Is Medical Insurance Mandatory for Traveling to the US?

Posted in Health Insurance Blogs By Bajaj Markets-Dec 30,2019
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It is not necessary to purchase medical travel insurance for USA visitors; however, it is highly recommended. Imagine paying for US healthcare on top of your flight tickets. The flight from Bombay to New York is 16+ hours. From Hyderabad, it is close to 20 hours. Traveling on an aeroplane for an extended period exposes people to all kinds of pathogens, making them more susceptible to head colds and influenza.

If, by chance, you catch a cold, and want to rule out other infections, a single consultation with a doctor costs between $100-$200 in the US. That is an average of Rs.10,660.


Medical Insurance Mandatory for Travel


Source: Statista on Forbes

On top of that, you might need to buy flu medication, which costs $150 (for a single dose of Xofluza) for those without health insurance. Overall, your cost adds up to more than Rs 21,000 spent on a cold! If things were worse than a simple cold, one night in a hospital would cost you $750. If it isn’t apparent already, healthcare in the US is costly.

A typical travel insurance policy provides benefits similar to health insurance coverage. It protects you in case of unanticipated illnesses while traveling like colds, infections, or injuries while traveling. It also provides health insurance coverage for hospital costs, ambulance trips, and expensive medical procedures like scans, surgeries, and medical treatment.

Besides health insurance coverage, an adequate travel insurance policy can also protect you in logistical crises like losing your backpacks. All your warm clothes, favorite accessories, essential documents like your passport, money, cards, and shoes are now lost or stolen because of airline negligence. Or it might be you, or a family member, that is responsible for misplacing your luggage.

Whether or not it is travel season, airport luggage thefts are on the rise in US airports. More than 200 bags are stolen from JFK airport in a single day! In either case, you are stuck in a foreign country without any valuable belongings. A good travel insurance policy will cover this, as well. The cover is in the form of financial compensation in case such an emergency arises. For instance, if you misplace your passport, your travel insurance will compensate you with the required amount to issue a new passport.

In addition to baggage loss or theft, it’s possible that expensive flights can be delayed or canceled. The cost of airfare within the US averages to about a steep $346. If one such domestic flight is canceled, your trip could cost you an additional Rs 25,000 without any benefits. You can prevent this if you choose to opt for medical travel insurance for USA trips.

In case your flights within, and from the US are canceled, your travel insurance policy will compensate you for that. Your travel insurance also covers any losses due to these delays. For instance, assume your flight got canceled and delayed you by 24 hours. Due to the delay, you were not able to check in to your hotel on the correct day. The hotel may not reimburse you for the same, but if it doesn’t, your travel insurance policy definitely will.

Another way your trip could turn sour is in case you unintentionally injure another person or accidentally damage their property. In the worst cases, an expensive lawsuit may be filed against you. Settlements for a personal injury case in the US fall anywhere between the range of $3000 and $75,000. Hence, third-party liability could become an extreme financial burden for travelers in the US. A sound travel insurance policy is prepared to tackle the weight of third-party injuries through its personal liability cover.

In conclusion, the best medical travel insurance for USA travellers offers tailor-made plans based on the goal of the trip, and individuals availing them. Bajaj Allianz’s Travel Insurance Plans available on Bajaj Markets provide custom plans for families, students, senior citizens or pregnant women. You receive compensation in case of medical emergencies, flight issues, loss of important items, and other benefits with Bajaj Allianz’s Travel Insurance on

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