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5 Best spaces depending on room size for 1 Ton AC

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 30,2019
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Are you wondering what is the room size for 1 ton ac and what kind of spaces can accommodate a 1 ton Air conditioner?

The air conditioner market in India is growing at a steady rate, almost 18-20 percent faster than other units until 2015. The driving forces behind such a growth in the AC industry is the soaring temperatures in India along with high humidity levels in the western and southern regions of the country. Besides, higher disposable income and increased consumer education have pushed individuals to compare several options before acquiring the best air conditioners on the market.

According to data available to 6Wresearch, the Indian air conditioning market is expected to grow at around 1.2 percent between 2018 and 2014.

Numerous factors go into consideration when it comes to buying a new air conditioner. Factors such as style, design, electricity-saving capacities, and the ton value play a crucial role in deciding which air conditioner to go for.

A popular AC option is a 1 ton capacity AC. It is perfect for a room with 200 square metres of space, taking an hour or less to cool it up.

Let us look at room size for 1 ton AC & five spaces where you can have a 1 ton AC installed.

  1. Living room

A living room is just big enough to contain as many people while they get together for activities such as watching TV, relaxing on the couch, or any other act of leisure.

For a room of such capacity, a 1 ton AC turns out to be the best air conditioner option as it can cool the place well. It won’t take a lot of time for a 1 ton AC to cool down an average living room space.

However, if you have a living room which is larger than 200 square metres, then a 1 ton AC might not do the job. You will have to add extra 0.5 ton to the capacity and get a 1.5 ton AC.

  1. Bedroom

Bedrooms are cozy and comfortable places where we come to unwind and get a good sleep. Bedrooms are the best room size for 1 ton ac. A 1 ton AC in your bedroom can do an excellent job with keeping it cool. Since bedrooms have a lot of ventilation, it becomes much easier to install ACs as the air outflow does not choke up the room.

For a 1 ton AC, room size matters but along with that if you have an airy bedroom, then it is a good idea to install a 1 ton AC in that space as you won’t always have to have it switched on as the natural conditioning does the job. ACs are notorious for generating a high amount of electricity bill, so to save the most on electricity bills, it is recommended to use the AC only when you need it.

  1. Kids’ room

IT is essential to provide your children with the comfort they need. SPaces for kids are not generally as big, so a 1 ton capacity AC can do a decent job in keeping it cool. You can switch on the AC half an hour before your kids go to bed. This way, the AC will have enough time to cool down the room.

Kids have a habit of playing around with buttons, so make sure that you have your AC turned off when you do not need it, or have it timed so that it automatically goes off when the time comes. Also, it is advisable to keep the remote out of their reach.

  1. Office space

If you have an office space where you get a say in deciding on which air conditioner to use, then you should definitely opt for a 1 ton AC as it will help you in saving those extra bucks. Consider buying a 5-star air conditioner for maximum saving from the Bajaj Finserv EMI store. However, make sure that you only use the 1 ton capacity AC if the room stands at no more than 200 square metres. If it is more, then you will eventually end up using more electricity for slower cooling time.

  1. Study

Studies are a great place to have your mind focus, and studies are the best for 1 ton air conditioner room size and this is where a wisp of cold air, especially helps. If you are looking forward to longer reading sessions in your study, then consider opting for a 1 ton AC to better your experience.

If you are looking to buy a good AC for your study, consider exploring the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store for the best deals.


Therefore, with 1 ton AC, room size, affordability, etc become very important factors.

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