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Difference between Single door and Double door refrigerators

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 30,2019
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Be it sipping a refreshing cool drink, or keeping your edibles fresh, refrigerators have become an intrinsic part of the family. It is also an indispensable appliance in small and medium business establishments. If you are planning to replace your old refrigerator with a new appliance with cutting-edge features, or simply purchasing it for the first time, then you must consider certain key factors before zeroing in a double door or single door refrigerator. Before comparing the single door vs double door fridges, you should consider several factors like your lifestyle and budget.

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Here are the key difference between single door and double door refrigerators:

1. Single door vs double door refrigerator-Capacity and storage:

This is of utmost importance when comparing the single door vs double door fridges .While a single door refrigerator has a capacity ranging from 50 litres to 250 litres, a double door refrigerator has the capacity from 235 to 495 litres. This means that a single door refrigerator is great for a small or medium family from one to three members, while a double door refrigerator is best suited for a big family from 3 to 4 members, or more. So if you have a medium or large family, then a double door refrigerator is best suited for your needs. Double door refrigerators are more spacious as they have a larger shelves and freezers.

2. Single door vs double door refrigerator-Energy efficiency:

While comparing single door vs double door fridges, energy efficiency has to be considered. Single door refrigerators, on specific occasions, use more power than double door refrigerators. Suppose you are trying to access the freezer, then you will have to open the main door, and then the freezer. Because of this frequent closing and opening of the doors, the overall temperature of the refrigerator decreases, which means that more power is required to cool the fridge back again. This means higher electricity costs. A double door refrigerator is more energy efficient on this aspect. The flip side of a double door refrigerator, however, is that the appliance requires more energy for cooling as compared to a single door refrigerator. On an average, the overall power consumption of double door refrigerator—being considerably bigger than its counterpart—is 30-40% higher than a single door refrigerator. But, most models of refrigerators now are equipped with a BEE rating. This star rating denotes how energy efficient your appliance is, and the higher the star rating, the more energy efficient your appliance will be. So when you are considering the difference between double door and single door refrigerator, you should consider this aspect before purchasing.

3. Single door vs double door refrigerator-Cooling technology:

This is a key factor when comparing the single door vs double door fridges. A single door refrigerator has a large-sized freezer, and uses direct cooling technology with natural convection. On the other hand, a double door refrigerator is equipped with frost free technology along with cooling fans. The enhanced cooling effect in double door refrigerators preserves food for a longer period as compared to single door refrigerators, thereby ensuring that food remains edible and fresh for a longer period.

4. Single door vs double door refrigerator-Inverter technology:

You have to keep this crucial aspect in mind while comparing the single door and double door fridges. Most double door refrigerators are equipped with the latest inverter technology, while most of the single door refrigerators are equipped with normal compressors. When it comes to single door refrigerator vs double door refrigerators, traditional refrigerators use compressors, which have single speed type, and go through a cycle of on and off at constant speeds. A double door fridge, however, has the power to operate at various speeds. It uses the minimum amount of energy to keep the refrigerator’s performance at an optimum level. With the inverter technology, double door refrigerators now can adapt themselves according to your usage habit. This enhances energy efficiency, and can save up to 30% of your electricity bill. An inverter technology also emits low sound vis-à-vis a traditional compressor, which generates a loud noise while restarting. Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor can run on seven different cycles depending on the levels of humidity and usage patterns. While LGs Smart Inverter Compressor adjusts cooling power in response to the amount of food you store in the refrigerator.

5. Single door vs double door refrigerator-Cleaning and maintenance:

This is yet another major aspect for comparing the single door fridge vs double door fridges. As a double door refrigerator comes with an auto-clean feature, you do not have to clean the ice manually. On the other hand, single door refrigerators have to be cleaned at regular intervals.

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