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Easy steps to maintain your Air Conditioner

By Finserv MARKETS - Oct 18,2019
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Easy steps to maintain your Air Conditioner

Most of us rely on air conditioners to keep us comfortable during the daunting summers. As the temperatures continue to rise, air conditioners have become invaluable. Similar to other appliances, air conditioners too require proper maintenance in order to operate efficiently. A well maintained air conditioner can utilize less energy, thereby going easy on your wallet.

Proper maintenance of the air conditioning unit also ensures its long lifespan, and its reliable operation. AC maintenance isn’t as difficult as one would assume; by following a few easy steps, one can ensure efficient operation of their air conditioning system.

Here a few AC maintenance tips which you can follow to avoid AC breakdowns, and to ensure its optimum performance.

  1. Clean or Replace AC Filter

An AC filter ensures that dirt and other particles do not infiltrate your room, thereby keeping it clean, while ensuring you stay healthy. Thus, keeping the AC filter clean is of paramount importance for the proper functioning of the air conditioning unit. Cleaning the AC filter is easy, and needs to be done regularly.

When the air filter is covered with dirt and allergen particulates, it hinders the air flow, resulting in extra strain being put on the air conditioning unit. Furthermore, the quality of air significantly reduces, resulting in breathing difficulty, or triggering allergic symptoms. It is thus extremely important to clean or replace the AC filter on a regular basis.

  1. Ensure That the Coils are Clean

Similar to the AC filter, the air conditioning coil is vital for the proper functioning of the air conditioning system. The AC coil helps the refrigerant in absorbing the heat, thereby cooling down your room. However, as time progresses, the coil can become insulated with dirt, which significantly reduces the amount of heat the coil can absorb, putting more strain on the air conditioner.

To keep the coils clean, ensure that there is no debris around the condenser unit. You can clean the coils by using a coil brush.

  1. Check the Fins and the Wiring

The condenser and evaporator in an air conditioning unit have fins, which overtime can bend, resulting in inadequate airflow. To ensure that the fins aren’t bent, you can check the condenser and evaporator units, and to straighten any bent fins, you can use a fin comb. Using a fin comb can particularly come in handy when you’re trying to remove the debris from tight crevices.

You can also check for wiring issues, by removing the access panel of the condenser unit. Any sign of overheating (such as burnt wires, or melted insulation) would require immediate attention.

  1. Check the Condenser Unit Fan and Condensate Drain

Yet another important part of the air conditioning unit is the condenser unit fan, which is mounted on top of the condenser unit placed outside the room. Ensure that the fan’s blades are in good condition, and if there are any chips or cracks on the blades, they have to be immediately replaced.

Furthermore, the condensate drain, which enables the condensation developed inside the unit to drain outside can get clogged. This can in turn hinder the drainage, and thus one needs to ensure that the condensate drain isn’t clogged, and is efficiently draining the water.

  1. Inspect and Clean the Outside Unit

As important it is to clean the AC unit inside the room, the outside unit too needs to be maintained properly. Ensure that no debris is found on the outside air conditioner unit, which can reduce the air flow.

These AC maintenance tips will help you in effectively maintaining your AC unit, and ensure its efficient operation.

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