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Augmented reality on mobile phones: Use cases beyond Pokemon Go

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 4,2019
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Do you remember the frenzy unleashed by the launch of Pokemon Go? Children and adults alike were running around cities trying to use the GPS on the mobile devices to capture, train, locate and battle with Pokemon. Initially released in 2016, the augmented reality game transformed gaming as well as the way people interacted with their smartphones. While Pokemon Go might have been one of the first cases of mainstream use of augmented reality on your mobile device, the uses of this technology go far beyond just capturing Pokemon and are set to transform lives. With Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can join the revolution and buy your brand new mobile phone on EMI without a credit card to be delivered at your doorstep in less than 24 hours.

When talking about augmented reality, one of the most important things to decipher is that it is not the same as virtual reality. While virtual reality completely replaces the users real world with a simulated world, augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience in the ongoing real world. In AR, objects present in the real world are simply augmented by computer-generated information across senses including but not limited to visual and auditory information. Technology companies and startups are pouring millions and millions of dollars into hardware and software research about AR capability. In fact, a study conducted by Digi-Capital, a consultancy specialising in AR and VR, the industry is expected to become a $108 billion business.

The uses of AR on your mobile phone are countless. An application being developed in the Netherlands called Layar helps users use the phone camera on their mobile phone, along with the GPS system to gather information about the surrounding area. The application can show information about restaurants and other sites in the area on your phone screen. In fact, you can point to a building and the application will provide you with a history of the building or about any companies located there. Additionally, an application called Augment is all set to show you how any product you may want to buy will look in your real-world environment. Whether it is a new sofa or a bedside table, you can project new products before purchasing them into your own bedroom to see what they may look like.

In fact, even the healthcare field will benefit from the mainstream use of augmented reality. A smartphone-enabled AR application company called Tissue Analytics is already developing an application that could help doctors and nurses use their mobile phones to quickly identify specific wounds to aid quicker diagnosis and medical care.

One of the main reasons that AR will be immersed in your everyday life is that the hardware used for the technology by the consumer, that is a smartphone is already in widespread use worldwide. So what are you waiting for? With Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can join the AR revolution, by having your brand new smartphone delivered to your doorstep in less than 24 hours with no paperwork, instant approval, zero down payment and interest on EMI.

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