facilities at network hospitals 

● The policy is available for occasional and frequent flyers 

● They offer global coverage to international travellers 

● Receive 24/7 medical assistance 

● They usually don’t require pre-policy checkups up to 70 years of the plan 

Travel health insurance can cover your medical needs without spending over your designated trip budget. It’s efficient, easy to apply and even easier to claim! 

Types of Travel Health Insurance Policies 

There are different types of travel health insurance plans available to suit the needs of every kind of traveller. Whether you’re visiting the beaches of Goa or Bora Bora on a solo or family trip, insurers have all your needs covered. 

1. Single Trip Travel Health Insurance 

Regardless of whether it’s domestic or a trip abroad, this policy will cover the health insurance needs for a single trip to these destinations. The coverage begins at the start of the journey and ends once you’ve arrived home.

2. Multi-Trip Travel Health Insurance 

Usually available only for a term of one year, they provide you with health insurance benefits for multiple trips. These trips will be for a limited number of days, ranging from 30 to 45 days. 

3. Family Travel Health Insurance 

Covering up to 6 family members per policy, you can choose to venture on a domestic or international journey. Nonetheless, through this policy, you can secure the medical needs of yourself and your family. 

4. Student Travel Health Insurance 

While pursuing further studies abroad, be covered for medical events and illnesses that may require hospitalisations. In medical emergencies, the policy will cover tuition fees and visits from family members. 

5. Senior Citizen Travel Health Insurance 

Whether you’re visiting your children or simply vacationing abroad, this policy will take care of your medical needs. Aside from covering unexpected medical expenses, it also includes emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. 

Coverage for Travel Health Insurance 

With your interest in travel health insurance piqued, it’s time to check out the many areas covered under these policies. Before purchasing any health insurance, it’s crucial to review the list of inclusions. 

●      Treatment of Medical Illnesses: Covers emergency medical expenses like hospitalisation, medical attention or other daycare treatments

●      Fatal Accidents and Dismemberment: Coverage for injuries sustained while abroad or death caused by accidents via personal accident or mode of transport. 

●      Loss of Luggage: This covers loss of baggage caused by theft, displacement during transport or non-delivery at the destination

●      Your Liability: Such policies cover damage claims legally filed against you by another party for damage to property or medical expenses due to accidental bodily injuries

The next time you embark on an adventure within India or abroad, remember to purchase travel health insurance for complete medical coverage. Buying this policy allows you to secure yourself and your family during vacations and business trips! 

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