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8 features in a refrigerator should you never compromise on

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 2,2019
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A refrigerator is an expensive purchase. If you are considering purchasing a new fridge, there are a few must-have features that you should keep in mind to ensure that it offers convenience and is easy on the pockets. There are a few features that consumers often ignore while swooning over its aesthetic appeals such as temperature control, capacity, and lighting. Choosing the wrong style, storage capacity, and technology can have you spending days scraping ice off the freeze box. Here is a breakdown of the features you need for your new refrigerator-

  1. The storage capacity: The capacity is one of the most important considerations while purchasing a new refrigerator. If your fridge cannot suit your family’s requirement, then nothing else can be more critical. You could assess your family’s food and shopping habits to assess the capacity that you require in your new purchase. The capacity is measured in four categories – overall space, freezer storage, fresh food storage, and creative storage. The overall space is the total storage space inside the refrigerator. It is measured in cubic feet and is one of the key considerations in assessing storage space. The fresh food storage is the non-freezer section where you keep the meat and other perishables. The freezer storage is where you could store all your pizzas, leftover dinners, and frozen vegetable packets. Finally, creative storage is the most fun corner of your fridge. It makes it easy to store and retrieve your food items in a few quick seconds. It could include a pizza slot in the freezer or a soda can dispenser. Take your pick!
  2. Temperature control: A basic fridge these days consists of two temperature control options – one in the main compartment and the other in the freezer. The bottom freezer variant consists of fresh-food controls wherein the freezer supplies cold air to both parts of the fridge via a damper. The fresh food control regulates the amount of cold air that flows into the main compartment. The freezer control, on the other hand, decides the freezer fan and compressor running times.
  3. The door style: We are not asking you to be pretentious. All we ask of you is to consider the difference in the convenience offered by a modern-day double door as opposed to the traditional single door variants. The single-door fridge is more energy efficient and can keep your electricity bills low. The fridge works on the basis of direct technology. The double-door variant boasts of a larger freezer compartment, higher storage capacity, and an enhanced cooling effect to preserve food items for a longer time.
  4. Energy-efficiency: Selecting an energy-efficient refrigerator can help you save on bills but more than anything, makes you an eco-conscious consumer. You can look out for the Energy Star qualified refrigerator models as the products meet energy-efficiency requirements stipulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The most efficient refrigerators come with a five-star rating. If you are confused about what products fall into this bracket, take a quick look at the offerings on EMI stores such as Finserv MARKETS to know more on the latest and most energy-efficient products in the market.
  5. Customisable shelves: Refrigerators with customisable shelves and bins ensure that you can fit your oversized bottles and packages. These movable bins fit perfectly into your needs while the spill-proof shelves prevent spills from spreading across the appliance.
  6. The dairy compartment: While this might seem silly at first, your fridge should definitely have a dairy compartment. It is used to store the butter, cheese, and ghee at slightly higher temperatures than the rest of the food items for them to last longer.
  7. Aesthetics: The exterior of your fridge can decide whether it clashes with the surrounding appliances and furnishing or blends right in. Take a look at the various offerings in the market including fridges with retro-inspired designs if you are open to experimenting with design.
  8. Additional features: Your refrigerator can offer additional benefits such as water dispensers, ice makers, and automatic water pitchers. In addition, it should provide adequate lighting so that you do not have to hunt for one of those late-night snacks.

In place of hunting for your new fridge in the nooks and crannies of local electronic stores, simply go online and visit an EMI store. EMI stores such as the one on Finserv MARKETS offer EMIs with zero down payment and same-day delivery options for the latest refrigerator brands in the market. Before making your purchase, evaluate the needs of your family and sift through the information and reviews available online.


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