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What are honeycomb cooling pads and how do they improve a cooler's performance?

By Finserv MARKETS - May 22,2019
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It is once again that time of the year, when customers breeze through the catalogue to find the best ACs and air coolers, to ensure that they stay comfortable. While some prefer air conditioners over air coolers, others find air coolers much more feasible, both in terms of affordability and portability. Furthermore, air coolers are also environmentally friendly and do not use chemicals to provide cool air. Over the years, there have been significant developments in the technology used in air coolers, with better cooling media aiding in the air cooler penetration in the country.

However, while looking through the features of air coolers, customers seldom find it difficult to understand the differences between coolers which have wood wool or wood shavings as the cooling pads, and those that have honeycomb cooling pads. Trying to decipher what separates the good from the best air conditioners and air coolers require understanding the nuances of cooling.

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Here’s everything you need to know about honeycomb cooling pads in air coolers and how they improve a cooler’s performance:

Differences between Wood Wool and Honeycomb Cooling Pads

In air cooling systems, the cooling pads absorb water, and when the hot air from the surroundings passes through these cooling pads, the heat is absorbed, while the cool air is blown out by using blowers or fans. Thus, cooling pads play a vital role in the operation of air coolers, which work on the principle of evaporative cooling.

In modern-day air coolers, you can find cellulose cooling pads and eco-cool cooling pads. The more prominent cooling pads that are used today, are the wood wool cooling pads, and the honeycomb cooling pads. The wood wool pads are made out of wood shavings and synthetic fibres. While the wood wool cooling pads are more economical, there are two key parameters which make honeycomb cooling pads more attractive.

Longevity and Maintenance

Air coolers with honeycomb cooling pads require less maintenance and are more durable. Made out of cellulose material, the honeycomb cooling pads are extremely effective in cooling down the hot air, and are used in high-end desert coolers. Coolers with Aspen wood wool cooling pads require constant maintenance, with the cooling pad requiring frequent cleaning and changing.


Considering the fact that the wood wool cooling pads require constant cleaning and changing, over time, these become less effective. However, coolers with honeycomb cooling pads operate efficiently and provide an attractive cooling solution during the summers.

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  • This Desert Air Cooler comes equipped with features such as a large water tank and provides high air delivery. Its honeycomb cooling pads ensure maximum cooling, while the cooler also comes with an ice box, to store additional ice cubes.
  • Furthermore, the air cooler is inverter compatible, ensuring that you stay comfortable even during those pesky power outages during the harsh summers.
  • With even distribution of cool air, and a powerful motor and air throw, the air cooler cools your room effectively, while its four-way air deflection ensures that the cool air reaches all the corners of the room.
  • To give you greater control over, this elegantly designed cooler also comes with a three-way speed control. Now summers won’t be as bothersome anymore!

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