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Thinking of Applying for a Credit Card? Here are your Top 10 Credit Card Options

By Finserv MARKETS - Nov 15,2021
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Top Premium Credit Cards in India

A credit card allows the users to spend a specific amount of money every month under the user’s credit limit. The credit limit depends on the user’s financial profile and bank norms. The credit amount spent by the user has to be paid on a monthly basis to the bank to avoid any penalty.  Not every account holder is eligible for credit card. There are certain parameters to become eligible for a credit card –

  • The candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • Indian Resident. Some banks in India offer credit cards to a non-resident of India as well.
  • Stable source of income. A candidate having a minimum income of Rs 2 lakh per annum is eligible for Credit Cards. The Income criteria might differ for top credit cards in India.

Parameters to Find an Ideal Credit Card

One should keep in mind that credit cards should also cater to the individual needs and demands. It is, therefore, quite crucial to consider certain parameters before applying for a credit card.

  • If an individual has a habit of indulging in a luxurious lifestyle like traveling, shopping, etc., they should opt for a Shopping credit card or Travel credit card. These credit cards are generally the top premium credit cards in India, which add credit scores into the account, leading to cashback, vouchers, and discounts.
  • The top credit cards in India have a business tie-up with several brands and companies. The transaction with credit cards in such brands and companies provides financial benefits to the individual. It is therefore advisable to compare among the top premium credit cards in India and then apply for the suitable one. Take a look at different types of credit cards.
  • The annual charges on the credit card differ in every bank. These additional charges are generally higher in top premium credit cards in India in comparison to others. Small-scale banks offering credit cards to account holders generally do not charge any annual maintenance fees. Thus, an individual needs to think about these additional expenses as well.

How are Credit Cards Useful?

There are various advantages of having ownership of a credit card.  Here is a list of some common perks that every credit card offers

  • A credit card is an alternative to cash. The card owner can make transactions using credit cards without having any holding of cash. The customer will have to settle the payment at the end of the month.
  • A credit card bill generated at the end of the month helps the owner to track their spendings. The bill is quite detailed, thus helping the customer to plan their spending.
  • Transaction done via credit card helps the customers to build credit points in the bank.  These credit points, when accumulated resulting in rewards and perks to the customers.

List of Top 10 Credit Cards in India

Credit Card Special Purpose
SBI SimplySAVE Credit Card The card offers entertainment, shopping, and fuel services with an annual maintenance charge of Rs 500.
SBI BPCL Credit Card The Credit Card offers basic services like shopping and fuel with basic maintenance charges of Rs 500
SBI Prime Credit Card The Prime Credit Card offers traveling, Shopping, and fuel services to its users. The customers will have to pay Rs 3000 as maintenance charges.
SBI Elite Credit Card This is one of the top premium credit cards in India, offering entertainment, shopping, dining, and fuel with an annual maintenance charge of Rs 5000.
Axis Neo Credit Card This credit card is the most economical among the top 10 credit cards in India. It offers entertainment, dining, and shopping facilities to its customers for just Rs 250.
Axis MYZONE Credit Card This credit card will help its customers to cover fuel expenses with an annual fee of Rs 500.
Axis Indian Oil Credit Card Axis has a tie-up with Indian Oil and offers fuel services with an annual fee of Rs 500.
Axis Privilege Credit Card The credit card offers the privilege of traveling, shopping, and dining with annual maintenance charges of Rs 1500.
Axis Select Credit Card Axis bank offers one of the top premium credit cards in India by offering services in entertainment, dining, and shopping at an annual fee of Rs 3000.
Citibank Rewards Credit Card Citibank offers rewards in traveling, shopping, and dining with a minimal annual charge of Rs 1000.

Benefits of Credit Card from Finserv MARKETS App

The benefits of having a credit card cannot be counted on fingers. From fuel surcharge waiver, EMI facility, international shopping, reward programs, etc. The list is full of pocket-friendly perks that make the customer’s life easy and convenient. However, these perks and benefits are common in top credit cards in India. But here is a list of some benefits that a customer can avail themselves only if they apply for a credit card via the Finserv MARKETS app –

Loan Against Credit – Finserv MARKETS allows the user to avail of a loan against the customer’s credit limit. The repayment of these loans can be made by easy EMI.

Easy down-payments– Finserv MARKETS app allows easy purchase with the EMI option. Therefore, one should apply for a credit card with Finserv MARKETS.

Safer Platform – Finserv MARKETS is a safer platform that eliminates all kinds of risks and fraud. Applying for a credit card via Finserv MARKETS adds additional security for the customers.

Cash Withdrawal Services – The credit card generated via Finserv MARKETS offers cash withdrawal services without any interest charges. The customers will, however, have to pay nominal charges on the transactions.

Attractive Offers – Finserv MARKETS offers attractive deals like discounts, vouchers, and discounts on every transaction of credit cards

These top 10 credit cards in India offered by Finserv MARKETS will help you stay on top of your payment needs. A credit card will allow the users to pay the utility bills, make EMI purchases, and provide emergency credit, making their lives comfortable. Customers can register for a credit card according to their budget and requirement. Every credit card has minimal maintenance fees that have to be paid annually. The maintenance fee excludes the penalty for late payment.


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