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Are foldable phones really needed?

By Finserv MARKETS - May 22,2019
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Foldable phones

Smartphone giants such as Apple, LG and Google, are always looking for a way to surge ahead and capture the market by launching the latest new technology in the realm of smartphones. From virtual reality to augmented reality phones, from triple cameras to face recognition, we have seen it all. 2019 so far has been abuzz with the launch of foldable phones and whether they are really necessary. If you are a smartphone enthusiast but don’t know how to finance your next phone, you don’t need to worry anymore. With Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can get the latest smartphones delivered to your doorstep.

Read on to know about what are foldable smartphones and the latest foldable phones to watch out for:

·         Development of foldable phones

  • Although talks about the development of foldable smartphones have been going around for a while, they finally only came into the market in 2019.
  • For some manufacturers such as Samsung, this would mean having a phone with a regular sized display, which can open up to a full-sized tablet.
  • The Samsung’s foldable phone will have two displays: a tall 4.5-inch 840 x 1960 screen on the outside or front of the device, and a foldable 7.3-inch 1536 x 2152 display on the inside.
  • During a press event about the launch of the phone, the mobile giant revealed that the UI of the phone will automatically change depending on whether it is folded or not.
  • Furthermore, it also showed that there will be continuity between the two displays so if you are using an app on the front screen and then open up the phone, the same app will open up on the larger display.

Apart from Samsung, other players including Huawei, LG, Motorola, Apple, Royole, ZTE are all working on foldable devices as well. Although market experts predict this technology will be expensive, such devices will make portability and multitasking much easier than before.

·         So why do we need foldable phones?

  • Smartphone enthusiasts and market experts argue that the folding technology of folding mobile phones is not fully advanced yet, due to which they are likely to be bulky and are much thicker than regular phones.
  • For instance, the Galaxy Fold, when fully folded, has a thickness of 17mm, which is three times the thickness of Moto Z ( 5.19mm) while almost four times the thickness of Vivo V5 Max (4.75 mm).
  • Hence, there is a need to make these devices sleeker in order to create a space for them in the heart of the modern consumer.
  • Additionally, smartphone enthusiasts also say that every foldable smartphone will have variation in aspect ratio and approach towards designing which will make the process of software optimization difficult.
  • It is being said that no matter how good a foldable phone may become, the lack of applications and software experience will always result in taking less advantage of their possibilities.
  • Finally, the last drawback of the foldable smartphone is the incredibly high price tag associated with it, due to the high cost of manufacturing the same.

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