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Freeze Your Choice: Single or Double Door Refrigerator

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 3,2019
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Freeze your choice : single or double door refrigerator

Should I Buy a Single Door or Double Door Refrigerator?

When you go out to buy a refrigerator you should have clarity on one thing: do you want a single door refrigerator or double door refrigerator? In fact, this question will arise in your mind the minute you decide to purchase a new fridge. So what are the factors that should influence your decision?

Let us help you examine the factors.

On the Basis of Need

The first and foremost factor is your need.

Take the example of the Sharma family.  There are just three family members – the parents and their bachelor son.  Obviously, they may not need a large capacity refrigerator.  They can opt to buy a single door refrigerator.

On the other hand Sharma’s family friends – the Varmas are a larger family with six members.  The Varmas definitely have to go in for a double door refrigerator which comes with a freezer component separate from the main body.

On the Basis of Cost

The second most important factor is cost. You may have a big family and you may have even decided that you will need a double door refrigerator. However, the question now arises: Can you afford the price?

If your budget is below Rs 20,000, it may be better you choose a robust single door refrigerator.

If you can afford to spend more than Rs 20,000, you may consider double door refrigerator models.

Of course, there is the third option that the Varmas exercised. They bought a double door refrigerator with a down payment of Rs 10,566/- and a monthly EMI of  Rs 2,642 for 8 months.

However, they also have to factor in the cost of running the refrigerator. A single door refrigerator consumes lesser electricity than a double door one. This means lower electricity bills every month, a factor that you simply cannot ignore if affordability is a key concern. You can check Finserv Markets for other models and EMI offers and pick what suits you better.

The Difference Between Single and Double Door Fridges

Before you make the decision on which refrigerator to buy, you should also know the differences between the two. Here are the differences:

Double door refrigerators have more space inside because the freezer is separated from the main body.

  1. a) This means that double door refrigerators can help you store more quantities of vegetables and fruits, bottles of water, juice and liquids.
  2. b) They also have bigger egg trays, medicines holders, chocolate cubicles, and more shelves with option to adjust their heights.
  3. c) That bigger freezer means you can put away the Chocolate Caramel ice cream for another day, and that you leisurely pick up the meat on Friday evening for the barbecue party over the weekend.

Single door refrigerators may or not may not have all these features but if they do, the sizes will be smaller.

Frost Free Feature

The biggest advantage of a double door refrigerator is that it has the frost-free feature. They automatically regulate ice buildup in the freezer and therefore the necessity of manually defrosting the freezer does not arise.

Single door refrigerators lack this important feature and so, as and when ice builds up in the freezer you need to manually press the defreeze button to melt the ice. From the point of view of convenience, the double door fridge scores.

Size and Power Consumption

We talked about power consumption earlier.  Let us examine the issue in a little more detail now.

Single door refrigerators get more points than double door ones when it comes to electricity usage. A double door refrigerator works in frost-free mode, using electric fans to circulate cool air.  It will boast of a larger size — probably,  235 to 295 litres capacity. This leads to more power consumption. It is estimated that double door refrigerators consume up to 40% more electricity than single door refrigerators.

There is a downside to the single door refrigerator as well when it comes to power usage. In order to open the freezer, you need to open the main door and then the freezer door.  As the main door is opened more frequently, the temperature of the whole refrigerator temperature goes up.  More electricity is used up to bring down the temperature again.

Even so, owing to their large volume double door refrigerators guzzle more power than single door refrigerators.

Finally, a word of advice if you have an old refrigerator: Buy a new fridge as the older your refrigerator gets higher is the power it consumes. Check out the exchange offers on Finserv Markets.


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