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7 Features Your Refrigerator Needs and Three It Probably Does Not

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 4,2019
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5 new age features coming to our refrigirator in 2019

If you are confused by the irresistible refrigerator prices online, with myriad photographs from every angle, discounts at unbelievable rates and EMI options to suit your pocket, read this guide on features you really need, before you buy a refrigerator online on sites like Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

7 Features Your New Fridge Needs

Why would some features qualify as must-haves in a fridge?

i.  The features fit into your lifestyle

ii.  The features fit into your budget

iii.  The features are drawn from cutting-edge technologies

iv.  The features extend ease-of-use comfort

1) Crisper Drawers: Who does not want to preserve choicest of fruits and vegetables, picked out painstakingly at best-price groceries in the most hygienic manner while maintaining their freshness for the longest of time? Vegetables thrive in conditions of high humidity; fruits fare better when stored at lower humidity levels. So your refrigerator price includes the convenience of having two separate drawers, marked Vegetables and Fruits!  Some even have humidity controls to customise the humidity levels. Some crisper drawers have controls that allow you to customize each drawer’s humidity level.[2] Would you grudge paying a little extra for such a refrigerator online?

2) Auto-Defrost: Automatic defrost or self-defrosting is a defrost mechanism in a refrigerator which heats the cooling element (evaporator coil) just enough to melt the frost built on it. Water melting drains through a duct at the back of the unit. Defrosting takes place every 6-8-10-12 or 24 hours of compressor operation when an electronic timer turns on a heater for 15 minutes to half an hour.[3] Now you know why you have to shell out a wee bit more for that frost free, frostless or no-frost refrigerator.

3) Adjustable Glass Shelves: Are you still opting for those wired shelves? Don’t. All the food and meat juices drip onto the shelf below. Nowadays fridges some with glass shelves that prevent such mishaps. Combined with spill-proof edges that are turned in, they are really a blessing. These adjustable shelves give you the freedom to configure your fridge space as per your needs in a dynamic way. You can keep heavier and bulkier items in the lower shelves, you can move the shelf to give more head-room for say a dressed chicken when the need arises and so on.

4) Inverter-friendly compressor: An inverter fridge is one that comes with an inverter-controlled compressor. It empowers the compressor to adapt itself as per your usage pattern –it functions with altering speeds depending on the need. For example, let us say you open the fridge door and arrange all the shopping for a good ten minutes, the compressor works faster to cool the fridge and later at night when the temperature dips, it slows down. You must look for such energy efficient new fridges on Finserv MARKETS if you wish to spend wisely.

5)       Voltage Stabiliser: If you are constrained by budget and are already looking up single door refrigerator prices instead of feature-rich models, you must take this advice seriously. Though most fridges come with in-built surge protection, you must factor in the cost of an additional voltage stabiliser to protect your new fridge from fluctuations.

6)        Higher Energy Rating: Look for energy ratings of your refrigerator online – a higher rating, denoted by the number of stars, will help you save electricity. Power saved is money saved in the long run. A 5 Star Fridge means it is the most efficient. Look up the table below.

7)       Quick Chill and Freeze: Shed your old-fashioned beliefs that cooling happens slowly and gradually. Modern latest cooling mechanics ensure you can get quick ice cubes or cool drinks in just a few minutes.  See the infographic below.

Not Such a Must

  1. Mirror finish: Nice, till the first smudge appears.
  2. Water and Ice Dispenser: Power guzzlers that demand annual filter replacements.
  3. Smart Fridge: If you want to play music, check the weather, peek into the shelves remotely, connect other devices [6]… surely you are too smart to fall for this?

So the next time you compare refrigerator prices and refrigerator offers, keep the must-haves for a fridge in mind.


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