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5 ways in which smartphones have transformed society

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 31,2019
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Smartphones have unquestionably revolutionized our society in the last decade. With ever increasing users worldwide and millions of apps available across Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform, impact of mobile phones on our day-to-day life in remarkable ways. It all started with an iPhone and then the acceptance and evolution of the smartphone have been huge worldwide. Since the time the cellphone was invented, to this day, almost 80% of the world population is using cellphones, while the user base for smartphones is increasing rapidly as well. A large number of people use their smartphones to read the news, post photos or status updates, and text over social media apps.

This behavior goes on to show that more and more people are moving towards smartphones, leaving their PCs. However, PCs will continue to sell for they have their importance in education and businesses, but it is observed that the world will see significant growth in smartphones and tablets in the future. With smartphones getting affordable and accessible with easy mobile finance options offered by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, there is rarely anyone who does not own a smartphone.

To understand how it has affected each one of us, read further.

  1. Smartphones replaced basic daily necessities like an alarm clock, a calendar, torch, calculator, a journal and most importantly a newspaper. More and more people prefer to read their news on their smartphones than on a physical paper. As Steve Jobs had accurately said at the iPhone’s launch, “It is like having your life in your pocket”.
  2. Our social life has changed drastically over the last 10 years with smartphones, sometimes for good and sometimes for worse. With the rise in social media, we are now everywhere with just an app. Whether it’s keeping in touch with old friends or making new friends, The way we interact in society has changed. Smartphones allow you to even date over an app, even before you meet the person in real life.
  3. Another very important aspect of life which is affected by smartphones and is a blessing is how we do banking. Rarely there’s a need to go to the bank and queue for those fund transfers or request for a cheque book or to just check balance and manage accounts. Every bank has an app these days and you can manage almost everything related to your bank accounts, credit cards or loans at the touch of your finger.
  4. Some would argue that smartphone culture has made us all lazy but it is really helpful when it comes to saving time and do more. There’s an app for everything whether you want to order food while you prepare for that party or if you want to call a cab in the middle of the night for that late night travel plan. It’s all so convenient with the internet on your phone.
  5. It is not only a PC in your pocket but sometimes a book or a dictionary or a full-fledged digital camera. Your smartphone can be anything you want it to be with the help of apps. It is no longer just a communication device. You can start a small business with the help of your smartphone and the internet. That’s how powerful this device is.

Smartphones have truly transformed our society and changed our perspectives on how we see the world influencing practically all aspects of human life. The impacts of smartphones are more positive than negative. However, the negative effects of a smartphone cannot be ignored. One negative impact of smartphones is it has reduced real human interaction, which is unhealthy not only for an individual but for society as a whole.

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Though there are many ways which can help you control and minimize the negative effects of your smartphone usage, nothing can replace human interactions. A smart way to use a smartphone is to treat it like it is supposed to be; a machine to help humans, not to replace humans. The smartphone is not only a pocket-sized PC but holds limitless potential for future generations. It is now easy to buy a new smartphone with no cost EMI options made available by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, which gives you access to the a wide range of consumer electronics products.


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