Keeping Children Healthy In the Long Run

Posted in Health Insurance Blogs By Finserv MARKETS-Dec 21,2019
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The care you give to your little ones can never be enough. You are constantly looking for more and more ways to give them a healthy and carefree life. You tend to forget about your own health when a kid is born.

When your kid starts growing up, you need to take extra care and follow certain children’s health practices that they will imbibe early on and make use of for the rest of their lives. Here are the 10 basic steps that you should take towards this goal.

Balance that diet

Everyone, especially kids, needs to have a balanced diet that includes all the nutrients in proper quantities. It is important to help kids in developing a strong immunity. Different types of foods also help in developing the kid’s taste.



Natural nourishment

Keep your kids away from processed food as much as possible. Focus on fresh vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and other natural foods to avoid child health problems. Natural foods are low in sugar, good for skin and a healthy heart. Hence, avoid frozen vegetables, packaged juices, etc.

Eating sugar? No Papa!

Food and drinks high in sugary content should be avoided as much as possible. This includes chocolate drinks, soft drinks, biscuits, and a lot of junk food. These items can cause diabetes and tooth decay. Excess sugar also leads to child health problems like low calcium absorption, which causes weakness of the bones.

Don’t use food as reward

It is a common practice to reward children for good behaviour with food that they like. This might not be the ideal practice, because the child might get used to it and expect their favourite food all the time even if it’s unhealthy. You could instead play a game with them or tell them one more story at bedtime, etc.

Frequent meals

Instead of the traditional three-meal-routine, get your child used to small, frequent meals. This is much better for their digestive system, will keep their weight will be in check, and child health problems will be kept at bay.

All gadgets and no play is not good for children’s health

Restrict gadget time and push your child to play outside. It will help them make friends, get good exercise, learn to conduct themselves properly with others, and give them a daily dose of natural, fresh air.




Like parent, like child

You cannot be feeding greens to your child while you and your spouse eat oily food or binge on sweets every day. Set an example by following a healthy lifestyle yourself because your child looks up to you more than anyone else.

Shop and cook together

Take your child to the grocery store with you and teach them how to read nutrition labels. Involve them in the kitchen at whatever small level possible so that they understand their nutritional needs better. It will also make them independent early on.

Lots of water

Water is the most major component in our bodies. Habituating your child to keep drinking water at regular intervals will contribute greatly to their health all life long. Constant hydration is important for energy. It is also vital to keep bodily functions like digestion and circulation going smoothly.

Early to bed, early to rise

Lack of sleep is an underrated cause of a lot of health problems related to the body and mind. Getting your kid to understand the importance of proper sleep will give them a healthy lifestyle early on and help them cope with busy routines in adulthood.

These are just the preliminary measures that you must take for your child’s well-being. There is a lot more planning that goes into a child’s health, and an essential part of it is health insurance. You should not have to struggle for money if your child has a major medical issue at any point in their lives. You can browse through family health insurance policies such as Family Health Insurance, available on Bajaj Markets. It provides pre and post hospitalization cover, maternity, as well as new born baby coverage and bariatric surgery, covers up to Rs.5 lakhs, all this at costs starting from just Rs. 292 per month.

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