How to Protect Your Furry Friends?

Posted in Insurance Blogs By Friyana Munshi-Jan 14,2023
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“Until one has loved an animal, 

A part of one’s soul remains un-awakened.”Anatole France 

If there is someone in this world who will love you more than they love themselves, it’s probably your pet. Those soft furry friends speak volumes with just the lift of the head, the wag of a tail, and their soft nudges. They help you through the highs and lows of your life with their soft whines. Your pets are playmates that light up your world in the darkest times. These ‘emotional support’ beings enter your heart and don’t leave. 

Every moment spent with these beautiful creatures is a blessing, especially with the limited time. Your pets won’t be with you all your life, but you can be there for them through theirs. What you can do is take care of these creatures to the best of your ability. Their tiny paws, soft feathers, floppy ears, and lopsided grins must be protected. That morning chirp and the late-night barks must resound for as long as possible. Let us help you in this journey to help keep your pet happy and safe. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that your furry friends stay energetic, lively, and healthy. 

1. Don’t miss the doctor’s appointment

Like humans, animals can also suffer from severe ailments like organ failures, cardiac arrests, and cancers. Diagnosis of such diseases on time is important. But how will you know if something is wrong? Your little pet is like an infant. Unable to speak, but able to express. Observe your pet’s behavioural patterns and you will soon realise when they are feeling uncomfortable, hurt, or unwell. If something seems off, taking your pet to the vet should be on the top of your list. Getting your sick pet the right medical attention is important to ensure its health and overall wellbeing.  

Regular deworming and vaccinations are essential for every animal and should not be skipped under any circumstances. Sterilising/neutering your pet can help prevent further health complications, keeping them away from a host of diseases. Dedicated medical facilities, including hospitals specifically for pets, provide such procedures along with multiple other medical surgeries. Make sure your furry friend gets the best treatment on time and remains active and well.  

2. Identifying the pawprints

Did your puppy run off while the door was left slightly ajar? Your free-spirited dog is probably out there discovering the world, while your heart aches in worry and anxiety. After all your innocent little furball is out alone in the evil world of raging cars and rusty roads. Proper identification and registration can help. A basic collar with your pet’s name and your contact information is one way to make sure your pet gets home safe when found by someone. Make sure the information on the collar is always up to date.  

Having your pet registered can help you get assistance from the police and other authorities in your search. This also helps you legally prove yourself as the owner in case of disputes and false claims. So, make sure to keep the proof of ownership handy and always have your contact details on your pet. Don’t let anything get in the way of your love for your animal. 

3. Maintain a clean and safe room for your pet!

A pet is a 24/7 companion. But here’s the thing about your partner, they need their own room too. It is necessary to ensure that they have a dedicated space where they can relax and retire for the day. Make sure to build a spacious abode for your furry friend. It should be cleaned at regular intervals, especially the litter box, in case of cats. Make sure the area allotted to them is not too restrictive or small and is enough to let them walk around. Make it extra comfortable with warm blankets and pillows. A dirty plate is the cause of multiple health problems for humans and animals. Hence, you must wash your pet’s food dishes, and water bowls frequently. Ensure that the toys used are also cleaned regularly. Make sure that their surrounding is hygienic and safe. Pointy objects like needles and scissors should not be left around pets as these inquisitive creatures can hurt themselves thinking it’s a toy. A clean environment will help them stay healthy and not catch any diseases; as their guardian it is your job to assure this.  

4. Make sure they eat what they must

As much as you consider your parrot a part of your family, feeding it every kind of human food is not a great idea. Different animals have different nutritional requirements and taste palates. It is important to thoroughly research the species and breed of your pet before making their nutritional chart. You can take the help of your vet to make a list of the foods they can have. If you are using processed food specifically made for animals like dogs, cats, fish, etc. make sure that it is of excellent quality and suits your animal’s digestive pattern. Good nutrition will help your pet grow, stay active, have a shinier coat (if a dog or cat), and strengthen their bones. The right nutritional plan designed specifically for your pet is a fantastic way to develop their immunity and keep them healthy. Besides this, you must provide clean and fresh drinking water to your pets. Ensure that you always fill their drinking bowl and offer their meals as per a consistent set schedule. A good way to get your pet to ingest prescribed medication and additional supplements is to add it to their food.  

5. Get that furball moving!

It’s time to play! Unleash the athletic prowess of your pet by playing fetch, run and chase your pet around the park; just get your furry friend moving. Your pet needs to exercise just like you. So, take them with you on your morning jog and that night walk. This helps keep their limbs strong, assists digestion, and prevents ailments. It also helps you manage their weight, making sure they don’t go obese, which can invite various health problems. Socialising is also important for your pets. Meeting more animals of their kind and others, and interacting with more humans, is vital for the cognitive development of your pet. Your furball is one smart creature who listens to your commands and protects you. Sharpen its mind and help it develop more with regular socialisation and loads of play. Go have fun with your dog in the park and enjoy the time together. 

6. Spend more time with them  

Yes, you are busy! And you always will be. But your little pet is there asking for some attention. The constant nudges, the soft whines, the little paw in your lap, the wet little nose sniffing your palm. How can you ignore it all? To your pet you are their entire world. Please don’t ignore them. Spend as much time as you can with them. Owning a pet is beyond feeding, sheltering, and caretaking. It’s affection. And you must express that love to your animal as often as possible. Animals can get sad and depressed quickly if ignored for lengthy periods by their owners. They develop diseases and health issues, eventually worsening their condition. 

Spending time with your pets is important to assure them of your presence. Not just for them but even for yourself, it is a promising idea to bond further with your animal. Pets reduce stress and anxiety, lightening your mood. This dual-sided trade is pretty good, especially when all there is at stake is affection and love. Make your pet feel important, pampered, and loved. They walk the earth and fly the skies for just a few years, ensure you are by their side through it all, so that they are never alone. 


There is this, and so much more that you can do for your pets to keep them safe, protected, and healthy. So, if you are a brand-new pet owner and have been looking for a path to get started, we hope this small guide has been helpful. Pet insurance is also a terrific way to ensure that you can get your pet the best treatment in case of emergencies and accidents without worrying about finances. But above all ensure that your pet is always loved! 

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