How Has India Managed to Improve Its Infant Mortality Rate?

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The infant mortality rate is a particularly important health indicator because it tells us, in a single statistic, what healthcare is like in a country. Over the decades, India has managed to pick itself up by the bootstraps and double-down on the country’s infant mortality rate; During the year 2017, about 802,000 infant deaths were reported – the lowest it’s been in the past five years. The sex-specific mortality rates were 39 in 1,000 for male and 40 in 1,000 for females.

UNICEF India representative Yasmin Ali Haque states, “India continues to show impressive decline in child deaths, with its share of global under-five deaths for the first time equalling its share of childbirths.”1 But how did we get here? Among other reasons, family health insurance coverage, such as the one available on Bajaj Markets, has played a major role. It has helped bolster maternal and infant health, decreasing the number of infant deaths in our country. Let’s take a closer look.


Infant Mortality Rate in India


1. Institutional Delivery

One of the main factors which affect a country’s infant mortality rate is accessibility. How accessible is quality healthcare? How affordable is it? Are our citizens adequately aware of healthcare plans and family health insurance? The answers to these questions determine the health of our children. According to UNICEF India, the three instrumental systemic changes India has made include improving institutional delivery, countrywide scale up of special newborn care units and strengthening of routine immunization.

2. The Girl Child

As India moves forward, we’ve begun to realize that we can’t leave our women behind. In 1994, the Central government banned prenatal sex determination, which has proven incredibly helpful when it comes to equalizing the gender ratio. Though there’s still a long way to go, this has had a meaningful impact on our infant mortality rate. As Haque explains, “Even more heartening is the fourfold decline in the gender gap in survival of the girl child over [the] last five years.” When we made girl child a priority, we simultaneously helped improve the national healthcare plane.


Infant Mortality Rate in India


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3. Insurance Coverage

For newborns across the world, the first month is the riskiest. This period will prove influential in their health and immunity throughout the rest of their lives. Therefore, insurance coverage plays a major role in determining the country’s infant mortality rate.

With the family health insurance plan available on Bajaj Markets, coverage for maternity and newborns is inclusive. This also means you don’t have to purchase a new insurance plan when you’re welcoming a new member into the family. In addition to the convenience of adding a family member to your health insurance plan, you can also benefit from comprehensive coverage, tax refunds, and more when purchasing the affordable Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance for families on Bajaj Markets. Therefore, you’ll also be helping improve the nation’s infant mortality rate and overall healthcare statistics. Who knew protecting your health could help the country too?

Here are some of the benefits of this particular offering.

1. Trust

The Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance plan is the trusted financial policy for over 100 million customers across the country, which means it’s a tried and true companion you can lean on for all your healthcare needs.

2. Customization

Don’t file for different health insurance policies. Instead, choose custom-made plans for all ages groups. The offerings available on Bajaj Markets are completely customizable and tailored to suit all your needs.

3. Extensive Coverage

Bajaj Allianz has tie-ups with over 6,500 hospitals all over India, making it one of the most extensive insurance networks in the country. Furthermore, their family insurance plan features medical coverage from 1.5 lakhs to 50 lakhs. That means you can rest assured when it comes to paying medical expenses.

4. Swift Claim Settlements

There’s nothing more tedious than filing claim settlements and waiting to see if you have been approved. The family health insurance plan available on Bajaj Markets ensures no delays in the claim settlement process with a claim settlement rate of 94% and no third party involved. This makes it quick, easy, and seamless to file all your settlements.

As India’s infant mortality rates continue to fall, this serves as a timely reminder to make sure you and your family have a good family health insurance plan.

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