Guide to Achieve Financial Goals via Bajaj Markets – Part 1

Posted in Investment By Bhavesh Mehta - May 8,2019
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Optimum allocation of a limited resource is the most crucial aspect of investment if you want to get the most out of it, and especially when the allocation has to be made across multiple investment options such as Fixed Deposits (FD), Mutual Funds (MF), National Pension Scheme (NPS) & Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). These investment options are available on Bajaj Markets for you to decide to either pick and choose or go for a bouquet of all investment options.

Here’s the first tip: when you are allocating your finances, remember that not all investment options from the plethora of plans available will serve your goal. There is almost always a conflict and a trade-off pertaining to how much you can allocate in which investment avenue. The simplest manifestation of such a trade-off is when it comes to your family: you want to earn more to be able to provide the best to your family, but that requires you to earn more which, in turn, sacrifices your time spent with them. Besides, there’s a humanly limit to how much and how long you can work. Thus, there’s a persistent conflict: giving the best life to your children is of utmost priority to you, but it also brings looming financial stress.

One healthy practice in this drive to figure out the best investment options is knowing that your present actions and financial decisions can affect your financial status in the future. You can and should do everything to safeguard your kids’ futures, whether it is their education or marriage. This is where Bajaj Markets can be a useful guide: as a platform to peek into the best investment options in India.

Disproportionate Financial Allocation

There are some actions, some ‘red flags’ of investment that could be feeding one of your financial goals while starving the others. Using EPF money and spending it on wedding expenses, spending on comforts and good lifestyle to keep yourself motivated for work, low savings ratio, using the annual surplus for vacation or reinvesting in business are some such practices.

One of the symptoms of such uneven financial allocation would be reflected in the lack of diversification of assets. Remember that a healthy portfolio of investments will encompass varied investment options, across long term investment plans and short-term options, high-return investments and tax-saving investments, among others.

Asset building should be strategic and backed with prudent financial priorities, providing for both today and the future. To manage your return and risk effectively, you need to be equipped with the tools, knowledge and variety in investments. Proper asset allocation characterized by diversification provides you with those necessary tools.

With a bouquet of investment options available on Bajaj Markets, you can rest assured that you will be able to drive the right application and allocation of your funds and investments.

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