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How refrigeration changed the face of civilisation forever

By Finserv MARKETS - Mar 16,2019
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In the 19th century, over hundreds of years ago, people relied on ice, snow and naturally cooling areas in their houses to preserve foods. This could be argued as the first form of “refrigeration” available to humans. Since then, refrigeration has changed our lives, in many ways big and small, starting from the way we eat and consume food to the birth and evolution of several industries.

While today, we have options available such as the Finserv Market’s EMI store, which can have your brand new LG refrigerator delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours the story of the evolution of the refrigerator begins in the 19th century. Let us start with a bit of a historical trip down the refrigeration lane when ice cut fresh from lakes in New England was transported to countries globally, even as far as India. After there was a reliable year-long source of ice, households began to use iceboxes to keep all kind of perishable foods from quickly. However, ice boxes were unreliable and in no way as effective of a method in storing food as refrigerators today are. It was not until 1925-45 that household refrigerators became mainstream. Flash forward to today, when one in three households in India own a refrigerator.

Development of the refrigerator as a common household supply has changed the way people eat, thereby, having a socially profound impact on households worldwide. Until refrigerators became a part of mainstream life, households relied on the consumption of food items that were available only locally and were dry, such as flour, tea, spices. After the development of household refrigerators, as well as refrigerated railroad cars, trucks and even aeroplanes, people were able to consume perishable food from around the world. This led to the evolution of the everyday diet of people worldwide, increasing choices available to low-income communities, as well as an overall reduction in food prices.

Due to refrigeration, our food choices have improved, which has improved our overall levels of nutrition as a society as well as inspired the development of a number of industries. Several industries, including brewing, meat packing and restaurants have completely developed due to the extensive use of mechanical refrigeration. The applications you use on your cellphone, which in a matter of minutes deliver hot Japanese, Thai or American food to your doorstep would have impossible without the development of refrigerators. Thanks to the refrigerator, we can prepare food ahead of time, use leftovers which prevent the wastage of food, not to mention helping us save on both cooking and energy costs.

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